Best Laser Rangefinders – Top 10 in 2021 [Guide & Top Picks]

We are not superman, we don’t have bionic eyesight to help us calculate the accurate distance between us and an object. That’s where laser rangefinders come in. 

Laser Rangefinder helps you find the distance between you and your target. A spotting scope is quite similar but the key difference here is,

  • Rangefinder provides you the correct distance data between you and your target, where spotting scope will help you see the target better. A spotting scope won’t tell you the distance between you and your target.
  • Laser Rangefinders vs Binoculars!

If you don’t know the accurate distance between your target and yourself then you can’t read the accurate bullet drop. Due to this, you may miss more shots than you were hoping for. 

That’s where we come in, we are here to guide you to find the best laser rangefinder that you can buy. That means we will be considering your budget and your needs. 

Best Laser Rangefinders

How Do Laser Rangefinders Work?

How does a device that fits in your palm provide you accurate distance data? The answer is simple,


A laser rangefinder sends an IR signal to the target which bounces on the target and gets back to the rangefinder, rangefinder then catches that light, and the processor inside determines the distance. 


It’s mostly based on how long the light took to come back. Many other factors play a large role in this (you will get to know about them in the product reviews) process. 

1. Leupold Rx-2800 Tbr Laser Rangefinder

Magnification 7x
Max Range 2,800 Yards
Linear FOV 318'
Ballistics TBR-W
Weight 7.9 oz

The RX-2800 TBR known for Leupold’s top of the line optics.


This rangefinder has a humongous range of 2800 yards. Trust me they are not playing you. The rangefinder holds its ground and is a solid piece of equipment for the big game. For trees, it stays accurate up to 2400 yards. As for the big game 1800 yards. You and I both know that is a huge range. 


The display where you see the reading is an OLED screen. You don’t have to worry about brightness by any means. Even in the darkest night, you can see the display without any problem. 


The rangefinder also has shot angle compensation. It means it provides you accurate horizontal data. This will help you in the uphill/downhill shooting. 


It has scan mode. By turning it on and setting it on a target will make your rangefinder follow the target and keep you updated on the distance reading. Which will help you a lot during hunting. 


Let’s not forget about the Leupold TBR. Let me explain a bit what TBR is. It’s an advanced technology that takes in the angle of your shot and your rifle’s ballistic. 


But an ordinary rangefinder only uses basic trigonometry to calculate the distance between you and your target. TBR/W also the best way to calculate wind out to distance around 800 yards. The hold point is 10-mph and the directional angle is 90 degrees. Which makes it the best laser rangefinder to target shooter & hunter.

If you can afford or willing to spend the bucks, go for it with eyes closed. Trust me you will be surprised how well it performs. All those extra features are worth it. 

2. Nikon Arrow Id 7000 Vr Laser Rangefinder

Magnification 6x
Max Range 1000+ Yards
Objective Lens 21mm
Eye Relief 18mm
Exit Pupil 3.5mm

Nikon Arrow ID 7000 the first adrenaline-proof best laser rangefinder. Why is that? Because when you suddenly face your prey and start shaking from fear or excitement your hands will move.


The vibration reduction mode reduces that movement to null and gives you accurate results. That’s what you want in the middle of your hunting session. A reliable piece of material that works great under pressure. 


VR technology was a huge leap in the rangefinder market. We can only hope that we get more and better version of it down the road. You don’t need to do any extra steps to enable the VR mode, it turns on automatically when turn on the rangefinder. 


Even though made for bowhunters this rangefinder packs a strong punch. With 6x magnification, the rangefinder can measure up to 1000 yards. Add in the excellent quality of optics from Nikon you got a killer experience.


The readings of the rangefinder are displayed in .1-yard increments. You add the Hyper reading technology from Nikon you get a fast and accurate data on your eyepiece. You can choose between two modes, one where you can focus on a small object like a fence post or the second one where you focus the furthest target on the screen. 


The build quality is excellent and like all other Nikon products, it’s waterproof. The build quality is excellent. The grip is awesome enough that you shouldn’t drop it on accident. Even if you do it should be able to survive that. 


