Best Remington 870 Upgrades: The Ultimate Shotgun?

The Remington 870 is not a new name in the community. This shotgun was first released in 1951 and has been a part of several wars. While the military service of this gun is remarkable, it’s mostly used by civilians now.

Whether you are a hunter or want to have a robust gun for home defense, the Remington 870 is a solid choice. Like most other guns, this one can benefit a lot from some changes as well.

That’s right, it’s time to upgrade your Remington 870. How do you find the best Remington 870 upgrades, you ask. Well, I’m here to answer. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Remington 870 Forend Upgrade

The first thing that a lot of people upgrade in their pump-action shotgun is the forend. If you have owned the gun for a long time or got it handed down to you from one of your family members, then you might want to start the upgrade process with the pump.

1. Magpul Remington 870 M-Lok Forend

Magpul MOE M-LOK Remington 870 Forend

Magpul makes some of the best gun accessories on the market. Their polymer-made products are killer value in terms of price to performance. This forend for Remington 870 is also made out of polymer.

It’s affordable but not poorly made by any means. The durability of this is comparable with much more expensive forends on the market. The forend is also available in different colors that you can choose from. If you are changing the forend, you might as well get some color in it.

2. SureFire DSF-870 Ultra-High LED WeaponLight

SureFire DSF-870 Ultra-High Two-Output-Mode Remington 870 LED WeaponLight

Who doesn’t love to get free stuff? Well, technically not free as you are paying for the product, but you know what I mean. The Surefire DSF 870 is a two-in-one system that is not only forend, it acts as a flashlight as well.

That’s right, it has a built-in flashlight under the forearm that will allow you to hunt or shoot better during the night. If you are using your weapon for self-defense or hunting during the night, then you will want the benefit of a light.

The flashlight is 600 lumens and can cover up to 225 meters. At the lowest output, you can get 3h of battery life and 1.5h at max intensity. The build quality of this forend is quite nice and the texture is really comfortable to grip.

Remington 870 Stock Upgrade

The next big thing about a gun is the stock. I’m sure you know it’s a common practice to change the stock of a shotgun. After all, a different stock might offer a better shooting experience to you.

1. SB Tactical SBA3X Pistol Stabilizing Brace

SB Tactical SBA3X Pistol Stabilizing Brace

Pistol braces are not directly compatible with the Remington 870. But it didn’t take long for people to figure out how to use a pistol brace on 870 Tactical. It’s one of the best Remington 870 accessories you can buy.

Do keep in mind that you will need to buy an Ergo adapter for Remington 870. Using this, you can easily install this brace on your Tactical 14 as well. If you want to enjoy close-quarter combat more and hunt as well, then you will need this brace.

The brace also comes with a nylon strap that allows you to use the gun with one hand. While it’s true for pistol calibers, you can’t really use a shotgun with one hand. It’s not a single-handed shotgun after all.

2. Magpul Shotgun SGA Buttstock

Magpul SGA Remington 870 Fixed Stock

If pistol braces aren’t your thing and you want something more robust and natural-looking, then this buttstock from Magpul is the perfect choice for you. Whether you are using an 870 or a Tactical 14 or any family member of the Remington 870 series, you can install this on your gun.

The stock is made out of reinforced polymer. The polymer is hard and extremely robust. It will not fail you even after thousands of rounds are fired with it. As the stock is made out of polymer, it’s quite easy to color it.

And that’s exactly why there are so many different colored variants of buttstock available for your shotgun. Depending on the color of your shotgun’s body, you can mix a different color stock or stay true to it.

Remington 870 Side Saddle Upgrades

You have probably seen people use some storage leather bags on their shotgun which holds extra ammo for them. Those things are side saddles. Alternatively, you can also use shotgun belts to carry extra ammo. But carrying them with the gun is more efficient while reloading.

1. ProMag AA112 Archangel 7 Round Remington 870 Shell Holder

ProMag AA112 Archangel 7 Round Remington 870 Shell Holder

This simple-looking side saddle is capable of giving you the storage to carry 7 more extra shells. Which sounds like nothing on paper. But when you are in the middle of a session and run out of ammo from the chamber, these 7 bullets will come in clutch.

