Can You Put A Binary Trigger On A Pistol?

Changing the trigger of a pistol is not a new practice. A lot of users swap out their stock pistol trigger for something better and something more fancy. That’s normal, after all, you might want a bit more control over your shooting pattern that a stock trigger isn’t providing.

Your research has landed you on binary triggers. They are really good, no doubt about that. From build quality to performance, they are admirable. The question remains, can you put a binary trigger on a pistol? Let’s find out.

What Is A Binary Trigger?

What’s the point of adding it to a gun? Well, a binary trigger is the type of trigger that fires two shots in rapid succession within a single pull. The first shot is fired when you pull the trigger and the second when you release it.

Competitions allow binary triggers so you see competitors often taking full advantage of it. Binary triggers are mostly popular among enthusiasts. It’s an addictive feeling that is hard to get rid of.

What Are The Benefits Of Binary Triggers?

If I don’t care about a bullet releasing on the trigger release, why should I bother with binary triggers? Well, the main benefit is the increased speed. It also decreases the felt recoil. The one you feel while you shoot.

Binary triggers allow you to follow up with quicker shots without raising the muzzle by much. Thanks to that, the accuracy of the weapon increases stability. They also tend to have lower trigger pull than a traditional trigger.

The bottom line is, if you want a more linear trigger with lower creep and overall a better and smoother trigger experience, the binary trigger is unbeatable in that regard.

Are Binary Triggers Legal?

This is the real reason why a lot of people ask the question if you can use this on a pistol or not. After all, pistols are usually one step away from becoming illegal in your state if you don’t follow the rules.

The same applies to this as well, it depends on the state. Some states have strict laws on what you can upgrade and can’t upgrade on guns. If your state says a binary trigger on a pistol is a no-go, you need to follow it. If it says no issues, change your trigger immediately.

How To Install A Binary Trigger On A Pistol?

Now that you know what binary triggers are and if they are legal in your state or not, now comes the next step. If this is too hard to install, then you will need to visit a gunsmith. Luckily for you, they are not that hard to install. They are simpler than a lot of traditional triggers on the market.

Usually, you can access the stock trigger by removing the grip of the gun. After accessing it and removing the original trigger system, the new binary trigger system just sits in place. You don’t need to wiggle or use force or anything. It will fit like a Lego piece. Once it does, you can screw it back and put the grips back on. And done. You now have a gun with a binary trigger.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Binary Trigger?

It’s been all good things about the trigger thus far, but it has to have some caveats as well, right? Yes, there are. The main one being harder to control the speed of the trigger and ultimately prevent over-firing.

If you are not capable of handling the trigger speed and don’t have a mental clock on the remaining shots, you will often find yourself wasting more bullets than necessary. That costs our time and money. Binary triggers are also very expensive compared to traditional triggers. That also can be considered as a drawback.

How Does A Binary Trigger Work?

A binary trigger is made to replace your traditional gun chamber. The first trigger of the gun is normal like a regular trigger. It releases a shot when you pull it. The second trigger is a much lighter one which releases a mechanical sear that allows the hammer to fall and fire a second shot.

While they are not truly automatic triggers, they are much faster than all the semi-automatic guns you will come across. This is also the main reason why they are illegal in a lot of states.


The bottom line is, that you can use a binary trigger on a pistol. As you can see it has its advantages and disadvantages. But the major disadvantage is the legal trouble. If your state doesn’t allow you to use a binary trigger on a pistol, you already lost the battle.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading as usual. Will see you on the next one. Till then, take care and have fun.

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