Best 300 Win Mag Muzzle Brakes

300 Winchester Magnum is a cartridge mostly used by competitive shooters and long-range hunters as well. For a Benchrest competitive shooter, this is one of the best things available in the market.

While it’s good and all, there are some issues present on this cartridge as well. The main one is the recoil. It’s not a simple SMG-type recoil that you can control on the fly. Rather, you will need a good muzzle brake and other accessories to tame it.

There are way too many muzzle brakes available on the market. It’s quite easy to get confused among them. I know that because I was in your place once as well. Now, I know better than before and am trying to help spread the knowledge I gathered over the years. Without further ado, let’s learn more about muzzle brakes and find out the best muzzle brake for 300 Win Mag.

1. Area 419 – Hellfire Match Muzzle Brake

Area 419 Hellfire Match Muzzle Brake

Before there was hype for Area 51, there was Area 419 making muzzle brakes for guns that might protect you from what’s inside Area 51. Jokes aside, Hellfire Match is a great muzzle brake that has been the go-to magnum muzzle brake for years now.

The brake is made out of stainless steel. A very durable and lightweight material that has quite a high heat-resistant rating. The material has no way of getting scratched internally. That’s why your velocity won’t decrease over the year due to this muzzle brake.

The muzzle brake will reduce your recoil by a lot as well. While it will do that, it will also increase the sound coming out of your gun by a lot. That’s just how it is. You win at one thing and lose at another. But I believe it’s a non-issue to most 300 Win Mag users.

Pros & Cons

The main problem with this muzzle brake is the noise. While it may not seem that loud at first, you will soon realize the sound isn’t the same that you are used to. The gradual increase and audible decibels shouty noise is annoying if you are not used to loud guns.

Besides this problem, the muzzle brake is easily one of the best features in this list. It does almost everything perfectly. The recoil control and reduction pattern on this muzzle brake is one of the best you will come across.

2. Area 419 – Sidewinder Magnum Muzzle Brake

Area 419 Sidewinder Magnum Self Timing Muzzle Brake

No, this isn’t any promotion of Area 419. I hope it was, at least I would get paid. Jokes aside, the Sidewinder is another great magnum-caliber muzzle brake coincidentally made by Area 419.

Just like the other one, this one is also made out of stainless steel. You can purchase this with a nitride finish or stainless finish that looks extremely cool. Despite looking cool, the brake also lowers the muzzle rise of your gun. It will also reduce the coming recoil by a lot and make it easier to follow through.

The brake is quite loud. Unfortunately, it’s not a muzzle device so it doesn’t hide the flash or lower the volume by that much. As it’s a muzzle brake, it does the job it’s supposed to do really well. The brake is not cheap but it’s worth the price tag if you are looking for a magnum cartridge muzzle brake.

Pros & Cons

It’s a very durable and lightweight muzzle brake that reduces the total recoil of your gun by a lot.

While it’s great and all, it has one huge con. That is the sound. Unlike some other muzzle brake which directs the sound upwards or downwards, it spreads the sound sideways. Due to that, the sound spread is technically louder and more audible to the shooter.

3. Precision Armament HYPERTAP 7.62 Muzzle Brake

Precision Armament Hypertap Muzzle Brake

Precision Armament makes some of the best gun accessories on the market. While they are not something you would call budget, they are something you will definitely call the best. The Hypertap series from them is available for many different cartridges. As we know 7.62 brakes work with 300 Win Magnum as well, so it’s an obvious choice.

The brake is made out of high-quality stainless steel. The finish is available in matte PVD and stainless finish. Both look and feel really good. Their longevity is quite good and Precision Armament has really good customer service.

Installing this is quite easy as well. You will not need a gunsmith to install it. Implying you don’t need to tap in or weld it. As long as there are threads on your weapon and the threading supports a muzzle brake of this size, no gunsmith is required.

Pros & Cons

The installation process of this muzzle brake is one of the simplest out there. Of course, this implies you don’t need to pin-weld it in place. The PVD finish is solid and long-lasting. It won’t fade anytime soon.

The main con would be the flash. Granted, it’s not the brake’s job to hide the flash coming out of the barrel, but it won’t hurt if it was a bit lower.

4. SureFire 3-Prong Flash Hider w/Suppressor Adapter

SureFire 3-Prong Flash Hider

You might be wondering what’s a flash hider doing on a list of muzzle brakes. Well, it’s a flash hider that also works as a muzzle device to an extent. It reduces the recoil but not by much.

What makes it a good choice is the accessory. It’s bundled with an adapter that allows you to install a suppressor on your 300 Win Mag firing rifle. Thanks to that, your recoil will be lowered even further and make your weapon a deadly hunting weapon.

Basically, if you are a hunter and mostly hunt during the dusk or nighttime, then this adapter and an added suppressor is the best setup for your 300 Win Mag. As it will make you more silent, you can hunt without any worries. But if that’s not your jam, then you might want to skip this and go for a different muzzle brake.

Pros & Cons

While it’s a good flash hider, it’s not that great of a muzzle brake. It’s the type of muzzle accessory that tries to do all the job, but only does one good job and mediocre at the others.

