Truglo TFO VS Trijicon HD [Which One is The Right Optic For You!]

Both Truglo and Trijicon make excellent sights for pistols. Their rivalry goes deeper than any usual rivalry. There have been many debates about the sights sold by these two companies. Truglo TFO VS Trijicon HD is no different. Both of these are two of the best 100-yard night sights available for your pistol.

Let’s find out which one should you choose and why.

Truglo TFO & Trijicon HD: Outlooks

Trijicon HD Truglo TFO: Specs Table

SpecsTrijicon HDTruglo TFO
Mounting TypeNot IncludedNot Included
TritiumGreen/Orange dotGreen dot

TFO and Trijicon HD: Key Differences

  • TFO comes with a green front and green or yellow back sight. While Trijicon HD comes with a green light for both lamps.
  • HD supports a lot more modern guns than TFO. Truglo supports a lot of Gen4 Glocks that other manufacturers don’t support.
  • TFO is made out of alloy steel whereas HD is made out of aluminum cylinders.
  • HD is available in more color options than TFO.

Head To Head: Truglo TFO Vs Trijicon HD Series


Truglo TFO: This sight is constructed in the USA. But the materials aren’t from the USA entirely. Fibers and tritium are imported from Europe. They get extremely bright under any given condition. Something you require while hunting during the night.

Trijicon HD: Quality was always first priority of Trijicon. If you have used any of their gear before, you know how dedicated they are to providing their customers with the best possible experience. From unboxing to on-field experience, you will have a blast with any of the sights from the HD series.

Both of them are incredibly well-made sights that will serve you for a long time. No matter which one you go from here, you won’t be making a wrong decision.


Truglo TFO: Instead of aluminum, Truglo used steel alloy on this sight. The glow sticks are made out of fiber and tritium. The materials are from Switzerland. But the sight is fully constructed in the USA. Alloy steel won’t catch rust ever. You shouldn’t worry about that. Alloy steel is also an extremely durable material under any weather.

Trijicon HD: The material used here is aluminum. An aluminum cylinder protects the tritium from outside harm and keeps water away from it. Making this sight extremely durable in any weather. This is something we have come to appreciate in the run. Having a good warranty to back this durability is also appreciated.

Both of them are on par when it comes to durability. None of them clearly is ahead of the other. As both material selection makes sense.


Truglo TFO: Well, these performed excellently in other tests, how about the test that matters the most? On-field performance, this is one of the best night sights you can buy for your pistol right now. It’s incredible how accurate this sight is. Tritium brightness is on point during the night. Along with the fiber inside those tubes, it’s just so good it’s unbelievable.

Trijicon HD: In case you didn’t know, performing well is the middle name of Trijicon. Jokes aside, the performance of this sight is incredibly good. It’s 100% accurate in short-range and highly accurate in mid-range combat. Even in the night, it won’t fail you.

Both are incredibly well-performing. But for night vision alone, TFO has a bit of an advantage. That’s brighter than HD. Both of their night vision side will last you for a couple of decades or more. You are good there.


Truglo TFO: According to all the listings you will find on this sight, you will see there are no exact measurements on this sight. From what I could gather and experience, it’s safe to assume the width is way below 0.150 inches. The front height is around 0.200 inches. Which makes it a small-sized sight and can be mounted on top of a Glock.

Trijicon HD: It has a habit of making the front sight sit higher than the back sight. Somehow, it helps you aim better. I really don’t know the whole science behind it, but you can notice the sight faster than you can with the TFO or any other similar sight.

Coming at 0.268 inches front height, it does sit higher than most other sights. The width is 0.144 inches on the front and 0.169 inches on the back. Trijicon can proudly say they made a compact sight that performs deadly.

For size, I will say Truglo is the smaller one. But there is a reason why Trijicon sights sit higher. It’s beneficial for eye relief and helpful for noticing targets faster.


Truglo TFO: It is known for its lightweight and durable construction. The entire packaging of Truglo will weigh less than .011 lbs. That’s quite lightweight. The weight of both of the sights combined is around 0.2 lbs. Considering they are made out of alloy steel and hold Tritium fiber bars inside, it’s pretty lightweight.

Keep in mind, that the weight might come out to be different on your unit by .5/1 grams due to a machining error.

Trijicon HD: This series has many sights under its belt. One thing that all of these have in common is how light they are. The tritium glow sticks are surrounded by aluminum cylinders. That is sturdy, premium, and waterproof. The weight of this sight is less than 0.2 pounds. Which makes it almost similar to the TFO.

The thing about the weight of these two is, that there is no official statement about the final weight from their factory. So, the weight speculation is mainly done by the people who are interested in knowing how much they weigh exactly. That’s why I said, the difference might be there. But you won’t know it until you weigh them both yourself.

Truglo TFO & Trijicon HD: Videos


Trijicon HD VS Truglo TFO wasn’t an easy task to handle. Both of these sights are incredible at what they do. Their pricing is incredible as well. But Truglo TFO is slightly cheaper. Cheaper doesn’t mean bad. It can easily outperform HD in night vision battle alone. The choice is quite easy to make. Truglo for me.

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