Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Review: An Incredible Alternative

Do you guys know TenPoint owns Wicked Ridge? After gaining the Wicked Ridge Company, TenPoint Crossbows didn’t change the name. TenPoint is still releasing crossbows under the Wicked Ridge name. Wicked Ridge crossbows aren’t as expensive as TenPoint crossbows.

RDX 400 is not a cheap crossbow. It’s still cheaper than most of the crossbows TenPoint has to offer. Without further ado, let’s start this Wicked Ridge RDX 400 review. 

Wicked Ridge RDX 400: Outlooks

Wicked Ridge RDX 400

Specifications | Speed: 400 FPS; Kinetic Energy: 132 ft.lbs; Power Stroke: 15.5 Inches; Draw Style: Reverse-Draw; Axle To Axle: 9 / 15 Inches; Length: 32.25 Inches; Weight: 7.6 LBS.

Build Quality

RDX 400 is a reverse draw compact crossbow. You can see how compact it is from the pictures. In real life, the crossbow looks even smaller. 

The weight of the RDX 400 is only 7.6 lbs. That’s without any accessories attached to the crossbow. I know with accessories and scope the weight might be around 8lbs. Still, that’s not heavy. Not in my books. 

The build quality of the crossbow is as good as it looks. The barrel of the crossbow is made from CNC-machined aluminum. Some of the best materials for crossbows. The durability of this crossbow is not questionable at all. I had faith in Wicked Ridge to deliver. They didn’t fail me this time. 

The weight distribution on this crossbow is amazing. A lot of crossbows suffer from a problem called nose-heavy. It means the front side of the crossbow is heavier than the bottom and the middle. That’s not the case here. Which is a good thing.


Wicked Ridge RDX 400 is a powerful crossbow. It can generate up to 132 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. You can easily do big-game hunting and long-range target practicing with the RDX. 

I know a lot of you were hoping it would have over 140 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. But 132 ft-lbs is not bad at all. Just fire a couple of rounds with the bow, and you will understand what I am talking about.


As the name suggests, RDX 400 is capable of firing arrows at an incredible 400 FPS speed. 400 FPS is not an easy goal to achieve. Even though a lot of cheap crossbows claim to have 400 FPS speed, in reality, they struggle to reach 350 even. That’s not the case here. Using the right arrows, you can easily keep the speed over 395 FPS constantly. 

Draw Weight

You don’t need to worry about the draw weight at all. Wicked Ridge RDX 400 comes with an AcuDraw cranking aid. The draw weight with that aid is only 5 lbs. Even a child can load the crossbow. 

This is why it’s one of the most recommended crossbows under $1000. It’s beginner-friendly with a good amount of speed and power. You will have good control over the bow. To top it off, you will get that sweet 5 lbs draw weight. 


You can either get this crossbow the Pro-view scope or TenPoint’s 3x multi-line crossbow scope. Both scopes are good options for this crossbow. They can easily keep up with the 400 FPS speed. The 3x multi-line crossbow scope is calibrated for up to 50 yards. If you want to calibrate it for over 50 yards, you can. 


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Lightweight.
  • Beginner friendly.
  • AcuDraw cranking aid.
  • 400 FPS & 132 ft-lbs of kinetic energy.
  • Affordable for being a reverse draw and compact crossbow.


  • A 3x multi-line scope isn’t the best.
  • The trigger creep is higher than other triggers.

Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Review Summary

Wicked Ridge RDX 400 is a super versatile crossbow. You can do big-game hunting with it. You can gift it to your teenager and teach them how to use a crossbow. The 5lbs draw weight and the compact build makes it appealing to a lot of people. 

If you don’t want to spend $2000 on a crossbow, this can be an incredible alternative.

That concludes the Wicked Ridge RDX 400 review. If you feel like I missed out on something, point that out in the comments. Stay tuned for more reviews. 

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