Burris XTR II Review: 5-25X50 mm Rifle Scope – Is it Worthy to Buy?

Are you bored (!) with your last rifle scope? Because you’re not able to brag about your success (!) or couldn’t gain success in shooting? Don’t panic fellows! You have come to the right place & you are going to find a solution (well, you can judge later).

For that, we are referring to a scope that will be appropriate for tactical shooting for its illuminated reticle. Again, with advanced windage and elevation adjustments and high-grade optical glass, you will recognize your target easily.

So, Who The Hell is This?

Well, It’s none other than Burris Optics XTR II 5-25×50 Rifle scope. (Crazy? Don’t be). Keep on going through the article about Burris xtr ii 5-25×50 review to find more alluring aspects.

Burris Optics Is Trusted, Why?

Burris Optics is a reliable source of various shooting belongings. It was founded in 1971 and headquartered in Greeley, Colorado. For wildlife observation, law enforcement, or recreational activities, Burris supplies high-quality scopes.

Burris knows the needs of its customers and they manufacture this product with innovation, confidence, and integrity. It has become a favorite place for shooting enthusiasts.  Again, Burris doesn’t compromise on the quality of the glasses of the scopes.

The Burris Forever Warranty™ will repair your optic if it gets damaged. So, I guess, Burris has become your favorite company of scopes for your rifle.

Burris XTR II 5-25X50: Outlooks

Burris XTR II 5-25x50

Specifications | Magnification: 5 – 25x; Objective Lens: 50 mm; Eye Relief: 3.50 – 4.2 Inches; Lens Material: Glass; Linear FOV @100 yds: 21 – 4.25 ft; Length: 16.31 Inches; Weight: 32.10 Oz.

Adjustment Knobs

The XT-100 click adjustment knob has 100 per rotation and 20% more adjustment rotation than XT-80 knobs. The knob can render easier calculations, faster adjustments, and a small chance of getting perplexed on the dial.

Front Focal Plane

Burris XTR II satisfies the wants of the customers. Firstly, Burris XTR II 5-25×50 mm optic delivers not only a crystal clear 5-time zoom range but also a tube with 25 percent more thickness than the original.

Again, Burris configured the optic pattern as a First Focal Plane( FFP) scope. FFP is an alluring feature among precision and sniper-style shooters. On the whole, the FFP zooms the reticle along with magnification changes.

So, whatever holdover you possess on the BDC or Mil-dot is the same at any magnification. It goes from 5X through 25X.

Now, the happy part is that this design makes elevation and wind holders simple and easy without thinking about what magnification you are on.

Suppose, a 5-MPH crosswind on a 300-yard target and the second dot down with a quarter mil over based on your zero – all of these setups are there, so no matter what magnification you are on that same holdover will deliver the same shooting solution. (Sounds Crazy, Right?)

Long Range

The 5 times Zoom has gifted it the power to target your prey at long distances. Thus, it possesses a recommendable long-range. Again, this 5x zoom gives it a large field of view and detailed picture.

Mil vs Moa

These are the two different units of reticle and adjustment knob setup. The Mil-based reticles offer ½- mil marks for distance holdover, and horizontal crosshair renders 1-MIL and 2/10-mile lines for windage hold-off.

MOA-based vertical crosshairs are 1-MOA marks for distance holdover, horizontal crosshair offers 1/2–MOA and 1-MOA lines for windage hold-off. Again, there are 1/10- mil ranging brackets at the top, left extreme, and right extreme of the crosshair. And, according to MOA, it is ¼ ranging brackets.

Mil multi-turn adjustment knobs have a 1/10-mil click value adjustment and have a true Zero Click Stop. Again, according to MOA, it is ¼. Both knobs offer 10 mils per rotation with multi revolutions of adjustment.

Optical Glass & Brightness Settings

Optical glass has come up with features that will work as a temptation for the shooter. (Aren’t we right?)

The high-grade optical glass renders excellent brightness and clarity with high durability. Now, are you worrying about low-light performance and glare elimination? Then, Don’t. Index-matched Hi Lume® multicoating is there for that.

There are 11 brightness settings night vision, low light, and daytime. And there is a suitable battery-saver position between each setting.


So, to get improved accuracy at long distances, Burris XTR II offers you side focus and easy-to-reach parallax adjustment from 50 yards to infinity.


Then, our eyes look up to the tactical-appropriate reticles. The illuminated reticle is there to get on target quickly in any lighting condition. Again, it will enhance accuracy when the target is dark.

There are more reticles to go – The SCR™ (Special Competition Reticle) in MOA or MIL, non-illuminated, the mil-based G2B Mil-Dot™ front focal plane reticle.

Windage & Elevation

These adjustments are like blessings. It helps to match the measurement system of the reticle. Generally, the top knob is for the elevation and the left or right turrets are for windage.

The scope is waterproof and the nitrogen-filled body tubes keep your scope away from internal fogging on cold and rainy days. Zero click stop is another cool feature. This adjustment knob helps us to revert to the original yardage setting without counting clicks.

Overall Features

The length is 16.31 inches, the width is 3.4 inches, the height is 3 inches, the weight is 32.1 oz. For the robustness, the body is made of aluminum and finished with matte. Again, you get a CR2032-type battery and 500 hours of battery life.

There is a triple internal spring-tension system that permits the scope to detain zero through shock, recoil, and vibrations. Precision-gauged and hand-fitted internal assemblies keep a constant point of impact through the magnification range.

Is Burris XTR II Worthy To Buy?

I think if you read the whole Burris xtr ii review, Then I don’t need to answer this. Because of the alluring features of Burris XTR II. I guess there are so many shooting enthusiasts who are now counting the days of buying this amazing scope (don’t they?).

This high-tier optic has unbelievably crisp and clear glass. The 34 mm tube is full of heaps of technical features like an illuminated reticle, robust body, big turrets, FFP feature, and so on user-friendly features.

So, In Summary; we would like to say this ” Burris XTR II” is worth to Buy.

Frequently Ask Questions

Q1. What should I use to clean my optics?

First of all, you should remove all the debris. Then clean the scope with cotton or a soft cloth. Then wipe the scope with alcohol. Attach the cap of the scope when the scope is not in use.

Q2. Do all the scopes of Burris are water/fog resistant?

Yes. All the scopes have the power of water and fog-resistant 

Q3. Do I need a warranty card to repair my scope?

No. Burris Optics is always there to repair your scope without any warranty card.


  • For its versatile 5-times zoom, you can get better target acquisition at long ranges.
  • You will not miss your target as this scope has the feature of shock resistance.


  • You have to keep in mind the Zero Click stop.
  • The turrets are stiff and the eye box doesn’t feel very forgiving.

Burris XTR II 5-25X50 Review Summary

In the end, we want to say that all of the features of this Burris xtr ii review are not theoretical gossip. These are practically proven. 

A shooter who once used it fell in love with it. So, you just need to choose a rifle that goes well with this masterpiece. Then, we will be able to see the flying colors of the users.

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    1. No, the elevation turret has 100 clicks for one complete turn. You can change 10 clicks per turn. As for windage, you will get a total of 100 clicks too. 50 towards the left and 50 towards the right.

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