How To Remove Bullet From Chamber?

Safety while storing guns and cleaning them is quite important. And if you are about to work on the gun to upgrade parts on it, then you will want to maintain as much safety as possible.

And a possible accident scenario can happen if you leave a bullet in the chamber. Accidents from misfires aren’t unheard of. It has been fatal to a lot of people as well. Let’s say you want to clean your gun and you need to remove the chamber for it. How do you remove bullets from the chamber and make it completely safe to work on? Let’s find out.

How To Take A Bullet Out Of The Chamber?

How To Remove Bullet From Chamber

Let’s take a scenario where the gun is loaded and you will need to remove the bullet from the chamber so you can work on it.

The safest way to do it is to point the muzzle in a safe direction, and then remove the magazine. Once you remove the magazine, pull back the slide of your gun back. Use as much force as necessary.

You will soon hear a loud clunk noise of your bullet hitting the ground. That means the bullet is removed from the chamber and it’s safe to work on it now. Keep in mind, never check if the chamber is empty through the muzzle hole. That’s the worst mistake you can make.

Scenario 2

Let’s say you don’t want to unload your magazine and still want to remove the bullet from the chamber. In that scenario, you can use a chamber flag.

Chamber flags are made out of metal or plastic. They fit inside the chamber to prevent the chamber from loading a bullet.

If you place a chamber flag on the gun, you can now pull the trigger and your gun will release the bullet without firing it. Now, you are free to take out the magazine and the chamber flag to work on the gun.

How To Remove A Bullet Out Of The Chamber Without Firing?

To remove a loaded bullet from a handgun without firing, you can follow the scenario one solution.

Point the gun in a safe direction and pull the slide back to eject a round. Once you are sure that the gun is unloaded, keep it pointing to a safe direction. Now pull the trigger and hold it in the position.

While holding the trigger, you will need to slowly release the slide so it can go back to its original place. This will make the chamber release the loaded round and the round will fall on the ground. Once you make sure the ground is removed, slowly let the slide fall back into its place and then inspect from the side.

How To Remove A Stuck Bullet?

What happens if the bullet is jammed and now it’s refusing to fire? In that case, you will need to find a smaller metal pipe that can go inside the barrel of your gun. Once you put the pipe inside the barrel, slowly hammer it down so that the rod can dislodge the bullet inside.

Once you have dislodged it enough, you can take out the rod and the bullet should fall off along the rod.

How To Get A Backward Bullet Out Of The Chamber?

Very often we find ourselves in trouble when one annoying bullet decides to load in the wrong direction. And when that happens, the gun will not fire the chamber as it’s not coming in contact to fire it.

When that happens, you can use some specified tools that are made to remove backward bullets. They are like screwdrivers and you can push them inside the barrel and then start gently pushing the round out of the chamber. Be a little persistent and keep pushing the chamber till you see it fall out of the gun.


Bullets are made to make our life easier but often they make it harder than it already is. I hope you found this guide useful and now know how to remove a bullet from a chamber. Whether it’s loaded or unloaded, taking it out safely should be your top priority.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading. Hope to see you on the next one. Till then, take care and have fun.

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