Best 350 Legend Muzzle Brakes [Big Brakes For Big Cartridge]

While it’s not necessarily true that you need bigger brakes for bigger cartridges, you indeed need a brake for 350 Legend. The 350 Legend is a long-range cartridge that is used in competitive shooting and hunting as well.

While some recommend this cartridge for hog hunting, most folks use it for long-range deer hunting. The impact force is enough to take down a deer with one shot. As long as you don’t miss due to the massive recoil it’s about to kick you with.

To cope with recoil and muzzle rise, some use different barrels and some use bipod/tripod. But the realest and most effective solution is adding a muzzle brake. On top of that, you can use a bipod to further stabilize the gun. That’s why, it’s my duty to help you find the best muzzle brake for 350 Legend. Without further ado, let’s start.

1. Odin Works Atlas 9 Compensator

Odin Works Atlas 9mm 1 2-28 Compensator

While I’m not sure if Odin approves of his name being used by a weapon company, I’m sure he would love using a 350 Legend with Atlas 9. Jokes aside, Odin Works tends to use deities and mythological characters as their product name. The Atlas 9 is a compensator made for 9mm mostly.

Here is the fun thing, .350 legend can fit in any muzzle brakes that are made for 9mm calibers. And most of the time ARs have ½”-28 threads. Which is perfect for this compensator as well. The real question is, why a compensator? Because this compensator reduces the recoil of your weapon and mitigates the muzzle rise as well.

Two things that you want a brake for, and this compensator does exactly that. On top of that, the compensator might improve your shooting a bit by helping with accuracy. The core and cap of the compensator are made with 416R machined stainless steel and finished with a nitride coating.

The sleeve of the compensator is made out of titanium. In short, it’s built like a tank to survive any environment you throw at it.

Pros & Cons

I wish I could have said installing it was simple. But it’s not. Besides the installation process, everything about this muzzle brake is top-tier. Maybe the price can be a deal breaker for a lot as well. But I hope not. You will be missing out on something glorious otherwise.

2. VG6 Precision Epsilon 9mm Muzzle Brake

VG6 Precision EPSILON 9mm Muzzle Brake

The Epsilon is a 9mm muzzle brake with the typical ½”-28 threading that is supported by 9mm and 350 legend firing rifles. The bore of the VG6 Epsilon is wide enough to make clearance for the 350 Legend without any obstruction.

The material for this muzzle brake is steel. We all know steel is the most used material when it comes to muzzle brakes because it’s durable and reliable. The lightweight of Epsilon makes it a good choice for folks who are worried about forward drag in weight.

If you are worried about hiding the flash, don’t worry. There are three extended flash-hiding prongs present on the brake that reduce the amount of flash coming out of the barrel as well. While flash won’t be zero, it will be lower. One thing though, the sound will be a bit louder than before.

Pros & Cons

This is not the first time you have seen this muzzle brake and won’t be the last time either. By now, I think you already know how good of a muzzle brake this is. It’s durable, lightweight, and extremely sturdy. Making it an obvious choice for 350 Legend with no visible or underlying cons.

3. Next Level Armament .450 Bushmaster Muzzle Brake

Next Level Armament .450 Bushmaster Muzzle Brake

If we are talking about larger AR-15 rifles, this muzzle brake is the perfect one for that job. As the name suggests, it’s a brake designed for 11/16×24 barrels. Which is not a small one compared to 9mm for example. .450 Bushmaster and .350 Legend share the same AR platform. So, there are no issues with clearance.

The brake is made out of 4140 stainless steel and has a wonderful nitride finish to it. The durability is not questionable. When it comes to longevity, it will outlast a lot of other brakes in the industry. What makes me recommend this is the performance. It has 0 obstructions that might reduce the velocity of a projectile.

It’s a long muzzle brake. The length is 2.5 inches. It’s not as long as a suppressor by any means, but it’s still quite long. Also, it’s relatively thinner compared to a lot of other muzzle brakes. On top of that, the washer that you are getting with this is thin and reduces any present gap between your barrel and the brake.

Pros & Cons

All the pros I could mention I have done already. As for the con, it’s not suitable for people who are looking for smaller/compact muzzle brakes. This is not as small as a flash hider. It’s quite long at 2.5” and you will need to accommodate that considering your barrel length while installing. We don’t want to go over the legal limits.

