Holosun 507K VS 507C [Which One is The Right Optic For You!]

Holosun is clinically known for having more than one sight under the same model. Almost all of their sights have A, B, C, K, etc. type models. Those alphabets indicate a certain variant/version of the same sight.

Just how different is one alphabet from the other? Or are they just releasing the same sight with no improvements? Big allegations, right? Let’s find out the truth about Holosun 507k vs 507c. Two sights under the HS507 lineup have a lot of similarities among them.

Which one packs the ultimate value? We will find out in a little bit.

Holosun 507K/ 507C – Outlooks

Holosun 507K/ 507C – Specs

SpecsHolosun 507KHolosun 507C
Weight1 Oz1.5 Oz
AdjustmentsBrightnessWindage, Elevation, Brightness
NVYes Yes

Holosun 507K VS 507C – Differences

  • 507k is lighter than 507C.
  • 507C offers more adjustments than 507K.
  • 507K doesn’t offer Windage or Elevation adjustments.
  • 507C has a bigger window.


Holosun 507K: The lens here is fully multi-coated. It also features a glass-etched reticle. That reticle is insanely bright. It’s something you will come to appreciate if you shoot during the dusk a lot. It also features a 2-night vision setting. When you turn that setting on, the entire reticle will feel like daylight. It will be extremely bright and noticeable. Great job from Holosun.

Holosun 507C: While they sound like hollow suns, their sights aren’t hollow by any means. 507C features the same glass-etched reticle and bright display. It also has the same coating as the 507k. That basically means this sight is as good as the 507k. And we all know just how good that sight is on the field.


Holosun 507K: When it comes to choosing durable materials for their sight, Holosun will always be one of the top contenders in the market. Holosun 507k uses 7075 T6 aluminum as their material of preference. It’s the same type of material you see in aircraft. And to a recent trend, you also see this type of aluminum in high-end custom keyboards. Now that’s a topic we don’t want to discuss here. Moving on. 507k is an insanely well-made sight.

It’s also water and fogproof. You can submerge the sight as well. As it’s rated at IP67 rating.

Holosun 507C: 507C also uses 7075 T6 Aluminum to make the housing of the sight. As you can guess, both of these sights are made incredibly and made to last a decade or more. And they will. Their durability is quite unmatched.

Glad to see more brands are keen on making durable sights for us consumers. It’s always nice to see that.


Holosun HS507K: Just because a sight was upgraded, that doesn’t mean it performs better or worse. HS507K performs as you expect it to. It’s a well-made sight that is accurate in a controlled environment and real-life experience. You will hit accurate shots and get clear vision during both day and night. That’s good for hunters and tactical shooters alike.

Holosun HS507C: 507C shares the same specs as K but better. Why better? It features windage and elevation adjustments while the other one doesn’t. It’s a bummer when you can micro-adjust windage and elevation. But you can’t have everything at once I guess. Due to having better micro-adjustments, 507C outperforms 507K by a noticeable margin.


Holosun 507K: 507k is a smaller sight through and through. You can see and feel how small this is. Compared to 507C, it’s much smaller. Overall dimensions are 1.6×0.98×0.95 inches. Now, that’s a small sight. It won’t take much space on top of the rail. You probably won’t even notice it’s there while not using the gun.

Holosun 507C: Compared to 507k, it’s slightly bigger in size. Yeah, it’s noticeable in appearance and pictures. But does it make it any less appealing? No, it doesn’t. Measurements of 507C are 1.78×1.15×1.15 inches. It’s much smaller than many other reflex sight. But if you still want the smallest one between the two, go for the 507K.


Holosun 507K: The weight of 507k is only 1oz. That’s an incredible feat. It’s definitely one of the lightest reflex sights available in the market right now. Usually, sights can weigh anywhere from 1.5oz to 4 or more oz. In that era, having a sight that basically weighs nothing is fabulous to say the least.
As it’s so lightweight, there is no issue regarding weight distribution. It’s a center-balanced sight that won’t increase total gun weight by much.

Holosun 507C: The weigh of 507c is 1.5oz. It’s heavier than 507k by .5oz. The difference is not huge. But it’s there. You can notice the difference if you hold them side by side. On top of the gun, however, it’s not that noticeable. But if you want a lighter sight, this is not that.

Holosun 507K/ 507C – Videos

Holosun 507K VS 507C – Summary

It was easier than I expected. That’s good, right? Yeah, that’s good.

Back to the topic on hand. Holosun HS507C vs HS507K, which one should you go for? The answer here is quite simple.

Do you want to save some money? Go for HS507K. But you won’t save much. It’s a save nonetheless.

Do you need windage and elevation settings? Then go for HS507C.

You see, you already know the answer. This guide was supposed to help you solidify and validate that answer. I hope I managed to do that. Till next time.

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