Reviews & Ratings of TruGlo Red-Dot Crossbow Scope

Most of the crossbow scopes have a fixed zoom, not a variable. So we thought why not review a red-dot scope as they are fixed zoom as well? Thus today we are bringing you the TruGlo red-dot crossbow scope reviews. 

First of all red-dot scopes are nothing new to the scene. And most people don’t need more than the reticle in their crossbows. For that category of people, the red-dot scope exists in the crossbow scene too. We have reviewed red-dot rifle scopes in the past.

Truglo Red Dot Sight: Outlooks

TruGlo Red Dot

Specifications | Magnification: 1x; Objective Lens: 30 mm; Color: Black; Sport Type: Red Dot/Holographic; Material: Blend; Compatible Devices: Crossbows; Weight: 0.6 Pounds.

Build Quality

The body quality is as expected from an under 100$ scope. Not the greatest but not the worst either. You get an aluminum build with a sturdy exterior finish. The scope has no official confirmation on shockproof. But we think it might be able to take some drop hits.

One of the main selling points of the scope is how easy it is to mount. Once you mount it you forget about it. Because the Weaver-style mounting system is kind of plug-and-play. 

The scope is pretty lightweight. As you expect from a red-dot scope.


Red-dot scopes mainly have no magnification. The scope shows a red dot powered by a battery. There is no reticle. The red dot is the reticle.

The scope has all the Red-dot features you get from $1000 scopes. There is no official confirmation on whether the scope is multi-coated or not. But we found the images to be pretty clear.

The scope has a 30mm objective lens and gives plenty of field of view. Which is a great thing. The TruGlo Red-dot crossbow scope has 3 red dots in its lens.


The accuracy of the scope is surprisingly admirable. They are not lying when they say it has all the award-winning red-dot features in it. It works almost similar to a powered crossbow scope and has windage and elevation knobs. 

You need to dial in the elevation to get an accurate 25, 35, and 50-yard distant target.


  • Unlimited eye relief.
  • Super cheap.
  • Quite accurate.
  • limited lifetime warranty.
  • So light-weight that after you get used to it you won’t feel any extra weight.


  • Not quite great for low light.
  • You need to have prior knowledge about how to dial in windage and elevation to set up the scope in variable distance. Because the scope comes with 25, 35, and 50 yards pre-loaded.

Truglo Red Dot Crossbow Scope Review Summary

Overall the scope is a pretty solid piece of work for less than 50$. It can go toe to toe with any variable magnification scope near this price range. And also the scope has a limited lifetime warranty. Which is pretty rare for such a cheap product.

If you are a mid-range hunter or a western hunter this scope can satisfy you pretty well. A lot of customers said dialing in numbers on a bigger scope could be a pain for glasses users. The scope has our recommendation.

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