Aimpoint Pro vs Comp M4 [Which One is The Right Optic For You!]

Aimpoint has been competing against other brands so much they forgot they have similar sights of their own. Well, maybe that’s not the case. But Aimpoint does have some sights that are too close to each other. Such as the Aimpoint Pro and Comp M4. Both of these sights are reflex sights with tube designs that you see in riflescopes.

Short-range fighting has never been this easy before. The problem here is deciding between Aimpoint Pro vs Comp m4. Both of them are so close to each other, that it’s hard to decide on blindsight.

That’s where we come in. Welcome to your favorite gun review frontal. Well, in case I am not your favorite yet, I might be soon. Jokes aside, let’s get to know these sights and talk about why you should consider them.

Aimpoint Pro & Comp M4: Outlooks

Aimpoint Comp M4 & Pro: Specs Table

SpecsAimpoint Comp M4Aimpoint Pro
BatteryAA alkaline or lithiumDL1/3N
ControlsWindage, Elevation, BrightnessWindage, Elevation, Brightness

Aimpoint Pro & Comp M4: Key Differences

  • Comp M4 is heavier.
  • Comp M4 uses AA batteries. Those can be heavy depending on what type of battery you go for. I would avoid going for alkaline batteries.
  • Comp M4 is slightly bigger than Pro. Not by much, but it’s slightly bigger.
  • Comp M4 is brighter than Pro.

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Head To Head: Aimpoint Pro & Comp M4


Aimpoint Comp M4: Quality has never been an issue on any Aimpoint sights. The aluminum used here is also good quality and it’s forged with CNC. The finish has a matte anodization coating. That coating is decently thick and can protect the sight from getting scratched. Something we all went through in our lives. The lenses used here are fully multi-coated. No compromise there. Lens is secured tightly on the waterproof construction. It’s also fog and shockproof.

Aimpoint Pro: When you see the quality of aluminum used on Aimpoint sights thus far, you won’t question them anymore. A lot of manufacturer uses cheap aluminum and thin housing to save some money. That can lead to having a bad sight overall. You won’t face that issue here. It wouldn’t make sense for Aimpoint to ditch good-quality aluminum to save some money. The lenses are also fully multi-coated. They are scratch-resistant and fog-proof. They get extremely bright under different lighting conditions. Can easily come in handy while hunting during the night as well.

In terms of quality; Aimpoint Comp m4 is a bit better than Pro. yet you won’t be disappointed by the Pro.


Aimpoint Comp M4: One of the most asked questions regarding a sight is how durable is it. Is it strong enough to last me a good 5 years or more? The answer is, yes. Made out of forged aluminum, this sight has no business being this strong. Aimpoint made this sight for all sorts of shooters. Doesn’t matter if you are a hunter or a tactical shooter, you all can enjoy a well-made sight that is here to last for years. The lens on this sight is fully multi-coated. They are scratch-resistant and water, fog proof.

Aimpoint Pro: Aimpoint has proved countless times how good their sights are. Aimpoint Pro is constructed from CNC aluminum that has been anodized to have a semi-matte finish. The finish on this sight looks gorgeous, to say the least.

The durability of Comp M4 is also a bit better than Pro; as you are paying double the amount of bucks for it. nothing to surprise, right?


Aimpoint Comp M4: Design and look won’t mean much if the sight is not good at performing field. Accuracy and brightness are on point on this sight. Often you will find sights that will have flash faded out, not vibrant lenses, and bad accuracy. We are having none of those here. There is no chromatic aberration or motion blur present on the sight either. It feels like a premium sight and performs like one.

Aimpoint Pro: Pro series of sights has been with us for a long time now. Users and reviewers had the chance to test it in a controlled and natural environment. When it comes to controlled environment performance, it easily beats the M4. But in a much more natural-suited condition where praying and spraying aren’t everything, Aimpoint Pro does require a good bit of tuning to bring out the optimal performance. Once you do that, you will have the time of your life with this sight. That’s for sure.

Both of them perform as they should. Like good and premium sights. Though Comp M4 has more brightness settings which can result in a better performance overall. But it uses an AA battery which can reduce the battery life a lot and increase the weight if you are not careful at choosing a battery.


Aimpoint Comp M4: The overall size of Comp M4 is 5.3 x 3.0 x 3.2 in respectively. As you can see, it’s not that big of a sight. Sure, red dot sights are often smaller than this. Keep in mind they are also less powerful than M4. You can easily pair it up with an NVD or a magnifier and use it as a full-fledged scope.

Aimpoint Pro: When we consider the size of the sights, Aimpoint M4 vs Pro is a much closer battle than anticipated. The size of the Pro is 5.2 x 2.8 x 3.2 in respectively. As you can see, they are way closer to each other than any of us anticipated. It’s almost as if Aimpoint made these two with similar molds.

As you can see, the size difference is not much between the two. They are nearly identical twins.


Aimpoint Comp M4: The weight of Comp M4 is around 376 grams. It’s not the lightest reflex sight by any means. But the weight is distributed well around the sight. That’s why it doesn’t feel bad while using. It’s not toe or front-heavy.

Aimpoint Pro: The weight of the Pro is 330 grams. Weight distribution on this sight is amazing. You won’t feel front-heavy at all. You can use this sight on smaller rifles as well. I understand you might think it’s still quite heavy. Well, you are not entirely wrong. It’s not a light sight and nobody will tell you it’s a light sight either.

The weight difference is there and it’s noticeable. But both of these sights have amazing weight distribution in them. That’s why they feel lighter than they are. Aimpoint did a good job there.

Aimpoint Comp M4 & Pro: Videos

Aimpoint Pro vs Comp M4 Summary

Aimpoint M4 VS Pro has been nothing but a treat to watch. Both of these sights are way too similar for their good. Thus, the competition. I know I might have made you even more confused. But if you read through the whole guide, you know which one speaks for you.

Some of us prefer a smaller and lighter sight while others are okay with whatever. Money might be an issue here as well.

All in all, these sights are something else. Both of these are made with such fine craftsmanship, you want them both in your arsenal. But that’s not possible for most of us. You can go with M4 or Pro. You won’t lose out on much. At the end of the day, the winner here is you the buyer.

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