Best Sig P365 XL Upgrades: If You Want To Unlock Your Achievement!

It is a small handgun announced in 2019 as an upgrade over the original Sig P365. It has a longer barrel (3.7 inches vs. 3.1 inches) and an extended grip for a larger capacity of 12 rounds (vs. the P365’s 10 rounds), making it suited for covert carry.

The flat trigger with a 90-degree break provides a comfortable and controllable shooting experience, with a quick reset for speedier follow-up rounds.

Ultimately, this gun is a good choice for anybody looking for a small, dependable handgun with a larger capacity than many other comparable-sized weapons. It is a fantastic choice for concealed carry and self-defense because of its size, capacity, trigger, sights, and ergonomics.

However, if you want additional updates to your weapon, you need to change a few sections of your rifle if you wish for heavy performance, compactness, and high capacity. It’s available in the aftermarket. Here you can quickly find a variety of parts.

I’ve also recommended which elements need to be upgraded in this section. In addition, I suggested the finest product for your gun. You may compare which aspects of your shooting performance need to be improved. So let’s not spend any more time and get started.

Sig P365 Xl Trigger Upgrade

Suppose you want to improve the smoothness and accuracy of your firing steps. Then you would require something to improve your trigger. There are multiple advantages to upgrading the trigger, such as improved accuracy and speed, reduced gun recoil, or they may prefer a different form or feel.

1. Apex Tactical Specialties Advanced Flat Trigger

Best Sig P365 XL Upgrades

This trigger is a popular choice because of its ergonomic design, given that this design supports optimal finger positioning and reduces the possibility of trigger finger fatigue. This trigger includes a smaller trigger pull weight and a shorter trigger reset, making it simpler to shoot accurately and rapidly.

It is composed of premium components and is designed to withstand everyday use. It is also extremely adjustable for pre-travel and over-travel, providing a unique fit and feel.

Furthermore, this trigger maintains the original Sig Sauer factory safety settings, assuring the firearm’s safety.

It is an attractive option among gun enthusiasts looking for a new shooting experience. However, as with any weapon modification, conducting the study and speaking with a specialist before making any changes is critical.

Sig P365 XL Slides Upgrade

A better quality slide can assist in reducing recoil, increase trigger pull, and improve accuracy, dependability, and sight alignment, all of which can help the shooter fire more accurately and consistently. Here I suggest a better slide for your Sig P365 XI.

1. ZEV Technologies Octane Slide

Best Sig P365 XL Upgrades

ZEV Technologies’ Octane slide is a popular choice for boosted serrations for greater grip and slide manipulation, an opening hole for decreased weight and improved balance, and more aggressive front and rear slide serrations for easier manipulation.

It has been made of lightweight materials such as aluminum or titanium, reducing the total weight of the handgun. It can help in handling and reducing recoil.

Those if you want to improve their handgun’s performance, customization, and durability to another extreme. Then these slides are the ideal option for your firearm. It’s also vital to note that any gun modifications should be made by a skilled expert, with safety as the first concern.

Sig P365 Xl Optic Upgrade

The optic is highly important if you want to increase accuracy by giving a clear, easy-to-see aiming point. Because it can be especially helpful for shooters with aging eyesight or who have difficulty with standard iron sights.

You don’t have to worry about firing in low-light or high-stress situations using optics. In addition, I recommend the best optic for your handgun.

1. Streamlight 69400 TLR-7 Sub 500-Lumen Pistol Light

Best Sig P365 XL Upgrades

It is an appropriate choice if you own a gun because it is tiny, durable, waterproof, and dustproof. It is specially built to be lightweight and compact. Despite its compact size, it produces a strong 500-lumen output, making it suited for a wide range of lighting applications.

It is intended for one-handed operation and features flexible controls that may be used with either hand. This light is especially useful when quick and easy functions are essential in extreme stress conditions. It is constructed with high-quality components, such as a tough aluminum casing and an impact-resistant glass lens.

This light is a popular option for gun owners looking for a small, sturdy, and simple-to-use pistol light. It is important to highlight, though, that a skilled expert with safety should perform any modifications made to a handgun as the main concern.

2. Sig Sauer Romeo Zero Red Dot Sight

Best Sig P365 XL Upgrades

Through its few unique features, the Romeo Zero is a superior choice. To begin, it has a slim profile and low mounting height, which helps to minimize the extra weight and bulk associated with adding an optic to a rifle. Furthermore, it has a bright, sharp red dot reticle that is simple to see and allows quick target acquisition.

This sight is built for durability, with a tough aluminum housing with an IPX-7 waterproof verification. This sight is simple to use as you must push one button to switch it on and off and change the reticle’s brightness. It also has an automated shutdown function to help save battery life.

The battery can last up to 10,000 hours, depending on the brightness level. If you want a low-maintenance optic that doesn’t require regular battery replacements, this is, without a doubt, the finest option.

Overall, Sig Sauer’s Romeo Zero is a popular choice if you maintain your gun. It provides a small, dependable red dot sight that does not add unnecessary weight or size to their handgun. However, you must consult an experienced gunsmith when customizing your rifle.

Sig P365 XL Grips Upgrade

You should change your grip if you want better traction, less recoil, and better ergonomics. The Sig P365 XL’s factory grips are efficient but may only precisely fit some shots’ hands.

If selecting aftermarket grips for your gun, consider materials, texture, and fit. Grips composed of rubber, polymer, or G10 are common, and grips with severe texturing or checkering can give more traction. It’s also critical to select comfortable and secure grips for your hand size and shape. And I also suggest the best grips for your gun.

