Best Climbing Tree Stand – Top 10 in 2020 [Guide & Top Picks]


Even if you can climb a tree flawlessly, you can’t stay up on that tree always. While hunting you have a lot of gears packed with you, climbing tree is out of the question. 

That’s why you can buy tree stands to place in trees and wait there patiently for the prey. As the tree stand is placed above the eyesight of prey, you can easily surprise the prey. 

If you have no idea about a tree stand, then you will struggle to find the best climbing tree stands. That’s why in this post I will try to provide you some of the best trees stands that I came across. I hope that you find this article useful. Without further ado, let us start.

Best Climbing Tree Stands

1. Summit Viper SD Climbing Treestand

Stand Type Closed Front
Tree Diameter 8" - 20"
Construction Aluminum
Platform Size 20" x 36"
Seat Frame Size 19.75" x 26.5"
Weight 20 lbs
Weight Maximum 300 lbs

The Viper SD is one of the most famous tree stands for the past 2 decades. This tree stand is known for its comfort and concealment.

You can lower the seat for hunting with a gun or raise the sit for hunting with a bow. The flexible frame is durable enough to handle you either standing or sitting. The solid front bar can be used as a gun rest. 

The frame build quality is so nice, you won’t feel for a second that you may fall.

All of the Summit tree stands comes with RapidClimb Climbing Stirrups, it helps you to keep your boots in place. 

Summit has a different facility where they test their tree stands before sending them to customers. Rest assured you are getting a durable field-tested best climbing tree stand.

2. Lone Wolf Wide Flip Climbing Tree Stand

Straps Backpack straps
Seat size 14” x 12” flip-up
Tree size Fits trees 9”-19” in diameter
Seat Contoured foam pad
Platform size 30” x 19.5”
Weight 21 pounds
Weight Maximum 350-pound

Lone Wolf is a good hunting accessories manufacturer. The Lone wolf wide is another great choice for hunters. Lone Wolf has always prioritized safety when it comes to their equipment. 

The Lone Wolf Wide weights at 21 pounds. It’s not that heavy when you compare it with other flip climbing treestands. You can easily carry it on your back without feeling a heavy burden. 

Just because it’s lightweight that doesn’t mean its low quality. The build quality is top-notch and strong enough to carry your entire weight. You need to attach it to the tree the right way and you are fine. 

All the tools necessary to set up the tree stand is included in the package. You don’t need to buy anything separately. 

This model has a wider stance compared to other Lone Wolf tree stands. Thanks to that, hunters can relax and stalk their prey for a longer period. You need to be careful about not putting anything small on the bottom layer. The holes are kind of big. Anything small like a cellphone will easily fall through.

There will also be a backpack strap inside the package. If your package doesn’t come with, ask the seller for it. You can use those straps to bind the tree stand on your existing hunting backpack. It’s a best climbing tree stand for hunters that are looking for a wider stance.

3. Summit Goliath SD Climbing Treestand

Stand Type Closed Front
Tree Diameter 8" - 20"
Construction Aluminum
Platform Size 20" x 36"
Seat Frame Size 21.75" x 26.5"
Weight 21 lbs
Weight Maximum 350 lbs

Summit Goliath SD climbing tree stand has a lot of similarities to the Summit Viper SD. They both share the same mossy camo finish. It’s also quite lightweight. The weight of Goliath SD is 21 pounds. 

Comfort was one of the main priorities of Goliath SD.

If you find the right tree, thanks to the camo you will be invisible to the animal eye. If you want to go the extra mile, by a blanket with the same mossy oak camo finish.

The attachment system of this tree stand is a cable system. You need to make sure the cable is tightened properly to have the best tension and comfort. 

If the bond is too loose, then the stand might swivel a bit. If that happens anything that makes noise from a shake inside your bag will alert the animals. 

But this is not a stand flaw, completely depends on your caution.

It’s also pricier than Viper SD. Depending on your budget get either of the two and be a happy hunter for days.

