NightForce SHV vs NXS [Who Will Take The Title Of Best Scope?]

NightForce has gained popularity for their diverse collection of scopes that will satisfy every need of a hunter. The SHV and NXS series are just another addition to this collection. These scopes come with a massive range you can choose from.

Being in the line of NightForce scopes, it is inevitable to have many similar features in both the models. However, our job is to find out the exceptions of these two scopes and decide which one will be a better choice for a shooter.

Since we want to present every aspect of both the scopes, we have combined all the general features of these scopes in the specification section. Later, you will also find the contrasting qualities of SHV and NXS that we have discussed in details in the next segment. This way you will know which one would suit you better.

NightForce SHV/ NXS – Outlooks

NightForce NXS/ SHV – Specs

SpecsNightForce NXSNightForce SHV
Focal PlaneSFPSFP
Tube Diameter30mm30mm
Eye Relief3.9 in3.5 in
IlluminationAnalogAnalog (Optional)
Click Value.250 MOA.250 MOA
Parallax Adjustment50 yd-∞25 yd-∞
Field of View17.5 ft-4.7 ft34.9 ft-11 ft
Mounting Length6.6 in5.1 in
Weight32.0 oz22.2 oz

Differences Between NightForce SHV and NXS

The differences between SHV and NXS are not too noticeable because they offer almost similar types of features. But we all know in the field of hunting and military operations even the slightest detail can change your whole experience. That’s why we need to pick out the contrasting qualities of these two scopes.

  • The most common and visible difference between these two scopes is the magnification range they offer.
  • In addition, the scopes have several objective lenses you can choose from.
  • Both the NXS and SHV give you multiple reticle options to cover all shooting purposes.
  • They both come with a minimum eye relief but they are slightly different from each other.
  • In case of elevation, windage and parallax adjustments there is a huge contrast between the two scopes.
  • They also have a weight difference and in maintaining sturdiness one of them works better than the other.

Who Will Win The Best Scope Title?

Above we have listed all the differences you will find in the SHV and NXS scopes and now we are going to discuss how these qualities will make one of them more preferable than the other scope.

Magnification & Objective Lens

Since both the models have multiple magnification range and objective lenses we have shown them in the chart below so that you can easily detect the difference.


From the table you can easily see the difference in power range. Only NXS gives you a precise magnification variability that comes with powerful objective lenses. So, because of having more options than the SHV model, NXS wins this round.

Reticle & Eye Relief

Reticle is an essential part of a scope and having a good reticle that can support you in any position is important for fast target acquisition. Another thing for fast and precise target acquisition is eye relief. Then let’s see what the two scopes offer.

SHV: The SHV scope comes with two different kinds of reticle including forceplex and MOAR (30 MOA) which also have additional options such as center illumination and non-illumination. The Forceplex reticle will give you coverage for any hunting operation whereas the MOAR reticle will work for any tactical situation. You are also getting 3.5 inches of eye relief.

NXS: This scope offers you both MOAR-T and MOAR 20 MOA reticles which work best for any long distance targeting making it a good companion for any military mission. However, the scope does not include a non-illumination option. Besides, it has an eye relief of 3.9 inches.

In the end if we look at the variety of options and usage of both SHV and NXS scopes you will notice that the SHV scope is giving us more options whether you are a professional hunter or a law enforcement member. Although the NXS scope has a bit more eye relief, it will not make much of a difference. Clearly, the SHV model wins this round as well.

Turrets Adjustments

Elevation and windage adjustment range will give you an idea of your shooting speed and compensate for the wind drift and holdover.

SHV: When it comes to elevation and windage adjustments, the SHV scope can compensate for elevation up to 90 MOA depending on the model you are choosing along with 50-80 MOA for wind drift. In addition, you are getting a side parallax adjustment from 25 yards to infinity.

The turrets have ZeroSet technology which allows you to go down to zero and move past the zero point. What this means is that you have to always be alert to make sure you are at zero. The turrets are soft and have audible clicks.

NXS: The NXS scope has a variable range for elevation and windage adjustments that goes up to 100 MOA depending on the magnification you are choosing. it has a parallax adjustment from 50 yds to infinity as well. Besides, you are getting a ZeroStop feature in the turrets that will stop at the zero so that you have to manually disengage the zero to reset it. These turrets are more robust and solid than the SHV ones.

The positive point of the SHV scope is its ZeroSet technology which most of the hunters prefer than the NXS’s ZeroStop feature. But if you are not bothered by the ZeroStop system then the NXS will suit you better.

Durability & Weight

Last but not least, the durability and weight of both the models will help us to reach the final verdict.

SHV: All NightForce scopes come with great housing material that make them withstand high recoiling and vibration from calibration. The SHV model is no different. It has a strong and durable body and anti-reflective water and fog proof lens. The scope weighs 22.2 ounces which is moderately low compared to other scopes.

NXS: the NXS scope also has a similar body and waterproof lens that can withhold recoiling of large calibers. The scope is well-suited for .50 BMG cartridges making it a solid and reliable scope for military purposes. Also, the scope weighs 32.0 ounces which is a bit on the heavier side from the SHV scopes.

Both the scopes have durable and strong housing materials that will work perfectly well with large calibers. We would say the SHV scope won this round only because of the weight.

NightForce SHV/ NXS – Videos


Now that we have discussed all the contrasting qualities of both the SHV and NXS models, we can say that both the scopes are of top quality in terms of reticles, maginication, turrets and durability.

If you are thinking which one has won this battle then we would suggest you to select the one that suits your personal needs the most. Although the SHV scope seems to have better options, both of the scopes have their distinct features for different purposes.

Thus, our verdict on the SHV vs NXS battle is that for professional hunting purposes the SHV scope beats the NXS model. Whereas, in military and law enforcement operations the NXS scope will without a doubt serve better than the SHV scopes.

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