The price is the only downside of this product. But when you count in all the cool features you are getting that price doesn’t play the bigger role anymore. It’s an excellent rangefinder and Nikon is well known to provide good customer service.

If you are willing to spend a little more go for this one. Trust me you won’t regret it. If you do the comment section is always open. 

3. Vortex Ranger 1800 Laser Rangefinder

Magnification 6x
Max Range 1,800 Yards
Objective Lens 22mm
Eye Relief 17mm
Field of View 315'/1000 yards

The optics of this rangefinder is fully multi-coated. Fully multi-coated means, the optics are coated with multiple layers of coating to stop reflection make it scratchproof. Fully multi-coated optics normally costs a lot more than multi-coated optics. 


Vortex ranger 1800 laser finder has O-seals to prevent any kind of liquid entering. By doing this Vortex makes this rangefinder 100% waterproof. 


Add on the fact that the rangefinder is built like a tank. I mean it’s not built out of metal but hard plastic with rugged rubber armor coating. It makes the scope scratch proof. It can break if you are willingly trying to break it, but it can withstand a random chest height drop. 


The magnification of this rangefinder is 6x and the max distance is 1800 yards. That’s a lot. The whole Ranger series has 6x magnification. Depending on the model you will lose range as you go down in the list.


The rangefinder also has HCD (Horizontal Component Distance). It’s a mode that compensates for angle range. LOS (line of sight) we know all rangefinders have this. But the display of Ranger shows the line of sight and range. 


It has scan mode too. What it does is, when you use this feature on a terrain the rangefinder looks for moving objects if it finds one it locks on that one and keeps track of it. While doing that giving you live update of the distance between you and the target. 


Like Vortex binoculars, this rangefinder has eye diopter. It adjusts for a user’s right eye. Like spotting scopes, the rangefinder is also tripod mountable. This is an excellent feature that a lot of manufacturers overlook.

So, if you are okay with compromises and looking for a rangefinder around the 350$ range then this is it. It’s fully waterproof, excellent metal housing, good long-range performance, and packs tons of excellent features. 

4. Bushnell Dx Arc 6x21 Laser Rangefinder

Magnification 6x
Max Range 1,300 Yards
Objective Lens 21mm
Display Precision 1/10-yard
Display VDT

The G-Force DX ARC (built to last) is under 400$ rangefinder that offers a lot for its price. The build quality is praiseworthy. You don’t often see a metal housing under 500$, on top of that the housing has a rubber armor coating all over it. It helps you to grip the rangefinder well. Accidentally if the rangefinder fells then the rubber armor coating will give it protection. 


With the help of vivid technology, this rangefinder stays accurate up to 1300 yards. For a 6x magnification rangefinder the G-Force DX ARC holds its ground pretty nicely. 


The best thing about this rangefinder is the wide array of shooting range it provides. The rangefinder also compensates for angle range. This feature helps the shooter to shot correct on the rangefinder itself. 


The rangefinder also has bow and rifle mode to help specific shooter. The brush mode makes the rangefinder ignore the foreground object and focus on the target. The bullseye mode is the complete opposite of brush mode. It means you can focus on the smallest of the object and take your shot. 


This rangefinder uses Bushnell’s second generation of E.S.P technology. The rangefinder is fast and accurate. Like Leupold TBR Bushnell E.S.P helps the G-Force DX ARC. It does have its drawback. The mention-worthy drawback is the display is not the greatest. But if you compare the mass reviews, most of them were more than satisfied with the display quality.


The thing is if you were hoping to receive and crips and a vivid OLED screen with metal housing under 400$ you will be highly disappointed. Because you are asking for too much. You need to consider the fact that metal housing costs way more than the regular plastic housing.

Overall this is a best laser rangefinder for the money. Depending on your budget you can even get the Ranger 1500. But if you want the long-range 1800 is the sweet spot. 

5. Atn Ballistics 1000 Laser Rangefinder

Magnification 6x
Max Range 1,000+ Yards
Precision to 1 y/m
Smart Ballistics Yes
Warranty 2 Years

ATN is always known to provide a great twist in their product line. The Obsidian core is a hot topic in the night vision rifle scope community. ATN knows how to make a good product on the cheap and they are also known for their monstrous high-end product. 


