Best Springfield Hellcat Upgrades: Feeling As The Incredible Iron Man

Hey, do you know POCKET ROCKET? It is a pocket rocket. Because the Hellcat is a class-leading concealed carry pistol, this mini commander was first launched in 2019 with its micro-compact features.

If you require more, you can purchase an extended magazine, which includes two additional rounds. It also has an Adaptive hold Texture, which provides a secure hold in any scenario. There’s also a reversible magazine release and a loaded chamber indicator.

Overall, this gun is best for reliability and accuracy. If you want to install extra advanced parts in your weapon, I can help you with which things you need to upgrade. And I also recommended the best accessories for your Hellcat. And this upgrade makes your smoothie more handy. So, no more waste of time, let’s go!!

Springfield Hellcat Trigger Upgrade

Triggers are an essential element in a gun. The factory trigger of Hellcat is very good and easy to use, But some people may find the trigger too heavy or gritty, making it difficult to achieve a smooth trigger pull. An aftermarket trigger can offer a lighter and softer trigger pull, making it easier to shoot accurately and comfortably.

A trigger advancement can improve the gun’s overall feel and sensitivity. Because the trigger is one of the key touch points between the shooter and the pistol, improving it may make Hellcat shooting more fun and fulfilling.

1. Apex Tactical Specialties Action Enhancement Trigger

Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger Kit

Suppose you want to enhance your performance and get a better feel for shooting; tap. It is preferable if you upgrade your gun trigger. It is the finest option for you since it has a flat-faced trigger shoe, which provides a more consistent trigger pull and enhanced trigger control.

The trigger is wider than the factory trigger, which can help distribute pressure across a larger finger area, reducing fatigue and discomfort during long shooting sessions. The trigger also has a pivoting safety in the center, which allows for more natural finger placement. The pull weight of the trigger is around 5.0 to 5.5 pounds, which is lighter than the factory trigger.

It reduces pre-travel and over-travel, which can help to improve your accuracy and speed up follow-up shots. The trigger is made from high-quality materials, including a machined aluminum trigger body and a stainless steel trigger bar. It ensures durability and reliability, even under heavy use.

Overall, This trigger is only compatible with all models of the Hellcat, including the OSP (Optical Sight Pistol) version. Furthermore, this trigger offers a smoothie, a more consistent trigger pull, and improved trigger control.

Springfield Hellcat Grip Upgrade

Better grip played a vital role in your shooting time. Unfortunately, the Hellcat gun grip does not operate effectively after a few days of use.

It would help if you upgraded because an upgraded gun’s grips can bring various advantages, including better comfort, control, modification, reduced recoil, increased control and accuracy, and increased longevity.

So if you need these advantages, then you update your Hellcat grip. Now I will recommend the best grip for your gun.

1. Hogue Handall Beavertail Grip Sleeve

Hogue HandAll Beavertail Hellcat Grip Sleeve

It is popular for its outstanding grip texture. Because if you want to increase your grip, comfort, and accuracy, I recommend this grip. Its sleeve is made of a soft, flexible rubber material that gives an enjoyable, non-slip grip. The beavertail shape of this grip cover protects the hand’s fabric and keeps it from touching the firearm’s slide or hammer.

This grip includes finger grooves that assist in guiding the fingers into the right place on the handgun for a more solid hold. The grip sleeve is available in several colors and textures, which helps you customize your pistol’s look. Furthermore, improving the material’s longevity or creating a more heavy-duty version could be beneficial for using this grip.

Springfield Hellcat Barrel Upgrade

Suppose you wish to utilize a suppressor or any muzzle device that requires threading to attach to the barrel. You will already have a threaded barrel in your Hellcat; thus, you only need another if you want to modify this barrel. If you think that requires an update, I recommend this one.

1. Faxon Flame Fluted Match Barrel

Faxon Flame Fluted Match Barrel

This barrel is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a black nitride finish. This design ensures longevity and corrosion resistance while offering a sleek and attractive look. It features a twist rate of 1:10, increasing shooting accuracy and consistency. It is particularly important for self-defense and concealed carry applications. 

