Barska 30-90X100 Review: Gladiator Spotting Scope

Hey There, Today we got for you the Gladiator one. Well, that’s not the movie which was done by Russel Crowe. That’s Barska 30-90×100 spotting scope which is made by Barska Optics.

Barska 30 90X100: Outlooks

BARSKA 30-90x100

Specifications | Magnification: 30 – 90x; Objective Lens: 100 mm; Eye Relief: 13.8 – 17.6 mm; Close Focus: 32.8 ft; Linear FOV @1000 yds: 72 – 35 ft; Length: 18.9 Inches; Weight: 6.3 LBS.

Build Quality

Like always we are starting with the build quality. The housing of Barska 30-90×100 is well built and covered with a rubber armor coating all over the body. The build is rugged and strong.

The housing under the armor is aluminum and pretty well-built housing overall. Human hands will never be as steady as a tripod. 

That’s why the tripod mount is on an adjustable circular ring/belt which you can move and mount with your tripod at any angle you wish.

The weight of the scope is 6.3 lbs. Yes, it is on the heavier side but you are going to use a tripod with it which balances it out.

Lens Quality

In this section of Barska 30-90×100 Review, I feel Barska could have done better. Don’t get me wrong the lens quality is still good. 

But they opt for multi-coated optics instead of fully multi-coated. The 100mm objective lens gathers tons of light and provides great images.

But they lack out when fully zoomed. The images tend to soften out if you zoom in to 90x. Let’s be real for a moment a scope for this price dared to give 90x zoom we should appreciate that. And on top of that, the performance is not trash by any means. 

It was usable and a pretty nice experience overall. But the lenses are O-ring sealed they are not going anywhere. 


Porro prism utilizing BaK-4 glass overall gives the optics great image quality in daylight. The 100mm objective lens is a monster at light transmission and we all know how good Bak-4 prism glass is and how well Porro prism performs for the low price.

At 30x you will get full-resolution images and no hint of phase shifting. This means that even though the optic wasn’t fully multi-coated they still didn’t leave the phase correction coating out. 

To sum it up in simple sentences you are getting great-quality images for what you are paying.

Focus, Magnification & Eyepiece

The Barska 30-90×100 does feature a close-range focus and comes with a magnification ring. The close-range focus in ft is 32.8ft. The eyepiece as the name suggests is a 30-90x zoom eyepiece and the scope has a 100mm objective lens.

Glad to let you know the focus knob is quite smooth and easy to use. Also, the magnification ring felt well-built and won’t burn out anytime soon. 

We already mentioned it that you will get great quality images at 30x but when you crank it up to 90 you might see the images get very soft. But you won’t face any kind of issue reading a small street sign from literally miles away. 

The eyepiece is not angled and it does not come in an angled version. You only get the straight-eyepiece version. The angled version might be a dealbreaker for somebody but it wasn’t for us. You also get a large 72ft at 30x and 35ft at 90x, which is huge if you ask me.


  • Good build quality.
  • Good prism.
  • Extended sunshade.
  • Huge objective lens.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Not fully multi-coated optics.
  • Heavy.
  • Images get soft at 90x.
  • Eye relief is pretty short at max zoom.

Barska 30 90X100 Review Summary

The Barska 30-90×100 is a solid sub-300 spotting scope and the review proves it. Yes, you might find some flaws but most of them are forgivable for the price you are paying. 

It is also on the heavier side so make sure you don’t have any issues regarding weight before buying it or you can go for a Barska varmint 10-40×50 rifle scope.

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