Best 458 Socom Muzzle Brakes

The 458 Socom is a high-velocity ammo that is used for military tasks and civilian hunting sports as well. Due to the power this ammo packs at a mid-range competition, it’s a common choice for new hunters to try out weapons that fire this cartridge.

What they are not aware of is the nasty recoil that is about to hit them. Unlike most other AR ammo, the 458 Socom packs a nasty punch. Making it hard to tap fire or rapid fire in competitions.

There are multiple solutions present on this issue and one of the major ones is a muzzle brake. We all know how muzzle brakes are the most recommended end-barrel products when it comes to handling recoil. That’s why, finding the best 458 Socom muzzle brake became a lot harder than it should have been.

Don’t worry, you are at the right place. Or at least, I hope you find this guide has the right place. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

1. V Seven 458 Socom Muzzle Brake

V Seven 458 Socom Muzzle Brake

V Seven muzzle brake is without a doubt one of the prettiest looking muzzle brakes out there. When it comes to muzzle brakes, looks mean nothing if they don’t perform well. Thankfully, that’s not the case here. This is a beautiful-looking product that performs equally well on the field.

The brake is made out of 303 stainless steel. It’s the type of steel that can work under heavy stress and heat. Both of these will go through if you are a 458 Socom user. The muzzle brake has no obstruction or scratches inside either. It will not reduce or change the direction of the projectile.

It has enough holes in the body to release propellant gas before it reaches the end of the barrel. The weight of this brake is only 2.1 oz. That’s quite light considering it’s a 2.1 inches long brake. Overall, a good choice for any Socom users. Whether it’s hunting or tactical competitive shooting, you will both benefit from this brake.

Pros & Cons

The build quality of this muzzle brake is fantastic and the way it releases the gas is really fascinating. Due to that, the recoil reduction of this muzzle brake is greater than most of the competition.

But the design of the gas release holes is the only con of it as well. It will increase the sound of the gun and make the flash a bit more visible as well.

2. Next Level Armament NLX-11C 458 Socom Brake

Next Level Armament 458 Socom Brake

Next Level Armament really made something next level with this one. The NLX-11C is a muzzle brake made for 458 Socom. The brake is crafted from 4140 stainless steel. This material is used by all sorts of muzzle brakes. Expensive or not, the material is proven to be reliable and heat resistant enough to last a long time.

The holes on this are placed strategically to prevent gas from coming out of the barrel first. Instead, it releases the gas sideways to reduce the ending kick. Thus mitigating the muzzle rise and lowering the recoil by a lot as well.

This muzzle brake is a bit on the heavier side. At 4 ounces and 2.5 inches, the weight balance is perfect. But if you are looking for extremely compact stuff, this is not the one you are after.

Pros & Cons

It’s a gorgeous muzzle brake. The chassis material is nice and the finish is even nicer.

Then what’s not nice about it? Well, it will depend on the user. If you are someone who prefers 2” or smaller muzzle brakes, then this is not for you. The total length of this muzzle brake is 2.5” and that is without counting the washer length. On top of that, it’s also 4 ounces. Rather heavy for some.

3. Faxon Firearms 458 Socom Gunner Muzzle Brake

Faxon Firearms 458 Socom Gunner Muzzle Brake

Last but not least, a muzzle brake from Ohio. All the memes aside, this product is really good. Their brakes have a good reputation in the community for having a prolonged lifespan and not breaking down under pressure.

The brake is made out of stainless steel. It’s not that light but it’s quite sturdy. If you count in the Muzzlok nut, the weight is around 3.2 ounces. It’s not too heavy, not light either, somewhere in between.

One thing to keep in mind, you shouldn’t use this muzzle brake without the nut. It makes the sealing more efficient by eliminating any existing gap. It will also keep the muzzle brake from revolving around.

The main attraction of this is the well-balanced weight with a great recoil reduction feature. Not only does it look cool, but it also performs really well in hunting. Yes, it’s also recommended for competitive shooters. The total recoil change is big enough to warrant an upgrade over your current muzzle brake if you have any.

Pros & Cons

While it’s not made by Foxconn, it’s still under a really good warranty by Faxon. Sorry, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to make the pun. Anyway, the brake is made out of really durable material and has no visible machining error.

The only con of this would be that it doesn’t lower the sound of the weapon as much as you hoped. Installing this with a Muzzlok nut requires a specific set of tools that you might not have your hands on. If that happens, you will need a gunsmith.

How To Choose The Best Muzzle Brake For 458 Socom?

Well, making up a list of what “is good” and performing well is super easy. But that doesn’t mean anything if you are still confused. Which I’m sure, you are. Don’t worry, we all have been in your shoes. Here are some pointers that I would like to suggest if you are also in the market to buy a muzzle brake.

Build Quality

First and foremost, how durable is it, if at all? If the brake is not durable, then you should keep a safe distance of, let’s say forever. Yeah, that sounds good. Keep a safe distance forever from it.

Durability is the key to a longer-lasting muzzle brake. Also, if the muzzle brake has any sort of obstructions inside or it has a record of getting scratched up, it’s safe to assume it’s a red flag.


A lot of new shooters make the mistake of buying a muzzle brake that is not made for their gun and the cartridge they use. If the muzzle brake doesn’t have enough clearance for your ammo to pass by, it will make it slower and change the direction as well. Resulting in bad shots.

Make sure to choose the muzzle brake that is made specifically for the cartridge you are going to use. In our case, it’s the 458 Socom. I made sure to mention only brakes that have no issues with firing 458.


While most modern muzzle brakes are light, we often forget to include the weight of the washer or the nut that we might use. So, count the weight of both of them and then measure if they are right for your usage or not.


Last but not least is the budget. We often overlook this and think that we should spend all we want. And when you later realize that you overspent, the buyer’s remorse kicks in. To avoid that, you should have a mental constraint on how much you want to spend and what you want as a feature on the muzzle brake. If you can decide on these two, you can then easily choose the best muzzle brake for you.


Three is more than one. I’m well aware of that. But I hope the elaborate explanation will at least help you to some degree. If you know what you are looking for, making the right decision is as simple as taking a nap in the afternoon. For some, it isn’t, I know. But I hope it is for you.

With that said, I hope that you found the reading to be enjoyable and insightful. Appreciate the time you spent reading this. I will see you on the next one.

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