4. Lone Wolf Combo II Sit & Climbing Tree Stand

Straps Backpack straps
Fits trees 6" - 19"
Top dimension 17.25" wide
Seat 2-panel, Contoured foam pad
Platform size 30” x 19.5”
Weight 20 pounds
Weight Maximum 350-pounds

Hunting from the trees is nothing new. We have been doing that for ages. As technology advanced we got better and better ways to hunt from trees. Lone Wolf Combo II is one of those tools that will help you hunt better. If you are aware of stall hunting, then you know that you should wait for the perfect shot. As long as it may take, you need to wait. 

In the jungle stall hunting, most of the time doesn’t work. Because the surrounding is not safe enough to camp at the ground. That’s why we use tree stand. 

The whole compartment of Combo II is made out of casting aluminum. It’s as durable as they can get. The chair, the climb, and the upper frame are lightweight and durable. 

The stand is capable of taking up to 350 lbs of weight. That’s a lot including your weight and the hunting backpack. The whole combo weights around 21 lbs. It’s lightweight and easy to carry around. It’s quite easy to set up too. 

The price of this combo is not cheap by any means. But you get a premium tool for a premium price. The comfort of sitting up above with all the gear is something worth spending.

5. Summit Titan SD Climbing Treestand

Stand Type Closed Front
Tree Diameter 8" - 20"
Construction Aluminum
Platform Size 21" x 38"
Seat Frame Size 21.75" x 28.5"
Weight 25 lbs
Weight Maximum 350 lbs

Summit Titan SD is the smaller brother of Goliath SD and the bigger brother of Viper SD. You can say it comes in between the two. The price says the same as well.

By now you probably know Summit is an excellent brand that makes some of the best tree stands available in the market. They have been doing that for ages. Their products are so good, that even a 10 years old product is still in production.

The weight of Titan SD is a little higher than the other two. It comes at 25lbs instead of 21. Honestly, you won’t notice the 4lbs difference to begin with. They are easy to bind with your backpack. If the stand bonds well with your backpack without any issue, then you won’t be tired from carrying it around for hours. 

Seat height is adjustable and the seat width is quite comfortable. You can use the front bar as gun rest while aiming. It can carry up to 350 lbs of weight. That includes the gear with you. 

This stand is great for someone that is looking for something in-between the Goliath and Viper. Overall it deserves a place in the best tree stand post. 

6. Lone Wolf Assault Climbing Tree Stand

Straps Backpack straps
Traction belt 2 reg
Fit trees 6" - 19"
Seat Contoured foam pad
Platform size 26" x 19.5"
Weight 14.7-pounds
Weight Maximum 350-pounds

The Lone Wolf Assault Climbing tree stand is made out of aluminum. Aluminum is a great material to use, it’s lightweight and durable. You won’t be able to break them easily. On top of that aluminum doesn’t catch rust. 

The stand is not comfortable enough to make you fall asleep. But that is a good thing. If you get too comfortable in a tree stand you will sleep your hearts out but won’t hunt anything that day. 

That doesn’t mean the stand isn’t comfortable. It’s quite comfortable for long sessions.

If your main priority is mobility then this is the best climbing tree stand that you can buy. It’s not overpriced, tons of accessories and add on options. From a reputable brand, you don’t need to think twice before pressing the add to cart button.

7. Summit 180 Max SD Climbing Treestand

Stand Type Closed Front
Tree Diameter 8" - 20"
Construction Aluminum
Platform Size 21" x 38"
Seat Frame Size 21.75" x 28.75"
Weight 26 lbs
Weight Maximum 350 lbs

Another one from Summit. This post is dominated by Summit and Lone Wolf. That’s not a bad thing by any means. Summit 180 Max SD is another great tree stand from Summit. This tree stand costs more than all the previous Summits that we mentioned. 

The maximum weight capacity of this one is also 350 pounds. 350 pounds is the standard for all the tree stands. 

