Trijicon MRO Review: Red dot Optic | MRO or MRO patrol!


Trijicon MRO, it also has another updated version called Trijicon MRO patrol. Which is a red dot scope. We ‘ll dive deep inside and see what difference this 2 have in between them and which one you should choose.



Trijicon Mro Patrol Review: Specs & Outlooks

Magnification 1x
Objective Lens 25 mm
Adjustment @100 Yards 1/2 MOA
Reticle Pattern Dot
Illumination Settings 8
Housing Material Aluminium
Weight 5.8 Oz

Build Quality

To sum it up in one sentence build quality is fantastic. You get your moneys worth build quality. Trijicon has been known for there premium build quality for a while now. Let’s be real the US army won’t be taking a low-quality build scope now, would they?

Well yes I know they don’t use the Trijicon MRO but they do use the Trijicon ACOG & VCOG. Yes, its made with the same aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum. If you researched about scopes enough or used one already you should know by now why 7075 aluminum gets such high praises.


The most important part of a red dot is its glass. You will be looking through the glass for hours, so of course, it has to be good. In the MRO-C-2200005 it is. It’s a fantastic looking glass to look through.

Just like always this scope also has multi-coated glass for better durability and also helps to capture better light to allow the shooter to see through clearly.

You might already realize by seeing the picture that it is bigger than your usual red dot sights. It’s probably due to the massive 25mm objective viewing lens. 

Not gonna lie the bigger the objective lens the better for me. Mainly because you get plenty of viewing area. Which is pretty sweet for a red dot.

Brightness Settings

The scope has an adjustable brightness setting. You can change through 8 levels of brightness setting. Out of the 8-brightness setting 5 of them are for daylight, 2 of them are for night vision and 1 for super bright condition desert form example.

The brightness turret is situated on top of the scope so unlike other scopes, you can use any of your hand to change the brightness setting while not removing the finger from the trigger.

Since the brightness illumination will be powered by a battery so the obvious question should be here how often do, I need to change the batteries. Let’s talk about that now.

Battery Life

They include a 1 CR2032 Lithium Battery with the MRO. The claim on the website is that the battery should last you for 5years if you use it continuously with 3 brightness setting under 21°C. 

We didn’t use the scope for 5years we are being honest here, so we can’t prove the truth of the there claim. But according to other reviews and customer feedback, we found out that you will get a pretty solid battery life. You can just plug in the battery and start shooting some targets.

Other Features

We talked about all the main things, I think. So, let’s talk about some extra feature you are getting with the scope. The longevity, well we all know red dots are mainly used for short-range shooting and the shooter might run a lot and take covers.

During that process, the surface of the scope might go under rough scratching. But you have nothing to worry about, the scope is built with aircraft-grade aluminum it can take some solid hits.

Because of that, you don’t have to worry about breaking it from heavy fire recoil pressure. You can either buy the MRO separately or buy them with different kind of mounts from your choosing. Check the link to choose which package fills your necessities.

Different Versions Of The Trijicon Mro

Instead of doing a final verdict here let me give you a small comparison and help you choose the right one. You can buy the Trijicon MRO with 7 different variations. Now all of them does shows a different number at the end but they aren’t different actually.

The only difference is between MRO and MRO Patrol, which we will give a difference below this part. For now, let’s mention all the different version you can get.

Let me say this again even though they are supposed to be the different version with the different model number, under the hood they are the same exact thing. 

Some come with different accessories and some don’t. That is the only difference. hang in few seconds with the trijicon mro review & grab your informations.

Trijicon MRO-C 2200019 1x25mm Patrol Rifle Scope

This version of the scope comes with a quick-release mount out of the box.

Trijicon MRO-C 2200018 1x25mm MRO Patrol Rifle Scope

This version of the scope comes with a low-profile quick-release mount.

Trijicon MRO-C 2200017 1x25mm Patrol Rifle Scope

Like the title suggests you only get the scope and need to buy a mount from the third party or Trijicon themselves. But doesn’t comes with mount out of the box.

Trijicon MRO-C 2200006 1x25mm MRO Rifle Scope

As the name suggests comes with a lower mount.

Trijicon MRO-C 2200005 1x25mm MRO Rifle Scope

Comes with a mount but not quick release.

Trijicon MRO-C 2200004 1x25mm MRO Rifle Scope

Comes with a low-profile mount.

Trijicon MRO-C 2200003 1x25mm MRO Rifle Scope

Last but not least, comes without a mount. You have to buy a mount separately if you choose this option.

Mro Vs Mro Patrol

There isn’t much to differentiate the two scopes. (two scopes?) Well, We reviewed the MRO Patrol we also reviewed the MRO. Let’s scope out the main difference first.

Trijicon Mro Patrol Review Summary

There you go folks, You can choose which one’s features you like. those are like beast. Honestly! I can say those are worth your money.

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