Not only can you just pick them up and reload, but it will also be faster than picking them up from the backpack. The saddle is made out of CNC-machined aluminum. You will not accidentally remove it from the gun if you are wondering about that.

Remington Optics Upgrade

The iron sight of 870 is not the greatest. Let’s be real, people could care less about what the iron sight does on their shotgun back then. But that doesn’t mean you cannot change that now. As there are so many shotgun sights available right now, it’s your duty to up your game.

1. XS Sight Big System Big Dot Tritium Shotgun Sight

XS Sight Systems Big Dot Tritium Remington Shotgun Sight

Tritium sights are not a new thing by any means. Chances are you are using them with your handgun already. They are accurate, they are affordable and they don’t require a gunsmith to install them for you.

XS Sight Big System is quite big, literally. The tritium fiber stick is huge and it glows really well during the night. The body protecting the tritium is made out of steel. It’s rust-free and will not break from the recoil of your 870.

The tritium is available in orange or yellow. Both perform exceptionally well during night and daytime. The choice will mostly depend on what color you see better. Don’t worry, neither is the wrong choice.

2. TruGlo Glo-Dot II Clamp on Sight

TruGlo Glo-Dot II Smooth Barrel Shotgun Sight

When it comes to making night sights, TruGlo is one of the best manufacturers in the world. Glo-Dot II is a clamp-on sight made for the 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotgun. It is also available for a .410 gauge if you are using that.

The sight simply slides over your front barrel and sits there. The sight is made out of stainless steel and the glowing part is made out of tritium fiber. The glowing part is available in red and green.

If you prefer red, then go for red. Unlike laser sights, There is no “red lasts longer than green” terminology here. As this uses no battery, you won’t run out of them either. Sure, it might dim down in a decade or two. And you can replace the glowing stick as well. So, you are set for a lifetime essentially.

3. HOLOSUN HS510C 2 MOA Holographic Red Dot Sight

HOLOSUN HS510C 2 MOA Holographic Red Dot Sight

You might be wondering how did this made the list? After all, the Remington 870 doesn’t have any rails where you can install Picatinny accessories. Well, that’s where the Sureshell side saddle with rail slides in.

Jokes aside, you will absolutely need the rail if you want to install this sight on your gun. As for the sight, it’s made out of CNC-machined aluminum. The finishing on this is nice and feels premium to the touch.

The lens is fully multi-coated and it is anti-reflective as well. There won’t be any issues with light bleeding or underperforming during low-light environments. It also comes with an illuminated reticle. It will help you shoot at low light and during the night.

Other Remington 870 Upgrades That You Might Want to Consider

These are minor upgrades but they are handy. They can come into use on different occasions, that’s why they are not included as mandatory ones. Here is a small list of accessories for Remington Tactical that might help you in your endeavors.

Ammo Pouch

A shotgun isn’t known for its ammo capacity or the ability to carry more ammo than necessary. That’s where ammo pouches come in. They are the perfect solution to store your bulky and heavy shotgun ammo and carry them to places with ease. 5.11 Tactical VTAC Shotgun ammo pouch bag is a good choice for the task.


A gun sling is another fancy but helpful upgrade that you want to consider. They are comfortable and make it easy to carry your weapon on long-distance journeys. If you want comfort and durability then might want to look at Blue Force Gear Vickers Tactical Sling. Blue Force makes some of the best shotgun slings on the market.

Carrying Case

If your ammo can use a carrying case, what’s stopping you from buying a carrying case for your gun as well? There are different types of carrying cases available for a gun. Depending on what you want, you might want to opt for a soft or hard shell carrying case. The Remington Tac-14 case is a good choice for your shotgun.

Closing Thoughts

Now, whether you want to upgrade the gun or not is up to you. All I can do is guide you toward the upgrades that are necessary and will help you enhance your shooting experience.

All of the upgrades mentioned today are some of the best upgrades for the Remington 870. They are also applicable to the Tactical 14 variant of the Remington 870. After all, both guns share almost the entirety of their existence.

I hope this guide was clear enough for you to understand and decide on whether to upgrade or not. If you do, then don’t hesitate to take it slow and only upgrade the thing that won’t make you go broke or later feel like you didn’t need it. Thanks as always for reading. Will see you on the next one.

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