How To Line Up Iron Sights (Easy & Simple Ways)


How To Line Up Iron Sights (Easy & Simple Ways)

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How To Line Up Iron Sights

In the not so distant past, hunting with scope used to be a luxury. But that’s not true nowadays. But hunting with iron sight is not obsolete yet. However, despite having a lot of options to choose from, iron sight gives the type of nostalgia that scope simply can’t compete with.

But ironsight is only effective if you align them correctly and sight it properly. Otherwise, you won’t have any chance of shooting accurately.

How To Align Your Ironsight?

Now that you have decided to stick with iron sight, how do you properly align them? There are a couple of steps that you can follow.

Step 1

You need to line up your eye with the top of the front sight. The location of the rear sight is adjusted. This means moving the gun a bit.

With open sights, having a square rear notch and a front blade. You will find this type of combos on pistols mostly. A properly aligned sight should have the front blade at dead center and visible through the rear notch.

Step 2

Generally, four sight pictures are described to be useful. Center of mass, six o’clock, life of white and frame. All of them depend on the adjustability of the sight. They are dependent on the circumstance as well.

Step 3

When you are done aligning your sight and now can see the sight picture clearly, it’s time to fire some shots and see if your shots are landing on the target accurately. While firing the shots, you will need to keep one thing in mind.

Focus your eye on the front sight. Your eyes can only focus on one element of a sight picture at a time. The rear sight is too close to your eye and it will blur your vision if you focus on it instead of the front sight.

When you focus on the front sight instead of the target, you will find it easier to shoot the target.

A Couple Of Things To Remember

Alignment is the key. Without proper alignment your shots will go all over the place. After alignment the sight picture is important as well. Without them two working together, you won’t be able to land your shots properly.

Before you jump in the wagon of changing the scopes all together, take your time to properly align the two. Unlike scope levelers, there isn’t a proper tool available for you to make it a bit easier.

Sadly, the process is a trial and error process and will take a lot of your time and take some ammo as well. But once you align your ironsight, they will work for hunting and night time shooting as well.


Ironsight isn’t that weak. Surely, there are better alternatives but iron sight can be accurate up to 500 yards or more as well. Of course, your mileage may vary depending on the weapon itself and the optics as well, it’s always worth it to line up both your front and rear iron sight.

Pardon any mistakes I might have made in the guide and I hope it was fundamentally understandable. I know it may seem a bit complicated, but trust me, it really is not. Iron sight has less math involved compared to a MOA scope and easier to master as well.

Thanks for reading as usual. Hope you come back for more guides like this. Till then, take care and have fun.

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