Best Ruger Mark IV Upgrades: Be The Marksmen

Howdy, pal! So, you got a Ruger Mark IV, which is freaking fantastic, man! You must realize that this weapon is a monstrous one. Who wouldn’t desire a pistol that is both dependable and enjoyable to shoot?

But an upgrade to that excellent gun can make you feel like Chris Kyle in “American Sniper”. Have you thought about it? Trust me, that’s the best idea you’ve had all year.

Your aim and precision could be much better if you pull the trigger more smoothly and lightly. Also, why not get new sights while you’re at it? A good set of views can make it much easier to quickly and accurately hit your target.

Plus, You can wow your fellow hunters with your innovative upgrades by having them admire your customized Ruger Mark IV. They will be so amazed by your new equipment that they will likely come to you for guidance on improving their weapons.

To be clear, it’s already a fantastic rifle beyond the box. But why settle for “great” if “amazing” is possible? Just imagine how far you could go with changes to the Ruger Mark IV.

You shouldn’t give it a second thought, pal. Improve your hunting skills by upgrading your Ruger Mark IV. Put your mind at ease; you won’t be sorry. Let’s not talk anymore and start your Ruger Mark iv 22/45 lite upgrades.

Let me start with the trigger first.

Ruger 22 45 Trigger Upgrade

The trigger is comparable to the beating heart of the firearm. Because it is what controls the boomstick, you want it to be as fluid as possible while yet being responsive.

A high-caliber update to the trigger can make the pull smoother, lower the travel distance, and offer you a cleaner break simultaneously. Because of this, follow-up shots are taken significantly more quickly and with more accuracy.

Do you want some suggestions? Let me review the Ruger 22 45 lite trigger upgrade for you.

1. Tandemkross Ruger Mark IV Victory Trigger

Tandemkross Ruger Mark IV Victory Trigger

Adding a TANDEMKROSS Victory Trigger for Ruger to your Ruger Mark IV is an excellent choice for improvement.

This trigger’s flat face significantly improves over the bent catalysts usually sold for Ruger 22/45s. This design makes it easy for the shooter to pull straight back immediately. This lets the operator know if the shooter stretches too far to the left or right. This can help you get better at being exact.

The flat-face design lets the user lower their finger on the trigger. This gives them more leverage and lets them get the most out of triggers with lighter pull weights. This makes it easier to control the trigger, making shots more accurate.

The broad face of the trigger also spreads the weight of the pull, making it feel like the force is lighter than it really is. This can help you feel less tired and usually have a better shooting experience.

This Trigger for Ruger 22/45 has a smooth surface that won’t slip no matter how fast or how often you shoot. This makes it possible to pull the gun in almost the same way over and over again.

Adding the TANDEMKROSS Victory Trigger to your Ruger Mark IV is a great way to take your shooting to the next level.

Ruger 22/45 Lite Grips

If you have a better grip, you’ll be able to hold your gun more securely, meaning you don’t have to be afraid of dropping it. as much, and you’ll have more control. And who wants to have less power?

Let’s get a better grip for your Ruger Mark IV and take it to the next level with one of the best Ruger 22 45 lite grips, TANDEMKROSS HiveGrip.

1. Tandemkross Hivebrid Ruger Mkiv 22 45 G10 Panel Grip

Tandemkross Hivebrid Ruger Mkiv 22 45 G10 Panel Grip

The HiveGrip from TANDEMKROSS for the Ruger MKIV 22/45 is a significant expansion. It can make a big difference in how you shoot, especially if you want to participate in competitions.

It was made with professional shooters in mind and is just what you need to get a good grip. The aggressive surface roughness gives you the best grip and control, so you can keep your aim steady and make accurate shots. The precise, ergonomic finger grooves also make it easier to position your hand, which gives you even more control and accuracy.

But that’s not all. These grips are made of a patented material that absorbs shocks and vibrations, so even after a long day of shooting, your grip will still be firm and comfy. And because they are thin and low profile, they will fit any user exactly.