  • The twist in this rangefinder is ATN Bluetooth. 
  • You read that right, this rangefinder has Bluetooth built-in it. 
  • How does that play a role?

Well, you connect your rangefinder with your smartphone via Bluetooth. When you see data on your rangefinder it immediately gets transferred to your smartphone’s ATN app. (That’s pretty, isn’t it?) You can then put down the rangefinder and use the data from your phone to dial into your riflescope. This way you can hunt your prey in less than 15seconds. So, would you mind if I say this is a best laser rangefinder? I think, not.


You simply just pick up your rangefinder and use the laser ballistics to range the target. Then You can see the distance and all the other information such as windage, angle, and wind level, etc. 


You may have a concern about the battery life as it has Bluetooth connectivity and is a smart rangefinder, you don’t have to worry about that much. With the included CR2 type, 3 V battery you can use the rangefinder for around 6 months. Weighing around 150 gram the rangefinder is super light. You can carry it anywhere you like.

As for the price, it’s less than 300$ for the 1000m model and a little over 300$ for the 1500m model. Both of them feature the same sensors and optics. Both of them capped at 6x magnification. If you don’t need that extra range we suggest you stick with the 1000 model. As it’s cheaper. 

6. Upland Perception 1000 Laser Rangefinder

Magnification 6x
Max Range 1,000 Yards
Objective Lens 17mm
Accurate to within 1 yard
Water & Weather Resistant Yes

From a hunter perspective speaking Upland optics nailed the features that you mainly need on a rangefinder. When you factor in the price this rangefinder becomes an incredible value for money. 

This rangefinder also works great on low light conditions. For all those elk hunters out there this might interest you. You will get a multi-coated lens. Not fully multi-coated but still multi-coated. It will perform far better than any no coated lens. 

The inside of the rangefinder and optics are also nitrogen purged. What it does is, it makes the rangefinder fog proof. If you use a rangefinder in cold weather it tends to fog inside the lens. But if the rangefinder is nitrogen purged then you won’t face this issue. 

Even though the scope is not made out of metal, the plastic house is waterproof. On top of that, the housing has a rubber armor coating to protect it from unwanted scratches. It also makes the rangefinder to grip easily. 

With 6x magnification, the rangefinder is accurate up to 1000 yards. 1000 yards is not a small area. When you use it yourself you will be surprised by it. We mentioned earlier that the rangefinder has a multi-coated lens. That performs excellently. Even in the low light condition, the rangefinder doesn’t lose its sharpness. 

It may not have fancy features like scan but the rangefinder is quite fast. You can keep up with moving animals if you are fast enough. But the rangefinder can’t do that on its own. 

Overall the rangefinder is not bad. But it lacks bowhunting and scan mode. If that’s your thing then check the other rangefinder that we featured above. But if you want a good value for money and don’t want to go over 250$ then you can keep this rangefinder in your wishlist. 

7. TecTecTec Prowild Laser Rangefinder

Magnification 6x
Max Range 500+ Yards
Scan Mode Yes
Speed Mode Yes
Weather Resistant Yes

Don’t let the name fool you. But what may fool you is the price.

We are hitting price points that shouldn’t be possible. It’s a rangefinder that is priced under 100$ and surprisingly not the cheapest in our list. As it’s a budget rangefinder don’t expect it to be accurate up to 1000yards. But what you can expect is half of that. The ProWild rangefinder is accurate up to 500 yards. 

The feature that we liked the most is how quickly it performs. The user interface is also smooth and simple. You just focus on the target and click and it will tell you the distance almost instantly. 

You will find a battery level reading on the display. A lot of manufacturers overlook this but I think it’s a good feature. This way you will know beforehand when you have to change the battery, instead of it dying on you in the middle of a hunting session. We have been there and trust me that is not a pleasant experience. 

Surprisingly this is a best laser rangefinder for elk hunting. It’s not the best low light rangefinder by any means but it was enough bright to see your target during the dusk. 

Another surprising feature it’s waterproof. There is no O-seal or nitrogen purging but it is still waterproof. It can take some good hits. It won’t break from a single drop. If you had any concern about bad build quality you can drop your concern.

