Best Sig MPX Pistol Braces

Kind of a bizarre headline, right? What am I? Gabe Newell? Well, Gabe, where is my Half-Life 3? Jokes aside, the title will make sense in a moment. Let’s get back on topic, brace for MPX.

The MPX is a submachine gun designed back in 2013. It’s been in continuous service since 2015. The gun has a cult, to say the least. The fans are kind of die-hard fans of it like Half-Life fans. Video game reference aside, you are gonna get a good brace for MPX before you receive Half-Life 3.

As we know the factory stock doesn’t allow us to use it with one hand. So, how about we fix it and fix the stabilizing issues of the gun at the same time as well? That’s right, let’s find out the best Sig MPX Brace for the money.

1. A3 Tactical Modular Folding Brace


As the title suggests, this brace fits more than the MPX. A3 didn’t disown the MCX like communities tend to. The brace is made out of aluminum. It’s lightweight and extremely durable. There is no anodization or CNC issue present on the brace. It looks and feels premium to the touch.

The brace can handle the recoil of MPX with ease and will stabilize the gun even further. The modular brace is also foldable. While the brace itself doesn’t offer any strap to put your hand in, you can easily swap it out with something else that does.

That’s right, the brace part of it comes off and you can replace it with a Tailhook Mod 1 if you wish two. If you are used to something like Mod 1, it’s a no-brainer choice. The folding mechanism has a lock as well that holds the brace in position.

Pros & Cons

If you are looking for modular braces, it doesn’t get better than this. On top of that, you can use the Mod 1 as the brace for it if you want. That gives you the freedom to use any extension.

And that brings us to the cons. While it’s modular and quite straightforward to install, the sheer number of possibilities and modifications that you can do on this brace can be overwhelming if you never handled a brace before.

2. Sig Sauer MPX Folding Pivoting Contour Brace


As you might have guessed already, it’s the theme of most MPX braces to support the MCX as well. They share an identical mounting system. As this brace is made by Sig themselves, they made sure to cut in a place where most owners will think of going for them instead of third-party makers.

The brace is made out of aluminum and it’s extremely lightweight. The folding mechanism is made out of steel and the pad is made out of polymer. It’s a mixture of materials that plays in harmony.

The durability of this brace is incredible. Sig also gives you the option to choose from two colors. Depending on what kind of color your weapon has, you might lean towards one of them. The color differences don’t affect the performance of the brace or the materials.

Pros & Cons

Honestly, there aren’t any cons present on this stock besides the price. Maybe it’s a con for you? Maybe it’s not? As for pro, it’s one of the best braces for MPX. It’s a very hard bar to beat.

3. SB Tactical SBA3 AR Pistol Stabilizing Brace

SB Tactical SBA3 Pistol Stabilizing Brace

I think most of you guys saw this coming from a long way. The SBA3 is a universal choice for most AR 15 pistol braces out there. The brace is made out of aluminum and it’s incredibly sturdy. It increases the reliability of your gun and makes it easier for you to shoot competitive targets.

On top of that, a lot of guns have the option of an AR 15 buffer tube extender to make it feel like a real rifle. Chances are, there is an adapter for your gun available if it doesn’t support this brace by default.

The brace is foldable as you expect it to be. It also has a nylon strap on one side as you also expect it to be. Thanks to the strap, you can use it with one hand. Told you I got you covered folks.

Pros & Cons

The installation process is super easy. It doesn’t take much time to install it and start using the gun at full potential.

The lingering con of this would be the lack of a buffer tube. But you can buy that separately. Granted, it will add a bit of weight and expense to the list, but buffer tubes are special. If you are into that, you will miss that on this brace, unless!

How To Choose The Best Sig Mpx Brace?

Now that you are aware of what’s a good brace for MPX, how do you tackle the elephant in the room? You will still need to go for one of them. Here are some pointers that might help you put you on the right track.


First thing first, you will need to find out if it’s compatible with your gun. As for this list, everything mentioned today supports the MPX. Let’s say, you are looking for braces for other guns. You liked the brace for another gun. You end up buying that brace and then realize your gun doesn’t support that brace.

To avoid situations like this, you will need to make sure your gun supports the brace. If it doesn’t, then look into adapters. If there are no adapters, then forget about it. Look, that’s just how it is.


The next thing you need to keep in mind is the budget. If you want to go all out, by all means, go for it. But if you want to be a bit conservative about your spending and want to get the best for the money, go for that. The budget is a mental barrier that keeps your mind at ease.


You definitely need to emphasize this. If the brace is not durable and has a record of breaking down within a year or two, then you need to run in the opposite direction from that brace. As for the ones I mentioned so far, they are made in the USA and they offer a good after-sales service as well.


And that’s about it. I know there are quite a few other braces available for the MPX and you are free to go for them. They are not the best. I could have easily prolonged the list and added in a bunch of other braces that “work” but they didn’t fit the criteria of the “best”.

That’s about it, hopefully, you had fun while reading it and found it informative as well. With that said, that’s all for now. I will see you on the next one. Till then, take care and have fun.

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