Barnett TS380 Review: Best Of The TS Family!

That’s the middle brother of the TS family. In this Barnett TS 380 review, we will talk about whether this one has anything unique to offer. And just where does it scale between the other two-

Barnett TS380: Outlooks

Barnett TS380

Specifications | Speed: 380 FPS; Kinetic Energy: 122 ft.lbs; Power Stroke: 12.625 Inches; Draw Weight: 201 LBS; Axle To Axle: 16.75 Inches; Length: 32.375 Inches; Weight: 6.9 LBS.

Build Quality

The one we have here is the 2020 version of TS 380. This one has some design changes overall. The new red accent highlights the look of this crossbow a lot. The Arctic design itself is a legendary one. But I always say, the design is subjective. Whether you like it or not, is up to you.

As for the construction material, all 3 of them share the same durable build quality. The CNC-machined aluminum rail with the synthetic stock is a nice combination. There is no question about the durability of the crossbow. 

The weight of the crossbow is 6.9 lbs. It’s not the heaviest crossbow. But it’s quite heavy for sure. I like how Barnett distributed the weight evenly throughout the crossbow. That’s why it doesn’t feel like a heavy crossbow at all.

Draw Weight And Power

The draw weight of this crossbow is higher than the other two TS. It packs a whopping 201 lbs of draw weight. Even with a rope cocker, you will be having a 100lbs of draw weight. To address this issue, Barnett gives you an option to add a cranker for around $50. 

Let me tell you why you should get the crossbow with the cranking device. I know a lot of you already got scared by seeing that draw weight. But, with the cranking device option that Barnett allows you to purchase, you can tone it down to 13lbs. Sounds intriguing? It should. 13 lbs is low enough for a kid to load the crossbow.

With 13 lbs of draw weight, this crossbow is capable of generating 122 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. That’s a lot of power for a crossbow. You can easily do big-game hunting with this. 


As the name suggests, Barnett TS380 is capable of firing the bolts at up to 380 FPS. Speaking of bolts, you won’t get that many with the crossbow. You will get only two 20″ bolts inside the package. Two bolts aren’t enough for hunting or target practice. I highly recommend you get a pack of bolts from Barnett or your favorite vendor.


Barnett includes a Halo 4×32 illuminated multi-reticle crossbow scope. That was a big name. You don’t need to memorize the name. What you need to do, is calibrate the scope. Once you are done calibrating the scope, you can use this to fire 80+ yards with high accuracy. 

Cocking The Crossbow

Earlier I mentioned Barnett TS380 is a cranking device. A cranking device helps you lower the draw weight of a crossbow. You might say a rope cocker does the same. Yes, it does the same. But a cranking device can lower the draw weight to 5 lbs in some crossbows. 

Here the cranking device takes down the draw weight to a mere 13 lbs. The extra price makes complete sense. In my opinion, no one should buy this crossbow without the cranking device. The one downside of the cranking device is the noise. It’s not silent by any means. 

Trigger And Safety

Barnett TS380 uses the TriggerTech system for its trigger. It’s a low creep frictionless trigger system. The trigger reaction speed is low. The smooth zero creep 3-lbs trigger will give you a rifle-like feeling. It’s truly remarkable how far crossbow technology has advanced.

For safety measures, Barnett included anti-dry fire trigger safety. It will save the crossbow from misfiring and wasting your bullets.


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Highly accurate.
  • Powerful.
  • 380 FPS.
  • TriggerTech trigger.
  • Optional cranking device.


  • The cranking device is loud.
  • Only two arrows are included inside the package.
  • Without the cranking device, draw weight is way too high.

Barnett TS380 Review Summary

In short, this is one of the best $500 crossbows . I say that knowing the draw weight of this crossbow. In my eyes, there is only one version of the crossbow. I refuse to accept the one with no cranking aid.

With this, I have now completed the Barnett trifecta. Now I shall proceed to conquer the world. While you may ask any questions you might have regarding the crossbow. The comments are always open. As always, thanks for spending your time with me. I highly appreciate it. Till we meet again. 

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