The wrap-around grips are also easy to put on and take off, which makes cleaning and maintaining the gun simple and easy.

Moreover, if you want to participate in the Rimfire Challenge, the Steel Challenge, or other shooting sports, you need a race gun ready for competition. Ruger MKIV 22/45 grips can make all the difference.

So, what do you say?

Ruger Mark Iv 22/45 Lite Compensator

A slight muzzle rise can throw off your aim and slow you down. But if you add a compensator, you can keep your gun under control and shoot faster and more accurately between targets.

I was blown away by TANDEMKROSS’s Game Changer PRO, a great compensator. This caught my eye while researching improvements for my Ruger Mark IV.

1. Tandemkross Game Changer Pro Compensator

TandemKross Ruger Mark IV Game Changer PRO Compensator

A physicist made the Game Changer PRO Compensator work properly with the .22lr cartridge. This means that the stainless steel compensator adds weight to the front of your gun to give it better balance, reduce muzzle rise, and improve accuracy when moving quickly between targets.

Those two vents, curved at 45 degrees, are made to let the gas out so you can see and handle the gun better. This will help you shoot more accurately and stay on target with ease.

Every second counts in professional shooting and even a slight muzzle rise can slow you down. The “Game Changer PRO” compensator lowers the height of the barrel and makes the gun more accurate. The stainless steel compensator makes the gun heavier in front, making it easier to control and more balanced when moving targets.

There’s more; wait! The black Game Changer PRO Compensator has an Easy-Clean Coating that is easy to clean and maintain. So you don’t have to clean as much and can spend more time shooting.

This Compensator is easy to put on and fits any standard 1/2 x 28 threaded barrel. That means you can quickly make changes to your Ruger Mark IV.

Overall, the TANDEMKROSS Game Changer PRO Compensator for Ruger Mark IV is the right upgrade to reduce muzzle rise, improve accuracy, and shoot faster. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Shadow Mount Upgrade for Ruger Mark iv 22/45

The shadow mount is made to fit right onto the gun’s barrel. This means that the sights won’t be out of place when you remove the barrel and put it back on. This is important if you like to mess around with your gun a lot or if you need to switch barrels for different shooting situations.

1. Tandemkross Shadow Mount V2.0 Compatible With Ruger® 22 45™

Tandemkross Shadow Mount V2.0 Compatible With Ruger® 22 45™

First, one of the best things about this mount is that it links directly to the barrel. This means that when you take the barrel off and put it back on, your sight alignment won’t change. This is especially important if you like to take your gun apart often or if you need to switch barrels for different shooting situations.

Also, it works with many famous RMR sights, such as those from Trijicon, Burris, Leupold, CMore, Vortex, Crimson Trace, and many more! This means you can choose the one that works best for you.

The mount has all the hardware you need to place any version of the compatible sight listed in the compatibility chart. And what’s best? It’s made in specialized factories, so you know it’s good quality and will last long.

You’ll need an extra adapter for smooth installation if you have a hand guard. But that’s a small price for the best value, repeatability, and freedom all in one mount.

So, there it is, buddy. If you want to update your Ruger Mark IV’s compensator, you should consider it. It works well, can do many things, and is easy to use.

Ruger Mark IV Charging Ring

The charging ring makes pulling the Ruger Mark IV’s bolt back much more effortless. If you don’t have it, you must hold the bolt and pull it back by hand, which can be a pain. And no one wants to pull on that thing repeatedly and get sore fingers. But with the charging ring, you can easily pull back the bolt by putting your finger through it.

1. Tandemkross Halo Ruger Mark Iv & 22 45 Charging Ring

Tandemkross Halo Ruger Mark Iv & 22 45 Charging Ring

This charging ring is the most recent addition to the Ruger Mark IV, Mark IV 22/45 LITE, Mark III, and Mark III 22/45 pistol line. It’s intended to make charging your pistol easier and more pleasant, particularly if you’ve had sore and pinched fingers from previous charging handles.

