Best Speedloader For Ruger SP101 – Reviews w/FAQs

Ruger SP 101 is a dual-action revolver made by Ruger & Co. In the SP101 lineup of revolvers, there are many different models of them exist that support different calibers and have different capacities.

All of them share the same trait though, they don’t have any speedloaders included. That’s why, I’m here to help you buy the best speedloader for Ruger SP 101. Let’s find them out and see why they are good.

Best Ruger SP101 Speedloader – [Editor’s Pick]

1. Speed Beez 8 Shot 22LR Speedloader for SP101

Speed Beez speed loaders are always made out of good materials and they look fantastic. Following the traditional black and yellow pattern like bees, this speed loader from Speed Beez will support only one variant of the SP101.

If you are an owner of the .22 LR SP101, you are in luck. This is an 8-bullet capacity speed loader. Keep in mind, that you can only use .22 LR cartridges with this reloader. And don’t bother trying this with any other magnum-caliber revolvers.

The grip on the speed loader is really nice and it’s built like a tank. Instead of a twisted knob, it uses a spring-loaded push button mechanism. It’s rather easy to get used to and a bit faster than a twisted knob in my opinion.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the USA like all the other Speed Beez products.

Will this work with 22 magnums?

No, it’s only made for 22LR.

Will this work with S&W model 63?

Yes, it will.

2. HKS 5-Shot Revolver Speedloader for SP101

Earlier I mentioned there are SP 101 models that are capable of shooting 5 pieces of magnum at a time. For those guns, this is the speed loader that you should go with. It’s capable of holding .38 and .357 magnum calibers.

The speed loader HKS is made out of black polymer. It’s a durable and heat-resistant material that is used in handguns and handgun grips. Don’t worry, it won’t break on you after 1-2 sessions. It’s good for a year if not more at the very least.

But the quality is still sub-par if you compare this with a metal speed loader. Then again, you will pay up to 3-4 the price than this if you buy a metal speed loader. For the price, there is not much to nitpick about.

Where is this made?

HKS products are made in the USA.

What is the knob made out of?

The knob is made out of aluminum.

Is this push to load?

No, this is a twisted knob.

3. HKS 32-J Speedloader for Ruger SP101

The 32-J speedloader from HKS is made for guns like Ruger SP101 that uses .32 mag and has 6 6-shot capacity. Unlike the previous HKS I mentioned or the Speed Beez, this one is not suitable for 5 shots or 8 shotguns.

The material of this one is also polymer like the other HKS products. Polymer is a fancy word for plastic, yes. But it’s also a fancier plastic that is durable. It’s not the same type of plastic you find inside the toy of your child.

It’s the same type of polymer you will find in handguns and grips for handguns. They are durable, rugged, lightweight, and easy to CNC with precision. The knob on this one is however made out of metal.

Is this a twisted knob?

Yes, it’s a twisted knob method.

Where is this made?

It’s made in the USA.

Will this work on 856?

No, it won’t. That’s bigger than this.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying

There are only 3 options to choose from. But still, among them, 3 of them are for 3 different types of SP 101. So, the choice is simple. Depending on which variant of the 101 you own, buy the respective speed loader for that gun. See, simple.


There you have it. A simple straightforward guide to help you choose the best speedloader for Ruger SP 101. That wasn’t hard, was it? I tried to include the types of speedloaders for all of the famous variants of the SP 101. Hopefully, you found this useful. That’s all for now and I will see you later.

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