4. Ruger 90699 Radial Ported 35 Cal Muzzle Brake

Ruger 90699 35 Cal Radial Ported Muzzle Brake

I don’t know what kind of radical activity it did to deserve this name, one thing is for sure tho, it will definitely do something great on your hands. Whether it’s hunting or competition you are after, reducing recoil has always been a necessary part of a shooter’s life.

This muzzle brake is made out of high-quality steel. It’s lightweight and durable as well. As it has gas-releasing ports all over the body, it does a better job at releasing propellant gas than other brakes. The Finish on this is 4140 chrome moly. It will not interfere with the projectile. Ensuring high velocity always.

While it’s all sunshine at the build and performance, there is one caveat about this muzzle brake. Unlike others who increase the sound, this doesn’t drastically change the sound. Instead, it increases the visible flash coming out of it. If you are after a flash hider, then this is not it.

Pros & Cons

As I have mentioned above, the muzzle brake is built for a war-like environment. It will outlast most of the similar and higher-priced muzzle brakes when it comes to durability.

But you will need to live with the increased/more visible flash. That’s something that can be a double-sided sword. Either it doesn’t bother you at all, or it bothers you too much. You decide on what spectrum you fall into.

5. AR-Stoner A2 9mm Steel Phosphate Flash Hider

AR-Stoner A2 9mm Steel Phosphate Flash Hider

Speak of the devil and the devil shows himself. Just a couple of lines ago I was speaking of the flash hider, voila! Well, isn’t it good? If you are looking for a flash hider, you don’t have to go looking for it now.

As for the Stoner, this will certainly not make your gun high, but it will lower the muzzle rise coming out of it. It’s not as effective as a compensator or muzzle brake, but it’s a decent one at reducing the recoil a little bit.

But if you are after hiding a flash coming out of your weapon, then this is one of the best flash hiders for 350 Legend. It’s compact, lightweight, and made out of incredibly durable materials. All of the good reasons to choose this. While installing it’s a bit hard but the price tag allows you to book a session with a gunsmith if required. Spend a bit of time with the manual and I’m sure the installation will be clear as a sunny day for you.

Pros & Cons

It’s really durable and lightweight. You already know that. As for the cons, this is not a muzzle brake. It’s a flash hider. The first job of this is to hide the flash and then try to lower the recoil as an auxiliary task.

While it does reduce the recoil a little bit, it’s not enough to call itself a muzzle device. So, you will need to go in knowing it’s a flash hider.

Buying Guide For 350 Legend Muzzle Brake

Now that you are aware of what is good and why they are good, it’s time for you to decide on which one is good for you. After all, your satisfaction is what I’m after. Just because a muzzle brake is good for everyone, that doesn’t mean it will be good for you as well. Let me explain a bit.

You might want a flash hider. Instead of reducing the recoil, your main priority is hiding the flash of your weapon to make it more concealable during the hunt. Which is totally a valid reason. To those, I won’t try to force a muzzle brake on you guys. After all, only you know what you want. As for how to choose the brake, you can follow these pointers.


Durability is often overlooked. As muzzle brakes tend to be rather affordable compared to other upgrades, people often think it doesn’t need to be that durable. Just buy another. Well, I would advise against that. One muzzle brake should last you a long time. They are designed that way. So, make sure to get a brake that is made with high-quality material and has a prolonged life.


If the brake isn’t threaded for your gun, then you cannot install it in any conventional way. You will need to switch to the good old pin soldering method. But that makes it a permanent install. So, if you want to change your brake for a suppressor down the line, then you will want to install a brake that fits the threadings on your gun barrel.


The next thing you can keep in mind is the budget. Figure out how much you want to spend on it. Whether it’s a cheap one or an expensive one, a fixed budget makes it easy to choose the right one for you.


I know it might still be a bit confusing seeing so many good options. Still, it’s better than thousands of other options available on the market. Muzzle brakes are not hard to make so a lot of companies do that. But making a good muzzle brake is hard and the quality of the product on the market right now clearly indicates that.

That’s why good muzzle brakes often cost a lot of money because the R&D behind that was that great. So, make sure to think twice before pulling the trigger on one. As long as it’s a good one like the one I suggested above, it will serve you for a long time.

That’s all for now. Thanks as always for taking some time out of your busy schedule to spend with me. I appreciate you all. Hopefully, you found something important and noteworthy from the read. Till next time, take care and have fun.

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