Deer Hunting Tips: Do’s & Don’ts


Deer Hunting Tips: Do’s & Don’ts

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Deer Hunting Tips: Dos & Don'ts

One might ask what are there to give as tips to hunt deer except like aim correctly and shoot your target. Let me tell you, there are many things you need to keep in mind before going hunting and make your hunting session worth it.

So in today’s deer hunting tips topic, we are going to provide you some of the best insight that we have on the matter. And some things that you must do and somethings that you avoid always.

Deer Hunting Tips

  • Cover Your Scent
  • Read The Wind
  • Use Decoy & Deer Attractants
  • Be Silent & Deadly
  • Use Camouflage
  • Choose The Right Time to Hunt:
  • Scout The Place Beforehand
  • Choose The Right Equipment and Baggage

1. Cover Your Scent

In case you didn’t know whitetail deers are known for their smells and keen eyesight. They can smell 20 times better than humans. Suppose you can smell something from 100m away the deer can smell that from 2000m away. That is why you must keep your scent and smell to minimal.

Make sure you properly clean yourself before you go hunting. Don’t use strong fragrances. Keep your attire to normal so that you don’t sweat much and make more smell.

  1. Use scent annihilator/eliminator under your boots and odor eliminator in sweaty areas.
  2. You can also try bathing with scent-free soap before leaving the house.
  3. Long story short just don’t let the deers catch your smell.

2. Read The Wind

Make sure beforehand that the wind is in favor of you. Well, we know you can’t force the wind to be in favor of you. But what you can do is read the weather forecast beforehand and make sure the wind is blowing towards you when the deers are upwind.

That way the deers won’t be able to smell you at all. If this does not happen all you can do is position yourself downwind where the deers going to move and stay still in your position.

3. Use Decoy And Deer Attractants

Yes, you heard me right. Decoy and deer attractants both works just fine if you are placing them in the correct place. Decoy has brought success to many hunting sessions. Deers will feel attracted towards other deers and attractants.

You can also use deer calls if you want. Just choose the correct place and set up the decoy correctly and you should see some deers approaching the decoy.

4. Be Silent And Deadly

Like we said deers not only rely on their keen nose but also their sharp hearing. You make one wrong sound and you will alert the whole pack of deer. Also if you miss your shot the deers will hear the sound and run away.

To prevent that you can either use bow/crossbow but you have to be dead accurate with it. Or you can try using silencer in your hunting sniper if it supports any. But the main thing is that you have to take an accurate shot when you get the opportunity.

5. Use Camouflage

Camouflage will help you hide in nature better. Try to get a good quality camouflage so that you won’t get sweaty inside it and give your smell away in the air. While camouflaging you have to make sure you have a good hidden posture.

Don’t sit in a blob position while maintaining whitetail deer’s eyesight. They can see you and will see you if you do this silly mistake. That’s why it is important to not leave any silhouette behind.

6. Choose The Right Time To Hunt

Deers are most active during the early morning and near dusk. That does not mean that they are not active during the rest of the hours. They are active in the rest of the hours too but it is a little hard to find them. Evening hunt might turn out to be costly.

Because you are going to be needing a good riflescope that supports low light vision. In the rut season, it doesn’t matter when you hunt. In case you didn’t know rut season means deer mating season from mid-October to early December.

7. Scout The Place Beforehand

This is seriously important. Some hunters think that during rut season they will just find deers no matter what if they go to a common hunting place.

This is not correct at all. You need to know about the place beforehand to get an edge over the other hunters who might hunt in the same area.

You need to find out the statistics of deer in that place before you go hunting. Make sure the place is within your budget. Past statistics will seriously help you to determine whether you will see enough deer or not.

You can scout the place beforehand find some suitable downwind place for you to camp. Scouting will help you a lot trust me.

8. Choose The Right Equipment And Baggage

Don’t carry extra weights. Only take what you going to need. Leave the rest in your camp/car. Take every necessary piece of stuff that you might need like food, extra ammunition, camouflage, deer attractants, etc.

You don’t need to take the whole baggage with you, that will slow you down and make hunting inefficient.

Deer Hunting Tips Summary

These are some of the best deer hunting tips and tricks that you always need to keep in mind before you go deer hunting. Remember to be smart, not over smart. You can’t outrun a deer so don’t be dumb enough to think you might chase down and hunt a deer.

We  hope our deer hunting tips helped you to have a better understanding of hunting, deer hunting in particular. Remember these tips and we are pretty much sure you might see a peak in your hunting sessions.

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