Can You Put An Angled Foregrip On An AR Pistol? 

Whenever it comes to modding an AR pistol, the problem arises. Is this legal? Will my license get revoked if I mod my gun? Well, for some it will. For other mods, it’s perfectly harmless and well within the legal limits.

What about an angled foregrip on an AR pistol? Is it legal? If it’s legal, should you do it? If so, how do you put an angled foregrip and install other accessories on an AR pistol? Lots of questions that need answering.

Wellcome wandering travelers, today I will bring answers to a lot of your questions. Hopefully, this will now finally clear the confusion for you. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it. 

Can I Put An Angled Foregrip On An Ar Pistol? 

Short answer, yes. You can put an angled grip on an AR pistol. No, it’s not illegal. It is also not illegal to put a sling on an AR pistol. It doesn’t change the classification of your weapon just because you added a sling or an angled grip.

What HOWEVER is illegal, is the use of a vertical grip on an AR pistol. That is so illegal that even Saul Goodman can’t save you from it. 

Why Do People Think Angled Grip On An Ar Pistol Is Illegal? 

Well, rumors on the internet travel faster than your nosy neighbor digging into your life. There were solid rumors about grips on AR pistols being illegal and not supported by the NFA. 

But that’s half the truth. Yes, some grips are illegal on AR pistols. If you add in a vertical grip, then the classification of your weapon will change totally. At that point, it’s illegal to use it as a handgun or call it one. 

But if you were to use a 45-degree angled grip on a shorter than 16” barrel rifled chamber gun, that would legally be called an AR pistol aka handgun. Here is a small chart that is still viable in the classification of what’s legal or not

Should I Use An Angled Grip On An Ar Pistol? 

If your pistol didn’t come with any sort of foregrip and it’s hard for you to grab something under the barrel, then you absolutely should invest in a good angled grip for AR pistols. 

Now, what’s good for your pistol will depend on the model and available grips for it. From a broad perspective, you should opt for something light, durable, and comfortable.

Can I Add A Pistol Stabilizing Brace On An Ar Pistol? 

Yes, you can. It’s completely legal and the NFA won’t fine or ban you for it. As long as you don’t exceed the barrel length and stay within 45 45-degree angled grip instead of 90, your AR pistol is and will be completely legal. 

Unless for some reason NFA all of a sudden decides against modifying all sorts of AR pistols, you have nothing to worry about. 

Is Vertical Grip Better Than Angled Grip? 

Objectively, yes. It’s more comfortable to use and it provides a fuller grip that comes in handy to stabilize the gun while rapid firing. Which is exactly why it’s mostly used with AR. Let me say it again, AR, not AR Pistols. 

That doesn’t mean angled grips aren’t good. The 45-degree angle gives the hand a natural posture to hold underneath. Only this time, it offers more comfort and also gives you the option to install a sling if you wish to. 

There are scenarios where an angled grip is simply better. If you are using a sling or have the gun mounted on your backpack with shoulder access, you can grab the gun better with an angled grip and have more control over horizontal targets. If you are a competitive shooter that 

What Kind Of Angled Grip Is Good? 

There are a bunch of different styles of angled grips made by different brands and of course, can’t forget about the materials. 

Most modern-day AR pistols are made out of some sort of reinforced polymer. The polymer is a lightweight and heat-resistant material, it’s known for being durable under tough circumstances and pushing through a war-like environment if need be. 

And some angled grips are made out of aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, and the like. As you might have guessed, they are indeed more robust and durable. They are also quite heavy on the wallet and real life as well. 

Now, the question remains, which one is the best? Well, that depends on several factors. First and foremost, the budget. It’s the biggest elephant in the room and you cannot overlook it. 

The second option is comfort. While aluminum is a more durable product, ever so often it’s not that comfortable. That’s due to design flaws in them or having a rough finish that is not suitable for a naked hand. 


So, what did we learn today? The angled foregrip isn’t illegal in AR pistols. Vertical foregrips are illegal in AR pistols. Angled foregrip offers impeccable comfort and gripping force as well. 

If you want to turn your AR pistol into an even more devastating competition-destroying tool, a foregrip is accounted for. Without it, your gun isn’t complete. 

That’s all for now tho. Hopefully, you had a good time and learned something valuable. Till next time, take care and have fun. 

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