The 7 Best Must Have Hunting Rifle Accessories

Have you ever wondered (!) that what accessories you need for your rifle/gun? Well, Hello there hunters (!) meet with the 7 best must-have hunting rifle accessories. We will mainly recommend some must-have gears but will also mention some hunting gears/accessories for beginners.

Best Hunting Rifle Accessories

Ammunition / Ammunition Case And Holders / Scope / Rangefinder / Bipod / Harness / Spare Parts


You may ask why is this in the number 1 position. Well, we are not going for rank-based in this post today, we are just going to mention the necessities. 

As you guys are here, I think we don’t need to make you guys understand what ammunition/bullet is. You guys must have owned or owned a certain ammunition type for your gun.

But most people think 1 spare magazine full of ammo is enough for a long hunting session. Well, you couldn’t have been more wrong. 

It never hurts you to bring extra ammo in your backpack. Because you might fail some shots which is normal. So its always a wise idea to bring extra ammunition with you.

Ammunition Case And Holders

Ammunition cases can be good for many reasons. You can track your bullet numbers and how many you have left.

Also while taking your gun you should always de-load the mag and put your bullets inside a case holder so the bullets stay in one place. 

They don’t cost that much neither do they weigh that much so it’s not a bad idea to bring them along with you.


The most important part of a hunting rifle. You can’t hunt without a good scope. let’s be real this is not an anime where you no-scope or ironsight your targets. 

You need a good rifle scope for your rifle to hunt properly. For that, we have reviewed several scopes here with different price ranges in Targetchaser.

Check them out and find a good suitable one for your choice. We also reviewed some good night vision scopes. If you are into night hunting then a good night vision scope is a must-have in your bucket list.

If you’re not on a tight budget then some cheap rifle scopes will blow your mind.


Most of you guys should be well known with laser rangefinders. Indeed, we haven’t reviewed many laser rangefinders (yet) on our site. You may ask then why are we mentioning it? 

Well to answer that even if you are hunting alone and have no rangefinder buddy with you, not everyone is professional or knows how to find range accurately using the built-in rifle reticle.

So for those people especially who don’t have a scope with a built-in rangefinder, you guys need to have a rangefinder. Trust me you will thank us later. 

Because rangefinder can be a blessing in disguise for long-range hunting. You can determine the accurate range for you to take the shot and nail it.


Bipods are really good accessories to have with you.

It can help you conserve your energy by stabilizing your gun and relieving your arms from holding the gun for too long. 

No matter what type of hunting you are into if you plan on long-range hunting which needs more focus to aim and shoot accurately bipods are a must-have item.


A harness or gun holster is a special type of belt that helps you carry your gun easily and makes sure you are not losing it from your shoulder. 

If you are planning on having some extra ammo in your harness you can do that too. So it’s a good thing to have. Also, you can wear them that’s a plus. You get more stuff to carry which we will mention in a bit in this the 7 best must-have hunting rifle accessories.

Spare Parts

We are at the last item on our list. Spare parts can be of anything. Like you take your car your car has a toolbox that has tools for your car repair if it breaks. 

The same thing should apply to your rifle and scope maintenance, right?

So for that reason, you should always bring some spare parts and tools to fix your rifle if it clogs or breaks down in the middle of a hunting session. 

You also should carry batteries for your GPS/trail camera if you carry any, and your night vision scope (if have any).

With that, we finish our initial list. But hold on, we got some more. Some extra tips and other gear suggestions for you guys. Don’t go yet please continue.

Quality Mentions

The important gears that you should always have been – 

  • Hunting Binoculars
  • Backpack
  • Hunting Boots
  • Reflection Proof Flashlights
  • Decoy
  • Food
  • Survival Kit
  • Cellular Trail Camera / Wireless Trail Camera


A good backpack is a must-have for your hunting gear. You can carry most of the rifle accessories we mentioned above in a good heavy-duty backpack.

I know I know, you guys don’t want to turn yourself into a life target so you shouldn’t carry a flashlight. But it won’t hurt to carry one if you get lost which can help show you in the night. That’s our reasoning rest is up to you.


Decoy probably should be one of the top priorities. They help lure targets also they pair well with bird calls.


Don’t forget to pack more than enough food, you are going to need them.

Survival Kit

Pack a good Survival Kit with you, it will come in handy if you get lost. Also, don’t forget med-kits.

Trail Camera

Best Trail Camera helps you with what it is supposed to. Trail targets. You can set them up beforehand and know the common hangout place of your targets. They come in handy to see the surroundings at night which helps you set up a safe camp.


With that, we finish our, 7 best Must-have hunting rifle accessories informative post alongside some extra gear and tips. Hope we helped you with some new information. Have a nice one bye.

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