Holosun 507k vs Sig Romeo Zero [Which One is The Right Optic For You!]

Choosing a short-range sight has never been an easy task. You have options such as reflex sight, red dot sight, holographic sight, night sights for pistols, etc.

To find the right sight for your gun, it has led you to this.

Holosun is a sight maker that does sound a lot like hollow and sun. But it has nothing to do with the sun in case you are wondering. On the other end, we have Sig Sauer. A known brand in the industry that has been providing sights to hunters and security forces for a good while now.

What happens when you put two of their sights together? Chaos! That’s what happens. That’s right, I am talking about none other than Holosun 570k vs Romeo Zero.

A sight to behold (not sorry).

Holosun 507k & Sig Romeo Zero: Outlooks

Romeo Zero & Holosun 507k: Specs Table

SpecsSig Romeo ZeroHolosun 507k
Mounting TypeDirect mount to Romeo ZeroNot Included
Reticles3 MOA red dot2.0 MOA dot
ControlsWindage, Elevation, BrightnessWindage, Elevation, Brightness
Weight0.4 Oz1 Oz

Holosun 507k vs Romeo Zero: Key Differences

  • Holusun 570k is heavier.
  • Romeo Zero has a different type of reticle.
  • Holosun 570k is made out of aluminum while Romeo is made out of Polymer.
  • Romeo reticle is available in only one color.

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Head To Head: Holosun 507k & Sig Romeo Zero


Holosun 570K: The lenses used here are fully multi-coated. That’s what we like to see. It’s also scratch-resistant and features a glass-etched reticle. Even if you drop the sight for a 1000th time, the reticle won’t move a millimeter from where it was. It’s also waterproof and shockproof.

Romeo Zero: Despite having a polymer-made housing, this sight features a great durable housing and lens combo. The lens here is also made out of polymer material that is used by Sig Sauer. Sig Sauer made excellent lenses with this material before. The same goes here as well. It’s clear, vivid, bright, and helpful in any weather.

Quality of both sights at its best. you won’t be disappointed!


Holosun 570k: Holosun used 7075 T6 aluminum on this sight’s construction. This is the same material that you see on most medium to high-end scopes and sights. It’s extremely durable and resistant to scratches. It is also shockproof and a great housing for the lens.

Romeo Zero: Romeo used Polymer to make the lens and the construction of this sight. I know what you are thinking. Plastic! You wouldn’t be too wrong to think that. But it’s not the same type of plastic you see on cheap toys and stuff. It’s durable and much more resistant to scratches and heavy weather. Yes, this sight is water and fog-proof. It’s also compatible with deserts or similar areas.

If you want the most durable among the two, the obvious choice is the Holosun 570k.


Holosun 570k: 570k performs exactly like you were thinking. It’s a killing machine that can be effective from the moment you put it on top of a gun. The reticle is bright and is capable of doing nighttime shooting as well. Windage and elevation are quite easy to fix. The accuracy is scarily high of this sight.

Romeo Zero: Sig Sauer makes good sights. That’s a given. A good sight also stands for good performing sight. Which they also make. Romeo Zero is a prime example of that. An inexpensive reflex sight that performs on par with much more expensive and high-end reflex sights. Impressed with how Sig managed to pull this off.

As the performance of HS570k is beast here yet Sig Sauer Romeo zero will make you satisfy

SIG SAUER SOR01300 Romeo Zero Reflex Sight, 3 MOA Red Dot, Black, One Size
  • SPECIFICATION - Magnification: 1x; Objective Lens Diameter: 24mm; Battery: (1) CR1632; Reticle: 3 MOA Red Dot; Overall Length: 1.6 in; Overall Width: 0.93 in; Height: 0.93 in; Weight: 0.4 oz; Illumination Settings: 8 Daytime; Run Time: 20000 hrs


Holosun 570k: The dimension of 570k is 1.6×0.98×0.95 in inches. When you think about it, it’s barely an inch wide. Making this a super choice for a pistol or any rifle. The rail doesn’t matter. You can mount it on almost anything you get your hands on.

Romeo Zero: The dimension of Romeo Zero isn’t zero. Well, corny jokes aside, the dimension of Romeo is 1.6” in length 0.93” in height, and 0.93” in width. Both height and width are almost the same. Keep in mind there might be 1/2mm differences in height and width. But overall, it’s a smaller sight than Holosun.

The length of both are the same. Surprising I know. But they are the same. It’s up to you which one looks more appealing to you. As you cannot differentiate between the sizes.


Holosun 570k: The weight of 570k is only 1oz. Which translates to 28 grams. That’s almost double the weight of Romeo Zero. If you put them both on a big gun, you won’t notice the difference that much. But on a small gun, it’s noticeable.

Romeo Zero: It’s much lighter compared to 570k. The weight of Romeo is just barely 0.4oz. Which translates to 14 grams. That’s half of what Holosun 570k X2 weighs.

In terms of being lightweight, Romeo Zero is the clear winner. There is no competition when it comes to the weight.

Sig Romeo Zero & Holosun 507k: Videos

Holosun 507k vs Romeo Zero Summary

While Holosun wins in terms of building quality, Romeo wins in terms of price to performance. Both of these sights have amazing things to offer to different crowds. Some of us are willing to pay a huge price for sights that are made out of metal. To them, the obvious choice is Holosun 570k.

For the rest, I think you won’t be disappointed by going with the Romeo. With excellent battery life and after-sales service, Romeo Zero is indeed the winner in the Holosun 570k vs Romeo Zero battle.

That’s my opinion and yours may differ. Nothing wrong with that.

The bottom line is, that both are fine and can get your job done. You need to calibrate them according to your needs and benefit from that.

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