Best Sling For Ruger Mini 14 – Reviews and Guides w/FAQs

Slings are an important part of a rifle. They help you carry the weapon with ease. You can carry it around your shoulder for a long time with the help of a sling. If your arms are feeling tired from carrying the weapon the entire day, time to invest in a sling.

My goal here is to help you find the best sling for Mini 14. Whether they are dirt cheap or filthy expensive, we got slings for all. Let’s find out what those are and why they are the best.

Best Ruger Mini 14 Sling – [Editor’s Pick]

1. Specter Gear 2 Point Sling Fits Mini-14

This sling from Specter Gear is a 2-point sling that supports mini 14 without any tweaking or third-party adapters. They are comfortable, wide, and easy to carry around. The width of the webbing is 1.5”. It’s plenty wide to cover your entire shoulder and provide you with a comfortable carrying experience.

The buckle on this sling is made out of stainless steel. It won’t catch rust. On top of that, there is a spring-loaded self-locking buckle for safety measures. If you face a scenario where you might need to drop the gun and run, this feature will be super useful.

The most important rule while buying a sling for any gun is comfort. The second one is durability. This sling from Specter Gear passes both of those points with flying colors. It’s one of the most durable slings in this price range and it looks fabulous with Mini 14.

Where is this made?

This is made in the USA.

Does it come with adapters?

Yes, there are two front and back rear adapters included with the wrap.

Is this only for Mini 14?

Ideally, it’s made for Mini 14. But you can use this with A4 and some AR rifles with a bit of tweaking.

2. TRINITY Tactical 2-Point Sling for Ruger Mini 14

If you are looking for a sling that will fit most shotguns and rifles out there with the Mini 14, this 2-point sling will suffice. It’s made by Trinity Supply and sold under the name Tactical Sling. For sure, it’s a tactical sling. I mean, you can swing around your gun on your shoulder with super ease.

Making it a great carrying option for hunters. The sling itself is made out of durable nylon. Nylon is not as spongy as rubber and artificial leather, but it’s more durable than artificial leather. In fact, I would claim nylon to be more comfortable than artificial leather

Besides nylon, there is an elastic bungee built-in the sling. It provides extra comfort and increases the longevity of the sling. You can move around and adjust the strap completely whenever you wish to. The strap can fit young to old hunters.

Does this support Mini 30?

Yes, it supports both Ruger Mini 14 and 30 lineups.

Are the hooks made out of plastic?

No, they are not.

Is it adjustable?

Yes, it’s completely adjustable.

3. TOURBON 2″ Cotton & Brown Leather Gun Sling

Want to make the carrying process a bit more colorful? Then these slings from Tourbon will definitely pique your interest. You can choose from tons of available colors. One of them that caught my eye is the khaki color sling that is made out of dual materials.

Each end of the sling is made out of genuine leather. And the entire belt of the sling is made out of cotton. Cotton is a softer material compared to nylon. If comfort is your top priority, then this should be at the top of your list.

Despite being cotton, the webbing on this is excellent It’s 2” wide. Thickness wise it isn’t half bad either. It’s not too heavy and not too fragile either. With the khaki color, brown color leather goes well. The stitching on the leather and the webbing are good.

Is this adjustable?

Yes, it’s adjustable completely.

What’s the hook material?

It’s a leather hook with a stainless steel button to keep the hook together.

What is the length of this?

It’s just a bit shy of 35”.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying

Mini 14 is a weird gun, to say the least. It doesn’t have a typical universal hook like AR rifles and SMG’s. That’s why most of the slings made for this gun don’t support all AR.

The ones I mentioned here certainly do. And they are all priced very differently. Some of them are colorful and some of them are bland. If you like colorful stuff then by all means go for the ones that you like.

Rest assured, all of them here are well-built and known for their quality. Take the one that you like and can afford without breaking the bank.


That didn’t take long to finish. I could have included tons of more slings and said they are better than others and whatnot. I didn’t want to mislead you. That’s why, I included what I can call the best sling for Mini 14. Hopefully, you found the right one for your 14/30 as well. That’s all for now, I will be back soon. Till then, take care and stay safe.

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