Trijicon VCOG Review: 1-6X24 Riflescope | Beast For Long Range Shooter

Trijicon Vcog 1-6×24 (The specific model is .223/55 grain.) is a super expensive riflescope that is tested by the US military and certified to be one of the best scopes for your rifle.

Trijicon VCOG 1-6X24: Outlooks

Trijicon VCOG 1-6x24

Specifications | Magnification: 1 – 6x; Objective Lens: 24 mm; Eye Relief: 4 Inches; Exit Pupil: 10.41 – 3.81 mm; Linear FOV @1000 yds: 95 – 15.9 ft; Length: 10.05 Inches; Weight: 23.2 Oz.

Build Quality

Made out of forged aluminum the Trijicon VCOG has been tested by the U.S. Department of defense. The tested MIL-STD-810G. You can say this scope is virtually indestructible. 

Even if you drop it on purpose or accident a couple of times the scope won’t even get scratches. Trust the U.S. defense in this. This scope is built like a truck. It’s ready to take some hits. As the build quality (comes with a mounting adapter & shockproof) is so durable and strong,

It doesn’t matter what caliber you use (unless you are using a tank haha) it won’t hinder the performance of the scope. It eliminates the need for mounting rings. You can mount this scope universally even quickly and easily on any mounting rail.

Optics Quality

If your optics aren’t good enough doesn’t matter how good of a shell your scope has it will perform badly. We are glad to announce that, it’s not the case here.


Earlier you guys saw how good of a body quality this scope has. As expected, the lenses are fully multi-coated with multiple layers of coating. 

It ensures that you get the best possible clarity from the scope. The glass that they used is high-quality too. There wasn’t any price-cutting in terms of optical performance. It was like there was nothing between you and the target, you were staring at right at your target.


The zooming was flawless (more on that later). The inside of the scope is also nitrogen-purged. That makes it fogproof. What nitrogen purging does is, eliminate the chance of fogging inside whenever there is cold weather outside or rainy. As the scope is waterproof you don’t need to worry about any rain. 


The magnification of the scope is 1x to 6x. You can dial in any number of magnifications in between with the easy-to-use magnification wheel. It allows you to change your magnification on the fly. It is a long-range scope made for hunters/shooter who hunts/shoot long-range.

The scope is accurate for well over 1000 yards. Depending on the caliber and gun you pair it up with the performance will vary. But according to users, they suggested that you should stick between 300-900 yards.

Ideally, they suggest you shoot around 600 yards max, the reason behind is that not everyone has a high-caliber gun to pair it up with. But that aside the magnification felt crisp and natural. There was almost no distortion whatsoever.

We were amazed by how easily you could use the magnification wheel. Don’t worry it’s not that loose. You won’t be able to mistakenly change the number while hunting. You still need to apply a fair amount of pressure to rotate it around.


The reticle of this scope is in the first focal plane aka FFP. The way it works is the reticle zooms alongside your zoom. Didn’t understand?

Suppose you are zooming in from 1x to 6x normally the scope tends to have SFP (second focal plane) reticle, there even if you zoom to 6x the size of the reticle would stay the same.

Even though you zoomed to max distance the reticle size doesn’t change.

But in FFP when you zoom in the reticle size will increase. Making it look more natural and easier to aim. As the reticle zooms alongside it is necessary that the scope doesn’t have any kind of distortion.

We were glad to know that the VCOG doesn’t have any distortion. You can choose from BDC or Universal MRAD and MOA reticles. All of them are well-loved in the community. Even the U.S. defense system uses them.

Another important thing is that the scope is illuminated. You need one AA battery to power it up and when you do the reticle gets plenty bright. 

The scope features 11 levels of adjustable brightness. Thanks to that you can even continue hunting at low light. But don’t expect the scope to perform at pitch-black conditions. 

Trijicon VCOG Mount

You don’t need any mounting ring to mount this scope. It comes with a universal mounting plate that can be easily and quickly mounted to any rails.

Unless your rifle has a mounting rail that humanity never heard of, you can sleep well knowing that you won’t need an extra mounting ring to mount the scope.


  • Excellent build & optics quality.
  • Crips zooming/ FFP reticle.
  • Easy to set up windage and elevation.
  • Easy to operate the zooming wheel.
  • Adjustable illuminated reticle.
  • Universal mounting plate.
  • Weatherproof, fogproof, shockproof, waterproof.


  • Heavy.
  • Quite pricey.
  • It doesn’t come with tons of accessories.

Trijicon VCOG 1-6X24 Review Summary

If you are ready to pay the price, you will get an excellent scope in the return. We tried to focus on the scope’s key features as much as we could.

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