With that price in mind, you need to compromise some things. If you are willing to compromise those then you can go for it. But if you want some of the advanced features then you should stay away from it.  But for the price, TecTecTec ProWind provides a decent value.

8. Halo Xl450 Hunting Laser Rangefinder

Magnification 6x
Max Range 450 Yards
Precise to +/- 1 yard
Scan Mode Yes
Battery CR2 Battery

Hold your horses gamers.

This is not the legendary first-person shooter game Halo. This Halo is a manufacturer that makes outdoor sports optics. Pardon me for that pun, I couldn’t stop myself. Anyway on to the main topic. As the name suggests it’s a mid-range rangefinder. 

The maximum accurate range of this rangefinder is 450 yards. You can get the same rangefinder with a higher maximum range.  On all versions, you will get 6x magnification. 

Surprisingly this rangefinder has angle technology. It calculates the horizontal distance to give you the most accurate reading possible. I definitely wasn’t expecting that on a 100$ rangefinder. A surprise to be sure but a welcome one. 

This rangefinder also has scan mode. We talked about scan mode earlier, this mode allows you to scan a vast area and lock on the moving target. This thing just keeps surprising me. 

The focus mechanism is really fast and reliable. It has a precise to +/- 1-yard rating. Rest assured you won’t have any focus related issues. 

If you were to ask me for the best laser rangefinder under 100$ I will tell you to pick this one with eyes closed. It’s that good. For 100$ Halo nailed every nail in the coffin. 

9. Gogogo Sport Hunting Laser Rangefinder

Magnification 6x
Max Range 650+ Yards
Objective Lens 25mm
Eye Relief 16mm
Exit Pupil 3.7mm

We know the name sounds funny, but hey this can be used as a motivational quote. Anyway, this is another budget scope that is priced under 100$. 

Like the name suggests you can use it as golf rangefinder if you like or hunting. Depending on your usage it will do just fine. The product may look like a toy from a picture but trust me it’s far from being a toy. 

The build quality is pretty good considering the price. It’s not made out of metal. The material is hard plastic. The exterior feels like a rubber armor coating but we didn’t find any official information regarding that.

But for a golfer who will always use hand gloves while playing, you won’t face any issues. The grip is excellent and the size is optimal. You can carry it in your pocket and use it when necessary. 

With the help of the scan/flag capture mode, you can easily measure the distance between your target and you. The rangefinder also has ping seeking and flag lock tech. 

With flag lock mode the rangefinder quickly locks on to the visible flag pole. With 6x magnification, you don’t have to worry about visibility. It’s not an issue at all. Fun fact the rangefinder vibrates when it locks on to a flag pole.

That brings us to the next most important factor, the rangefinder has pulse vibration technology. Keeping your hand steady always may not be possible. That’s why pulse vibration technology lets you know through a vibration whenever it locks on to a target. 

If you are looking for a best versatile laser rangefinder on the cheap, this one checks all the boxes. 

10. Simmons Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder

Magnification 4x
Max Range 600+ Yards
Objective Lens 20mm
Material Aluminum
Battery CR2 battery

If you are looking for a rangefinder that will just get the job done and you are not willing to spend much, this is it. This is the cheapest rangefinder on our list. But just because it’s the cheapest it isn’t the worst right? 

Well sorry to burst your bubble you are getting exactly what you are paying for. A toy looking product that is surprisingly not a toy. 

If you have seen reviews of this you will know that it’s a small-range rangefinder that is mainly made for bow hunting. Which it does pretty decently. But lacking angle range compensation and horizontal data reading doesn’t make this rangefinder that appealing if you ask me. 

There are two versions of the Volt you can buy. The first one is the standard and the second one is the tilt. 

If you are looking for a semi mid-range accurate till 500 yards or so then this fits your bill. I will recommend you to get the tilt version. That one packs a little bit of more function. That one also has a battery indicator on the display. 

Like we mentioned earlier if you are looking for something that just gets the job done without breaking the bank. Go for it but if you can spend the extra bucks take any other from the list

Best Laser Rangefinders: Conclusion

That brings us to the conclusion of this post. We hope that you enjoyed the read. If you made this far thank you. If you have any kind of feedback regarding any product don’t forget to shoot them down in the comments. 

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