Finally, with its durable build, improved accuracy, simple installation, and threaded muzzle, this barrel is a favorite option among firearm fans and experts.

Springfield Hellcat Optic Upgrade 

Optics is a helpful upgrade to a Hellcat gun since it enhances firing accuracy and speed. Optics provide a bigger and better sight image than standard iron sights, allowing the shooter to acquire and line their target more easily.

However, when installing and using any optic, it is vital to choose one compatible with the Hellcat and practice good firearm safety.

Red Dot

You’ll need a red dot to acquire targets quickly and precisely. Because its sight projects a reticle on a lens that seems to float in the distance, allowing the shooter to swiftly develop and aim without aligning traditional iron sights.

It is also helpful for shooters with eye problems or difficulties aligning standard iron sights. However, selecting a sight compatible with the Hellcat and installing and using it correctly in compliance with firearm safety requirements is critical.

1. Shield Sights Compact Reflex Mini Sight

Shield Sights Compact Reflex Mini Sight

The RMS-C is a small, lightweight red dot sight that is 1.78″ long and weighs 0.62 oz. For this reason, it’s a good choice for small handguns like the Hellcat. The RMS-C features a 4-MOA red dot reticle visible in various lighting conditions.

It is hard-anodized and constructed of aerospace-grade aluminum. This design is durable and resistant to wear and tear. This dot operates with only one CR2032 battery & its battery life of up to 2 years, making it a solid option for use as a primary or backup sight. Its mounting plates allow it to be attached to a wide range of rifles.

Additionally, this sight is popular among firearm fans and experts due to its compact size, solid construction, bright reticle, simple installation, long battery life, and many mounting choices.

Laser Light

Suppose you need additional aiming help and wish to increase accuracy in low-light circumstances. Then a laser light is required. Because a laser light generates a tiny dot onto the target, it can aid the shooter with quickly capturing & focusing on their target, particularly in low-light settings. I recommend the best laser light for your gun.

2. Viridian C5L Universal Green Laser Sight and Tac Light


The sight comes with a TacLoc Holster that enables the simple and secure carrying of the rifle with the laser connected. The green laser is extremely visible even in direct sunlight, producing a brighter and clearer dot for more precision than standard red lasers.

The C5L has several modes, including constant on, strobe, and a low-light mode that modulates the laser’s brightness depending on the light available.

It is made of high-strength polymer and has a tough, impact-resistant, and weather-resistant construction. It is simple to install on the Hellcat and requires no specialist tools or gunsmithing.

This laser sight works with a single CR2 battery & provides an internal battery life of up to 20 hours, which makes it a reliable long-term option.

In conclusion, it is a high-quality and adaptable laser sight that gives the Hellcat bright, accurate aiming help in many different settings.

Night Sight

Night sights are a fundamental part of every rifle. It improves vision and precision in low-light environments, crucial for self-defense or tactical scenarios. Night sights are often made of luminous material that glows in the dark, enabling rapid and easy target acquisition in low light. I suggest the best night sight for you.

3. Trijicon HD XR Night Sight Set

Trijicon HD XR Night Sight Set

It is a high-quality upgrade for the Springfield Armory Hellcat. It consists of a bright orange photoluminescent dot on the front sight and a photoluminescent ring around the tritium insert on the rear sight, improving visibility in low-light circumstances. The tritium inserts produce a long-lasting, brilliant glow that may be seen in total darkness.

The sights are made of durable components built to withstand impacts and other types of damage. It is simple to install on the Hellcat and requires no specialist tools or gunsmithing. It is built for precise accuracy and may considerably improve low-light shooting performance.

The Trijicon HD XR Night Sights is a high-quality, long-lasting solution for upgrading Hellcat’s sights. These sights are a popular choice to increase your shooting ability in low-light situations due to their greater visibility, stable brightness, sturdy construction, ease of installation, and precision accuracy.