While the tree stand is made out of aluminum, the SummitLokt technology makes sure that the aluminum welding is polished and comfortable for everyone. All the joints are welded and polished nicely. If you notice even a slight welding issue, you can immediately ask for a replacement.

Like every other Summit product, this one also has the classic mossy oak camo. In the jungle just find an oak tree and you are the next American sniper. The portability of this stand is not the greatest. But the comfort does make up for it. 

It does everything it can to make sure your hunting experience is smooth and trust me, you will keep going back to it. If the price is not bothering you, without any doubt you can go for it. The sitting position on this one is quite comfortable to pass on. 

8. Lone Wolf Combo II Climbing Tree Stand

Straps Backpack straps
Traction belt 2 reg
Fit trees 6" - 19"
Seat Contoured foam pad
Platform size 30" x 19.5"
Weight 17.5-pounds
Weight Maximum 350-pounds

Sometimes all you need is a compact and easy to carry tree stand with you. Lone Wolf Combo II is exactly that. There isn’t much extra weight, it’s minimalistic while being comfortable. 

I am glad that there wasn’t any price cut regarding comfort. The whole Combo II is made out of cast aluminum. The whole compartment is made out of one shell. There are no extra joints to add the two compartments. 

The bottom side of the stand is quite sturdy and comfortable to keep your feet on. Don’t put anything small on this. You may end up dropping them in the ground. The bottom compartment is sturdy and strong enough to support your complete weight when you stand on it. 

The seat may not look comfortable, but it’s comfortable enough to support you in a long hunting session. The pricing of this tree stand is also quite good. It’s a solid purchase for if you are looking for a compact and easy to carry tree stand.

9. Summit Mini Viper SD Climbing Treestand

Stand Type Closed Front
Tree Diameter 8" - 20"
Construction Aluminum
Platform Size 21" x 36"
Seat Frame Size 19.75 x 22.5
Weight 18 lbs
Weight Maximum 300 lbs

Summit Mini Viper SD is the mini version of Viper SD. The sit width of this is a little narrower than the Viper. In one sense the Mini Viper is an upgraded version of the OG Viper SD. The mini viper is fairly new on the market. While the Viper SD has been out in the market for years. 

Funny thing is the price difference between the two is not that much. It’s less than $10.

This one is also closed front aluminum build. Lightweight yet durable. Unlike the Viper SD, this one has a max load capacity of 300 lbs. Where all the other tree stand in the list is capable of holding 350 lbs.

You will find the Full Body Fall Arrest Harness System and all the necessary tools to use the tree stand for free. They are all included in the package. 

This is a good thing. If you don’t have a toolbox already, you will find a hard time to manage all the tools necessary to set up the tree stand. If you are okay with the max load, you can take this one instead of the Viper SD. 

10. OL'MAN Multi-Vision Climbing Tree Stand

Sport Type Hunting
Seat Pad Cover Black
Construction Steel
Platform Size 18" x 32"
Seat Style 21-inch wide net
Weight 29 pounds
Weight Maximum 300 pounds

The last tree stand on today’s list is Ol’man multi-vision climbing tree stand. This is also the cheapest on today’s list. Like all the other tree stands this one is also made out of aluminum. The safety bar is adjustable. You can easily raise the bar height to have a better rest for your gun. Or you can increase the height to make you feel safer. 

The bottom layer is quite sturdy enough to hold some weights.

It’s not lightweight, the weight of this tree stand is nearly 30 pounds. But it’s easy to bind the stand with your backpack. But no point in lying, you will feel some weight at your back. 

The tree stand is capable of holding 300 pounds of weight. That’s low compared to other tree stands. But 300 pounds is still quite a bit. More than 145 kg.

The best bargain for the tree stand is its price. It won’t break your bank neither it will break your back. The build quality is strong enough to hold your weight quite high in the tree.

Best Climbing Tree Stands: Conclusion

We hope that you found the one you are looking for. You can check all of their current prices by clicking the link. Make sure to bookmark TargetChaser for more reviews. 

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