How To Mount A Scope On A Henry 22 Rifle? 

The Henry 22 rifle is a great weapon for plinking and small game hunting. It’s one of those rifles that we tend to let our younglings practice on. The recoil and the accuracy of the gun are good for smaller-sized shooters. 

The price of this gun is also quite low. As this gun is legal as well, it makes sense for newbies to get this to learn how to shoot a lever-action rimfire rifle. As you know, the gun doesn’t come with any kind of scope. But as this is capable of small game hunting, it makes sense to add a scope on top of it. 

But can you add a scope on Henry 22? Yes, you can. Let’s find out how you can manage to pull that off. 

How To Make Henry 22 Compatible With Scope? 

As you know, it’s not possible to mount a Weaver-style ring or cantilever action ring directly on the gun. While you can add some dovetail rings that fit Henry Arms 22 and Mossberg 22 rifles, most of them are not for either of the guns. 

In that case, you will need to purchase a mounting system for the gun. If you have a Henry 22 Big Boy, then you will find tons of weaver-style mounting receivers for your gun. With that, you now can make it compatible with almost any scope mounting rings in existence. 

But if you are using a more traditional Henry H006, then you can find a cantilever mounting system for this. You can use that to mount any cantilever scopes you might want to spend on. On top of that, if you are using the Henry Rifles Gen2, then you can opt for a receiver that will allow your Henry to use a scope on it. 

If you want something universal, then you can go for the Area 419 Henry Action Scope Rail. In short, the options are endless. So, you can easily mount any scope that you want on your Henry. 

How To Mount A Scope On A Henry 22? 

Now that we established the fact that it’s possible to mount a scope on a Henry 22 thanks to all the different mounting options, how about we finally learn how to add the scope on top of it? 

First of all, you will need a brand new pair of mounting rings. If you are mourning on the lever-action rifle directly, then you will want to go for dovetail mounting rings. For example, this pair of rings is extremely affordable and compatible with the Henry 22. 

They are made out of aluminum and their weight distribution is incredible. Keep in mind the rings only accept 1” scopes. If your scope tube is smaller or larger than that, it will not work. 

Now that you have your rings, place the bottom part of the scope ring on the gun rail and screw them in tightly. After that, place the scope on the rings and put it on the top side caps. Then tighten them in halfway. Don’t fully tighten them yet. 

You can now proceed to tune in to the optic. Make sure that zero is working where you want it to and the level is correct. If you are satisfied with the alignment, then slowly tighten the top housing with the bottom housing at factory suggested torque. 

And that’s it, folks. You now have a scope mounted on your Henry 22 that works flawlessly and will help you with any kind of shooting that you have in mind. 

Should I Mount A Scope On My Henry? 

That depends on what you do. If you are just a casual plinker who is happy to shoot the targets on their backyard gun range, then you might not need a scope. But if you are someone who aspires to become a hunter in the future or a competitive shooter even, then you will want to have a scope on your gun. 

Without a scope, you are very limited to 20 yards or so for accuracy. No matter how good your vision is, it’s not magnified. It will not show you the accurate bullseye at 100 yards or even 50 to be fair. If you want accuracy and good performance, then you absolutely need a scope. 


Finding the best scope for Henry 22 is a whole different topic that we will talk about another day. But right now, you have all the resources you need to install a scope on your Henry 22. Whether you are going for a weaver-style setup, a cantilever, or a dovetail setup, you will have tons of fun regardless. 

That’s all for now. Hope you found the read useful. If so, I’m glad that you took the time to read this. Hope to see you on the next one. Till then take care and have fun.

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