Burris AR-1X VS Vortex Spitfire [Which One is The Right Optic For You!]

Burris and Vortex are without a doubt the best producers for rifle scopes and weapon optics. Rifle scopes are not just about optics, there is more to that.

Thus when it comes to Burris AR-1x vs Vortex Spitfire, the choice is difficult to make like Fastfire 3 & RMR. However, we have trimmed down all the essential information to help you decide on Vortex Spitfire 1x vs Burris AR-1x.

Have a thorough read before making the final call.

Burris AR-1X/ Vortex Spitfire – Outlooks

Burris AR-1X/ Vortex Spitfire – Specs

Specs Burris AR-1XVortex Spitfire 1X
Weight13.20 oz.11.2 oz.
Length4.00 inches4.3 inches
Elevation Adjustment120 MOA120 MOA
Focus100 yards100 yards
Eye Relief2.7 inches3.8 inches
BatteryAA batteryAAA battery

Burris AR-1X VS Vortex Spitfire – Differences

Burris AR-1x battery life lasts for 5,000+ hours whereas Spitfire lasts for 3,000+ hours.

Burris provides three reticle colors which are red, green, and blue whereas Vortex provides you with red, black, and green illumination

The eye relief of AR-1x is 2.7 inches and for Spitfire, the value increases to 3.8 inches.

Vortex Spitfire 1x is comparatively lighter with a weight of 11.02 oz. and Ar-1x standing at a weight of 13.20 oz.

The battery model also varies as Burris offers an AA battery and a Vortex AAA battery.

Vortex is longer when it comes to length, standing at 4.3 inches, and Burris at 4.00 inches.

Spitfire provides a total of 12 illumination settings to adjust to the brightness of the surroundings whereas Burris provides 5 red illumination and 5 green illumination settings, adding up to a total of 10 illumination settings.

Spitfire has a 25 mm objective lens diameter whereas Burris has a 20 mm objective lens.

Battery Life

Spitfire 1x: The single AAA battery of this device offers you long-lasting battery life. On the highest setting, the battery will support you for 250 hours. However, when the setting is on the lowest then you will have the luxury of 3,000 hours of usage.

Burris AR-1x: Moving on to the AR-1x that has been equipped with a lithium battery that will last for 5,000+ hours. Even if the battery runs off the black reticle will allow you to use the optic.

AR-1x has a much longer battery life than Spitfire.


Spitfire 1x: The matter is also the same with Vortex as it provides multi-coating that will give you life-like images and the brightness will also be optimum.

Burris AR-1x: In this case it provides you with lens coating to the maximum level. This will provide glare resistance and low-light operation. The vision that you get is comparable to night vision.

Both are multi-coated.


Spitfire 1x: The Spitfire is optimum for close ranges. The special 5.56 BDC turret allows you to view over 100 yards.

Burris AR-1x: It provides you with a close focus of 18 inches. After focusing the reticle should be able to provide you with a crisp and good-quality view. You can focus up to 100 yards using this scope.

Spitfire and AR-1x both have a focus range of 100 yards


Spitfire 1x: As mentioned previously Spitfire weighs about 11.02 oz. which is really lightweight and user-friendly.

Burris AR-1x: On the other hand AR-1x weighs about 13.20 oz. The weight of should be light-weighted as it will be easy to carry and handle.

Spitfire is much lighter than Burris AR-1x


When it comes to the magnification of the scope, the more the magnification, the more range they will be able to cover.

In this case, AR-1x and Spitfire 1x, both have the 1x magnification that will allow you to cover up to 100 yards.


Spitfire 1x: With Spitfire, you will get the mount type of Lower ⅓ Co-Witness. You will be able to mount it with the help of the cross bolts and mount riser.

How to mount Vortex Spitfire?

First of all, you will have to loosen the base cross bolts and attach the equipment to the base, then you just have to recoil the lugs. Afterward, make sure that the mount is fully attached to the base. After making sure, you will have to press the scope down and forward, and seal the base cross bolts by tightening it up a bit.

Burris AR-1x: It consists of a Picatinny Rail Base. This one can be easily mounted on any Weaver or Picatinny-style system without much hassle.

Both of them can be mounted on any type of firing weapons.

Vortex Optics Spitfire 1x Prism Scope - DRT Reticle (MOA), Black
  • The Spitfire Prism Scope has been built from the ground up to maximize the fast handling performance in close to medium range applications. This prism scope is backed with all the features you need in an optic.


Spitfire 1x: Like the previous one, this is also waterproof and fogproof. However, this also provides shock-resistant tolerances. Extra protection is also included in the form of tethered caps and flip-up lens covers.

Burris AR-1x: The rugged construction allows the equipment to endure all harsh types of weather. It is of course waterproof. Not only that, but the nitrogen-filled body tubes also aid in prevailing internal fog building up in the cold and rain.

AR-1x is waterproof and fogproof and Vortex Spitfire is waterproof, and fogproof along with being shock-resistant. Both are assured to endure harsh weather.


Spitfire 1x: This also consists of the DRT which will give you perfect precision every time matching with the specific conditions.

Burris AR-1x: The Dual Ring Tactical reticle of this one allows your eyes to be aligned with the reticle center so that you can concentrate on the target.

Both have Dual Ring Tactical that increases the accuracy level.


Last but not least, it’s essential for the price to be reasonable. Both of them have a similar price range. However, the Spitfire-1 is comparatively less expensive than the Burris AR-1. As they are high-standard products it’s usual for these products to have such high prices.

Burris AR-1X/ Vortex Spitfire – Videos

Burris AR-1X VS Vortex Spitfire – Summary

Finally, the time’s arrived to make the decision. Who going to be the best choice in Burris AR-1x vs Vortex Spitfire 1x?

Although most of their features are the same there are slightly distinguishable characteristics. Burris AR-1x has a longer battery life which might be a good advantage. Yet, Vortex is lighter, has more eye relief, and is also cheaper in price when between the two.

Vortex would be the first choice among the two. But you should give your preferences more importance and make the best purchase!

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