A Light can significantly improve sight in low-light situations. It installed on the cannon may illuminate the target and offer a clear line of sight while firing in low-light circumstances, allowing for rapid and precise target acquisition. This light will assist you in spotting possible risks or barriers in low-light situations.

It can improve the performance and efficacy of the Hellcat cannon in low-light circumstances by increasing vision and giving a clean line of sight. I can recommend the best light for you.

4. Streamlight 69424 TLR-7A Flex 500-Lumen Tactical Light


The TLR-7A Flex is very flexible and can be changed to fit a range of rifles, making it a versatile option. Its concealed design also reduces snag dangers and enables one-handed use. The light has a brightness rating of 500, which is bright enough to highlight targets in low-light circumstances without being overly bright.

It has the characteristics of a strobe mode that can distract potential victims or call urgent help. It is crafted of excellent supplies that are built for long-term use & resistant to impact and water, making it a dependable choice in various conditions.

Featuring 1.5-hour power on a single CR123A lithium battery, which makes it a reliable alternative for long shooting sessions.

Overall, this light is flexible, brilliant, robust, and well-suited for usage with the Springfield Armory Hellcat. It is attractive if you value dependability and adaptability because of its low-profile design, straightforward controls, and extended battery life.

Springfield Hellcat Magazine Upgrade

If you want to improve your gun’s capacity, reliability, ergonomics, and speed, you must upgrade the magazine. Those who shoot can ensure that their pistol functions optimally and improve their entire shooting experience by using a magazine designed for the Hellcat.

1. Springfield Armory Hellcat Extended Magazine

Springfield Armory Hellcat 9mm 10 Round Magazine

Springfield Armory manufactures the Hellcat Extended Magazine, ensuring it is specially developed and tested for the Hellcat pistol. It contributes to the magazine’s best performance and dependability when used with the Hellcat.

The Hellcat Extended Magazine has a capacity of up to 13 rounds, two more than the original 11-round magazine. It can be a major advantage in self-defense or competitive shooting situations where every bullet counts.

The Hellcat Extended Magazine has been designed to fit securely and feed bullets smoothly into the Hellcat pistol, delivering consistent performance with little feeding difficulties or malfunctions.

It is built with high-quality materials, ensuring long-term durability and performance. This magazine’s body is composed of steel and has a textured polymer base pad for a more stable grip.

Springfield Hellcat Suppressor/Silencer Upgrade

A suppressor or silencer for this gun could prove an ideal addition for people wishing to improve their shooting experience and reduce the noise their rifles produce. It can help to minimize recoil and muzzle flash, making the gun simpler to handle and improving accuracy.

However, verifying that using suppressors is lawful in your location and following all applicable restrictions and procedures is essential.

1. Silencerco Omega 9k Suppressor

Silencerco Omega 9k Suppressor

The Omega 9K is a tubeless suppressor that is small and lightweight. It’s built of durable stainless steel and weighs about 8.8 ounces, making it easy to handle and move. It is designed to reduce noise, with a mean reduction of 28 decibels. It also means the suppressor may greatly lower the rifle’s noise when shot.

This suppressor can be mounted in several methods, including direct thread, piston, and 3-lug. As a result, it’s a versatile suppressor that can be used with various weapons. It has a replaceable core that can be readily disassembled for cleaning and is made of materials resistant to wear and corrosion.

The Silencerco Omega 9K is a great suppressor with great adaptability, durability, and sound reduction. It’s a popular option among gun lovers because of its performance and simple use.


Finally, the ideal Springfield Hellcat upgrades will be based on your unique demands and preferences. If you wish to improve your rifle’s performance, you may personalize it to your specifications.

However, by carefully weighing your options and selecting the appropriate improvements for your handgun, you may help to enhance its performance and effectiveness for self-defense and other shooting activities. You probably have an excellent idea of my suggested accessories, which I already recommend for your rifle.

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