Tandemkross’ renowned charging ring has a smooth, curved ring that improves leverage and allows for simple charging for left- and right-handed users. The ambidextrous design also works well with a holster, so there will be no interference.

I don’t know if you’re involved or not in shooting competitions. Still, this charging ring is an excellent enhancement because it can help you overcome the hammer’s challenge, especially if you’re a junior or senior shooter.

The halo charging ring is lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum, so it won’t add weight to your handgun while improving your grip and leverage for more effortless charging.

It’s simple to set up and will make shooting more comfortable and pleasurable. So why not connect your weapon with the Halo Charging Ring right away? Put on your halo and go to play!

Thumb Ledge Upgrade / Ruger Mark Iv Thumb Rest Grips

The safety thumb ledge is essential because it adds an extra-large safety ledge in the style of 1911 that makes your Ruger Mark IV safer from the outside. This means you can hold your gun more securely with your thumb, which can help you control muzzle flip and get better shots.

1. Tandemkross Cornerstone Ruger Mkiv 22 45 Safety Thumb Ledge

Tandemkross Cornerstone Ruger Mkiv 22 45 Safety Thumb Ledge

First, why it’s so important to have good grips. Whether you shoot in competitions or just go to the range on the weekends, you must know how to handle a pistol. The Cornerstone Safety Thumb Ledge is the best way to get more control.

It is made to improve the Ruger Mark IV’s original safety from the outside without changing how the safety works on the inside. This means it’s easy to put on and won’t mess up any of your gun’s critical internal parts.

Plus, it has an extensive safety ledge in the style of 1911 that is the perfect place for your thumb for a solid grip, consistent hand placement, and less muzzle flip.

Another great thing about this upgrade is that it eliminates the original neutral safety, which can sometimes pinch your fingers when shooting. By putting it, you’ll be able to handle it better and shoot more comfortably.

I know you might not be a professional shooter, but even if you shoot for fun on the weekends, you should still consider this upgrade. It will help you get faster and more accurate and is one of the best additions to the Ruger Mark IV.

It can be a great addition.

2. Volquartsen Firearms Ruger MK IV Accurizing Kit

Volquartsen Firearms Ruger MK IV Accurizing Kit

The kit is a great way to improve your Ruger Mark IV pistol’s accuracy and general shooting experience. This kit is made to improve the trigger pull, cut down on trigger over-travel, and make the brake cleaner.

The kit comes with a spring and trigger that are made of high-quality materials and are made to very tight specifications. This makes the trigger pull smooth and even and much lighter than the original trigger. The sear and trigger are also changeable, so you can change the trigger pull weight and over-travel to suit your needs.

It also has a better trigger spring and extended bolt release. The better trigger spring makes it easier to pull the trigger, and the more extended bolt release makes it easier to move the bolt, which can be especially helpful for shooting competitions.

Finally, you have to put these parts together. You can use the Ruger trigger or the custom trigger from Tandemkross I told you about earlier. You can decide.


Hey, buddy, I wanted to tell you something before I finish. The Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite pistol already has all the features and parts you need for regular shooting and “plinking.” The upgrades I mentioned are just choices you can try to see what works best.

With these upgrades, you can prepare your Ruger pistol for a fight and easily beat your rivals. But hey, it’s up to you to decide whether to keep what you have or try these changes. Everything comes down to what you like.

But upgrading your Ruger Mark IV is a great way to improve your gun skills and take them to the next level. Some of the best improvements for the Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite are the Tandemkross Victory Trigger, the Hive Grip, and the Game Changer PRO Compensator.

With these changes, the trigger pull is smoother, the grip is better, and the muzzle rise is less, so you can shoot more accurately and faster.

So, why stop with a good gun when you can make it great? Today, you can improve your Ruger Mark IV.

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