Burris Eliminator 3 Review | A Legendary Laser Rifle Scope For Hunters

Earlier this year, Burris announced the Eliminator 4. When the announcement hit the record, everyone was all over the new edition to the Eliminator family. We shouldn’t forget about the Eliminator 3, a legendary laser riflescope priced similarly to another great product from Burris, The XTR series,

Even in 2024, Burris Eliminator 3 holds an incredible value. To prove that, I bring you the Ultimate Burris Eliminator 3 review that you guys were waiting for. Without delaying it further, let’s begin the review.

A Little Bit About The Laser Riflescopes

You guys have heard of rangefinders, right? Rangefinders use a laser light that is not noticeable to human eyes. When the light hits the object, it reflects towards the way it came from, the rangefinder then catches that light and calculates the distance between you and the target.

Depending on how clear the terrain is between you and the prey, the reading will vary highly.

Burris Eliminator 3 has a built-in laser rangefinder that does the above task. Burris made sure it was as accurate as they could get. With a guaranteed accuracy of over 800 yards, it’s safe to say Eliminator 3 is constructed for long-range hunting and shooting

Burris Eliminator 3 4-16×50: Outlooks

Burris Eliminator 3 4-16x50

Specifications | Magnification: 4 – 16x; Objective Lens: 50 mm; Eye Relief: 3.5 – 4 Inches; Exit Pupil: 13 – 5 mm; Linear FOV @100 yds: 26 – 7 ft; Length: 15.5 Inches; Weight: 30.4 Oz.

Build Quality

It’s not a cheap riflescope by any means. You are going to pay a premium for the quality. The build quality is nothing less than you expect from a $1500 riflescope. 

Made out of aluminum the whole scope is 100% waterproof. Even under heavy rain the scope won’t fog or let any water go through. But as the scope is used laser and digital writing, I highly recommend you to avoid water always. 

Out To The Range

You can’t know the truth of Burris’s claim unless you take it to the field to test. I didn’t have a large vicinity to work with. The range had a max range of 600 yards. I placed some large buckets at the 600-yard mark and walked back to the shooting spot. 

Instead of drawing a bullseye I just marked them with spray paints. Spray paints are usually non-reflective. Thankfully the wind was in favor of me. It was less than 5mph. Now, I don’t claim myself as the best hunter alive, but I can shoot. Give me some credit will ya. 

Nailing the 100, 200, and 300-yard shot for this scope was child’s play. There is no room to doubt the accuracy at this range. When I crossed the 500-yard mark, wind and bullet drop started playing a bigger role. 

And guess what? If you know how to compensate for bullet drop, even an 800-yard target will seem easy to you. 


After reading all those parts, you might be wondering this gotta be a 24x scope, right? Well, no it isn’t. It’s a 4-16x riflescope with a 50mm objective lens. All the lenses are fully multi-coated.

One thing that you should keep in mind, it’s not a digital night vision riflescope. You are getting a traditional scope with excellent extra features. When I tested it in an open area, I could easily see the target 600 yards and beyond. 

As the magnification of the scope wasn’t that high, there was no distortion. The little blurriness you feel while zooming is available on all traditional riflescopes. The digital scope does that with a camera, that’s why you don’t notice any distortion or motion blur. 


It’s an interesting part of the scope. X96 reticle is a lot like the Christmas tree style. You know I love these.

The reticle is not set on the First Focal Plane. Honestly, you don’t need it either. On the top right of the screen with bright red fonts the scope will show you the distance between you and the target. It even shows heads-up information. With a wind value of 0.9 hold-off points, it shows the information up to 500 yards.

Hunting With The Burris Eliminator 3

I briefly mentioned why I think this was mainly made for hunters. If you are a competitive target shooter, pretty sure the tournaments you compete in don’t allow laser rangefinders. That means you will be disqualified before entering. 

Also, when you start relying on the rangefinder for the perfect bullseye every time, it will be an issue when you are facing a new challenge.

When it comes to hunting the scene is opposite. Every shot in hunting is different. There are no fixed distances for hunting either. 

Every shot is unique. For that to happen you need to pair your rifle with a good-performing scope. Burris Eliminator 3 is one of those scopes that will take your hunting to the next level. 

Hitting the target will still depend on you. But Burris will make it easier to calculate the bullet drop and all other things that you consider in a shot. 


  • Opens the vast world of long-range shooting to an average shooter.
  • Highly accurate rangefinder.
  • Quite easy to program and use.
  • Holdovers are deadly accurate.
  • It’s easy to lock on the target. With a simple push of a button lock it and forget it.


  • Quite heavy for a 4-16x scope.
  • It’s a chunky boy.
  • Quite easy to program, but you can easily get lost in the procedure.
  • You have to have some tech experience to utilize it completely.

Burris Eliminator 3 Review Summary

I can fully justify the pricing. It’s a great scope and still holds an incredible value in 2020. The accuracy and clarity are on another level. If you love the traditional scope and don’t want to spend extra on a rangefinder, get this. You will come back to thank me in the comments. 

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