If you want a muzzle brake, this is not it. But if you want a combination of suppressor and flash hider, this is the one to get.

5. Ultradyne Apollo LR Compensator Muzzle Brake

Ultradyne Apollo 5 8X24 LR Compensator

Ultradyne is not as popular as PA for example. But they are not a bad brand by any means. Their products are made in their own factory here in the USA. Their products are not cheap, but their performance makes them an easy choice over others.

This muzzle brake is made out of stainless steel. The 416 steel is a really good material for this sort of accessory. The brake is coated with nitride to give it the deep black color finish that we love.

This muzzle brake will mitigate your muzzle rise by a lot and will give you the freedom to quickly fire as well. Not like you are going to, but nice to have either way. If you are a hunter and mostly hunt from far away where your shots won’t be heard by the herd, then this is the perfect muzzle brake for you. For benchtop competitive shooters, this is a good choice as well.

Pros & Cons

While it’s not technically a “muzzle brake”, it does what a muzzle brake does. That is reducing the recoil. And it’s quite good at that task as well.

But if you are not after recoil compensation and want to reduce the total rise of your muzzle on the weapon, then this is quite a good option.

6. VG6 Precision Lambda PRS30 Muzzle Brake


The list wouldn’t be completed without mentioning a VG6 Precision muzzle brake. The Lambda PRS30 is my recommendation for a good 300 Win Mag muzzle brake. While it’s not the cheapest option on the list, it’s one of the most affordable ones out there.

The muzzle brake has a lot of holes on the side of the body that release a lot of gas before the projectile leaves the body. This way, it reduces the rise of the muzzle by a lot, ultimately reducing the recoil percentage. The brake is made out of stainless steel and it has a great matte coating finish to it.

The brake is also easy to install. But it will be louder than your typical flash hider or cheaper muzzle devices. As this releases the gas early, the sound is more noticeable to you, the shooter. The person standing next to you might not notice it as much as you do. Still, it’s worth noting if sound is an issue for you.

Pros & Cons

As for cons, there aren’t any. It’s one of the most perfect muzzle brakes out there. Just make sure, the brake fits on your gun and it has the clearance for the cartridge. In our case, the cartridge is 300 Win Mag and we know 7.62 has the clearance for 300 Win Mag. But if you have a different combination, it doesn’t hurt to be extra sure.

7. Seekins Precision AR ATC Muzzle Brake

Seekins Precision AR ATC Muzzle Brake

Last but not least, a muzzle device from Seekins Precision. I guess their name is a pun towards “seeking precision”. Cause they certainly are seeking that. This AR ATC muzzle brake is rated to be used with AR but people use this with other weapons as well. As long as the thread matches.

The brake is made out of high-quality stainless steel. It’s durable and lightweight as well. The port choices on this brake are really clean. The side holes release the propellant gas early. This way, the muzzle rise is mitigated as well.

Besides 300 Win Mag, this muzzle brake is available for other calibers as well. It’s also one of the most affordable muzzle brakes for 300 Win Mag. If you have a budget constraint, then this is the option you should look into.

Pros & Cons

Seekins makes good products and this one is living proof of that. The material is quite good and it’s lightweight as well. And the best part is it’s affordable and has good after-sales service as well.

The cons would be the lack of a washer. I can understand why they left the washer decision to you, but it would have been good to have one.

How To Choose The Right Muzzle Brake?

Now that you know what are the best muzzle brakes for 300 Win Mag, how do you select which one is the right one for you? Well, you can handle this task in many different ways. Here are some ways that I like to follow while shopping.


The first and foremost part is the fitment. I hope you noticed that there is a “threading” number mentioned in each muzzle brake. That’s because they have a specific thickness of threading that is supported. If the threading on your gun is too much for the brake, it will not fit.

If it doesn’t fit with threading, there are ways of fitting it such as pin welding it. But that will definitely require you to visit a gun workshop.


While on the quest to find the best muzzle brake, we often look for the “strongest” and forget about how much that thing might weigh. Taking advantage of that, some companies use too many materials on their product to appear strong, but they add unnecessary bulk to the product.

That can result in bad weight distribution and make your gun lean more toward the front. This way, instead of decreasing the muzzle rise, it might increase it. So, make sure to choose a lightweight muzzle brake that is also durable.


While muzzle brakes/devices are not too long, there are some products available on the market that will give your barrel an increased length. When that happens, you will need to make sure the total length is supported by your state. Otherwise, your gun may get warranted as illegal.


The final nail in the coffin is the budget. For some, it’s the most important part. For me as well. After all, as a budget connoisseur, I must find you the best value-for-money product.

If you have a budget in mind, your total choices will drastically decrease and make the decision much simpler. It will also make you feel better about your spending. That helps a lot more than you can imagine.


There you have it. 7 great 300 Win Mag muzzle brakes that are well worth the money you are about to pay. They are also quite good on other cartridges as well. So, if you were to shift to a different caliber, you might want to stick to the same brand of muzzle brake.

With that said, that’s all for now. That’s all for now. Hopefully, the guide was easy for you to understand and helpful as well. Till next time, take care and have fun.

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