1. Talon Grips Adhesive Pistol Grip

Best Sig P365 XL Upgrades

Talon Grips are popular for gun owners looking to increase their grip and control. Because it provides a textured surface that provides better traction and a stable grip even in wet or slippery circumstances, and it can also aid improved accuracy and control, particularly in rapid-fire or high-stress scenarios.

It is made of a long-lasting, premium fabric that avoids wear, tear, and abrasion. Furthermore, it is built for accurate use and gives long-term performance. It additionally offers a precise and customized fit. It ensures that the grips fit the shooter’s hand firmly and pleasantly.

Overall, Talon Grips are popular for rifle owners looking to increase their firearm’s grip and control. They provide a custom fit, improved traction, simple installation, and durability at a low cost. However, as with any weapon modification, it is essential to ensure that any installation is done correctly and securely.

Sig P365 Xl Barrel Upgrade

If you are a shooter, you want improved accuracy, durability, and performance in your firing. In general, these factors are set on your barrel. You can enjoy shooting using an excellent update or your personally chosen barrel.

When selecting an aftermarket barrel for your gun, consider these factors like material, length, and compatibility with your handgun. And here, I Will recommend the finest barrel for your pistol.

1. True Precision Sig Sauer P365 X-Fluted Match Grade Barrel

Best Sig P365 XL Upgrades

This barrel is superb because of its high-quality construction, greater accuracy, enhanced performance, and customization choices. It is fluted and has a match-grade chamber, which helps in accuracy and reduces recoil. The fluting also helps release heat, especially during long shooting sessions.

These barrels are constructed of 416R stainless steel, known for their hardness, durability, and durability against damage from use. It is also covered with a black nitride coating that boosts its durability and corrosion resistance.

The True Precision barrel comes in several surfaces, including black, gold, and bronze, allowing you to customize the look of your rifle. However, as with any weapon modification, this is important to ensure that any installation is done securely and precisely.

Sig P365 XL Muzzle Device Upgrade

A muzzle device on a rifle can have various advantages, including increased accuracy, less recoil and noise, modification, and legal compliance.

However, it is focusable to ensure that any installation is done securely and appropriately and to be aware of any regulatory limits that may apply. I recommend the best two if you want to update your factory muzzle device. One is a suppressor, and the other is a compensator.

1. SilencerCo Omega 9K-Suppressor

Best Sig P365 XL Upgrades

The SilencerCo Osprey Micro suppressor is suitable for small handguns like the Sig P365 XL because of its unique shape. It’s also the best choice for people who want to lessen their handgun’s loudness and muzzle flash. It has a distinct form that is offset from the rifle’s barrel. This design reduces the oppressor’s total height, making it simpler to hide and shoot.

It is made of durable materials like aluminum and stainless steel, making it lightweight and resistant to wear and strain. It also features a modular construction, which allows users to tailor the length and configuration of the suppressor to their unique requirements.

Finally, this is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to decrease the noise and muzzle flash of their pistol while remaining tiny and concealable. However, before making any purchases or changes to your handgun, it’s critical to investigate and understand the proper use and regulatory rules regarding suppressors.

2. Parker Mountain Machine PMM P365 Compensator

Best Sig P365 XL Upgrades

For those wanting to improve the performance of their Sig P365 XL, this compensator is a popular option. Its ability to minimize recoil and muzzle rise makes it one of the greatest compensators for this weapon. This compensator aids the shooter in maintaining control and accuracy, particularly in rapid-fire conditions.

It has been created to securely attach to the handgun while not interfering with its performance, ensuring that the shooter can depend on the compensator without losing reliability or safety.

Furthermore, this compensator comprises high-quality materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, recognized for their dependability and resistance to use and tear. It implies that the compensator can tolerate repeated use and still perform well.

Lastly, the PMM P365 Compensator is simple to install with basic tools and minimum gunsmithing knowledge, making it a practical and cost-effective modification for individuals looking to improve their shooting experience with their gun.

Sig P365 Xl Magazine Upgrade

A larger magazine carries more ammo for self-defense, which can be essential in life-threatening situations. Furthermore, the expanded magazine improves grip, enhancing shooting control and accuracy.

Again, a bigger magazine base plate might increase grip comfort, allowing you to fire for longer. Finally, a larger-capacity magazine means fewer reloads, which is useful in high-stress circumstances. Here I also recommend the greatest extended magazine for you.

1. Promag Sig Sauer P365 & P365XL 9mm 50-Round Drum Magazine

Best Sig P365 XL Upgrades

If you need an updated magazine or a high-capacity magazine that is less expensive, I recommend Promag Sig Sauer magazines. Because these magazines come in various sizes, including 10-round, 12-round, and 15-round variants, they give more rounds than conventional Sig Sauer magazines.

Promag magazines comprise high-quality materials such as heat-treated steel and polymer, ensuring they can endure severe use and survive for a long time.

Anti-tilt followers and precise springs are characteristics of Promag magazines that provide uniform feeding of rounds and dependable performance. The detachable base plate and simple loading assist buttons on these magazines make it simple to put bullets into the magazine quickly and effectively.

Overall, Promag Sig Sauer magazines are known for their quality, dependability, and affordability, making them an attractive option among gun enthusiasts searching for a high-capacity magazine at a reasonable price.


Finally, upgrading your gun can improve its performance and your shooting experience. Before making modifications or purchasing attachments, complete your research to check that the changes are compatible with your rifle and match your needs and preferences.

With the proper upgrades, you can take your shooting to the next level and enjoy a more accurate, dependable, and fun shooting experience. It is, nonetheless, critical to make sure that any modifications are legal and comply with local firearm laws and regulations.

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