Can You Shoot A 45 ACP Out Of A 410?

The .45 ACP is a rimless straight-walled handgun cartridge. The original designer was John Moses Browning back in 1904. Since then, there have been countless rimless straight cartridges made for handguns.

There has been an ongoing debate on whether it’s possible to use .45 ACP as shotgun ammo and be fired from a .410 bore or not. I can see why you guys might want to do that, their diameter is close. Well, let’s find out whether that’s possible or not.

Can You Fire A .45 Acp Through A .410 Bore?

Can You Shoot A 45 ACP Out Of A 410

Do you want a short answer or a long one? Either way, the answer is no. While it’s true that a .410 bore can fire straight bullets. But it cannot fire rimless cartridges. There is a reason why shotgun shells have cartridges in them. Even if you can put in a .45 ACP in your .410 bore, it will not fire the way you intended.

It will result in a misfire and devastating damage to your chamber. It wouldn’t be surprising if the chamber of your .410 rifle was rendered useless. I know a lot of shotgun enthusiasts use regular ammo in their shotguns to show “they can” fire those.

Don’t fall for that trap. They are just doing that to show off and trying to prove you wrong. I don’t know what’s wrong with them, but any decent shooter will advise you against putting a .45 ACP in your .410 gun.

What Bullets Can You Shoot Out Of A 410?

If not .45 ACP, then what am I supposed to shoot with that barrel? Well, what’s stopping you from firing .410 itself? Let’s say you can’t for some reason. Then you should look for 2.½ inches or 3 inches of shells. Those things are capable of working with a .410 bore without damaging your gun. Good deal, no?

Why Can’t I Shoot .45 Acp Through .410 Bore?

Ever thought about the fact that those two cartridges are made for two different guns for different purposes? Just because the diameter is close, that doesn’t mean they are interchangeable.

The .45 is a 14k PSI and some manufacturers put more than that. While a .410 shotgun is capable of pushing up to 13k PSI. You can guess why it will result in a misfire.

Also, the chamber of a shotgun is designed to hit the rim of a cartridge with a shell/rim. If you are trying to push a rimless cartridge through it, the impact will heat the shell too much and result in a dangerous burst.

That is of course, all on paper. In reality, it might be worse or you can have a lucky escape. Now my question to you is, do you think it’s worth it? For what? For the sake of it or for “science”? Guess what, science ain’t gonna pay for a new gun when you end up destroying your current one. Keep that in mind.

Is .45 Acp More Powerful Than .410?

The .45 ACP is capable of reaching up to 2036 ft/s depending on the variant you are firing. And it can range from 356 ft-lbf to 829 ft-lbf depending on the exact variant you are firing. On top of that, it has a maximum pressure rating of 19k PSI on CIP and 21k PSI on SAAMI.

On the other hand, the .410 has a rating pressure of 12.5k PSI for 64 mm length cartridges and 13.5k PSI for 76mm length shells. It packs a punch of anywhere from 699 ft-lbf to 1313 ft-lbf depending on the slug/pellet you are shooting.

Each ammo is dependent mostly on the weight. If ACP is lighter, it has more impact force. If it’s heavier, it has less. On the other hand, a shotgun has the opposite. If it’s lighter, it’s slower and less impactful and if it’s heavier, it’s faster and has more impact force.

The numbers Mason, what do they mean? Well, sir, they mean the force and speed you can expect from each ammo. In short, .45 ACP is indeed more powerful ammo on paper. But in close range, .410 pellets will have more impact force if that makes sense. For range and maximum velocity, .45 ACP is miles better.


The bottom line is, don’t put a square lego in a round-shaped hole. You can force it all you want and might even be able to fit through force and break the receiver, you will naturally not be able to insert it.

This case is the same. Just because it fits, that doesn’t mean it belongs there. As weird as it sounds, that’s the fact. I hope you learned the lesson before destroying your shotgun.

That’s all for now folks. Remember, curiosity killed the gun. Yeah, that’s not the saying I know. But don’t let this saying come true in your case. That’s all for now. Till next time, take care and have fun.

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