How Long Do Tritium Sights Last? A Decade or What!

The half life of the tritium night sights is more than a decade. These sights can easily serve you up to 12.5 years. In fact, after this time frame until they completely die, they can function for an additional 4-5 years. During this time their glow becomes quite dimmer but they can still work fine in low light environments.

However, whenever you want to purchase a tritium sight, try to buy it from a brand that provides a high amount of tritium. Since the gas decays around 5% every year, it would be better if you buy sights with a high amount of tritium. Something like “TRUGLO Tritium Pro Night Sights”.

Plus, if you want to have a better experience with these sights, you are highly recommended to purchase sights that come with green or yellow tritium vials.

What Are The Advantages Of The Tritium Sights?

The tritium sights can offer you many advantages. And this is what makes them really different from the other sights. Below is a list of a few advantages that they offer you:

One of the best qualities of these night sights is their long service life. So when it comes to reliability tritium sights stand out more than the other sights.

Whether it’s a low light condition or a completely dark situation, the tritium sight has got your back. The sight helps you to make fast and accurate shots in all lighting environments.

The sights are also very durable. They can withstand any heavy impacts and recoils.

They work well with the cleaning solution if it contains Acetone in it.

What Are The Disadvantages Of The Tritium Sights?

The main drawback of the tritium sights is that they are quite expensive. Since tritium is an expensive material, naturally when it is used in the sight, the price of the sight also goes up. However, given to its long serviceability, you can consider it as a well-thought investment.

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What makes the tritium sights glow?

The tritium of the sights has an radioactive isotope, so when it mixes with the Phosphor of the vial, it radiates light. Therefore, since they are self-luminous sights, they don’t need any external power source to glow.

Are the tritium sights dangerous?

No, they are not dangerous to use. The amount of tritium the companies use to manufacture the sights doesn’t leave you open to any harmful health effect. Besides, the tritium sights are designed to have strong seals so there is very little chance that they will break or crack.

Are the night nights worth buying?

The night sights come really handy in low light conditions. It helps you to make fast and accurate aim on targets. So, if you’re someone who uses guns mostly in the low lights, investing on the night sights will be a smart choice.

What color night sights are best?

Normally the human eyes can pick up the green color much faster than the other colors. Hence, you will see that most night sights come in green color. Sights with this color work great in both low light and dark environments.


To sum up, the tritium sights can last more than a decade. Therefore, they may seem quite an expensive purchase but a worthy investment. The best part of the sights is they don’t need any external power source to operate. They are self-luminous because the tritium by mixing with the Phosphor can radiate light on its own.

So, if you’re looking for a night sight, the tritium sights are one of the best options around. They come as a great aid to acquire targets in both low light and dark environments. Hence, want a reliable night sight, this tritium sight is for you!

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