How Much Cerakote Do I Need For A Rifle?

Don’t like the color of your gun? Or want to change it to something funky that is also quite permanent? Then you will need to cerakote it instead of spray painting or hydro dipping for example.

And this is where the issue begins. The method of cerakote is not a simple one. Sure, you can attempt to do it yourself if you have the right set of tools, but it’s hard regardless. And if you are someone who wants to cerakote their rifle with their own hands, then you will need to find the right measurement of the required cerakote.

What Is Cerakote Coating?

Cerakote isn’t an ordinary coating like a spray paint can for example. Cerakote can be used on almost anything. Plastic, steel, aluminum, wood, you name it. Cerakote also prevents stains from happening and your firearm won’t wear out in long usage either.

Cerakote is also waterproof. This is another key reason why a lot of people are shifting to cerakote over chemical-related coatings. Cerakote also tends to have more color options than other chemical finishes. Whether you want a subtle finish or a bold one, you will be able to do that no matter what.

Can I Do Cerakote On My Own?

The process of cerakote is not as simple as you might think it is. It requires a lot of tools and knowledge to use those precise machines. Just because you have previous experience in hydro dipping and spray painting, that doesn’t mean you will be able to cerakote on your own as well.

But if you are someone who has the tools and the right knowledge, then you will be able to cerakote on your own. But if you are someone who lacks the required tools, then you might want to contact your local gunsmith. They have the right sets of tools and knowledge to further aid you in this matter.

Process Of Cerakote

Let’s say, you want to know more about cerakote and what’s the process of it, let me help you with that.

There are lots of steps involved in the cerakote process. The first one is the disassembly process. You will need to disassemble the gun to prep it for the coating. Make sure to store all the critical components safely remove the frame of the gun and keep it on the side.

Then you will need to clean the gun with rubbing alcohol and make sure there are no oils or debris left on the gun. After that, you will need to sandblast it. This is where most DIY crafters suffer. Unless you manage to pull off the sandblasting, your coating won’t stick to the gun the way you want it to.

The next step is to heat the items before beginning the coating. You can heat them to 300 degrees to make sure they are warm enough for the cerakote to stick.

Once they are heated up, you will need to measure the amount of cerakote (more on that later) and then proceed to coat the gun with it. Now let it cure and you can use a hardener if you wish to and a polish to make it appear more shiny. But those things are not necessary. They are worth doing but not necessary.

And there you go. A gun body now has cerakote with the finish that you always wanted.

So, How Much Cerakote Do I Need For A Rifle?

That’s a very good question. Usually, you can do a couple of handguns or more with a 4 oz cerakote bottle that you can find readily available almost anywhere. But when it comes to a rifle, there is a chance of having more wasted material and you generally have a larger surface to cover.

Which means that you will require more cerakote than a handgun. There are a couple of formulas that you can follow to find out the amount of cerakote that you will need. To find out the coverage per ft²/oz, you can use your area measurement and then divide that with the bottle that you are purchasing.

For example, let’s say you are covering 103 ft² and you have a bottle of 5.3 ft² cerakote. So, you will need a total of 19.4 oz of cerakote to cover that 103 ft² area with a 5.3 ft² spreading cerakote.


Hope now you know the amount of cerakote required to finish a rifle and how to cerakote a rifle as well. While I understand it’s not the simplest process and not recommended to newbies, it’s a process that will prolong the lifespan of your weapon.

Hopefully, you now know a bit more about cerakote and how it works. I’m glad that you spent a bit of your time with me. With that said, that’s all for now. I will see you on the next one. Till then, take care and have fun.

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