EOTech 512 vs Aimpoint PRO – [Which is The Perfect Optic You Think!]

Eotech has been in the field of weapon accessories for over decades where they take pride in their huge collection of holographic sights. These sights are now becoming more popular as they take full advantage of new technology and provide you with visual clarity like no other.

Then there are the Aimpoint red dot sights which are simple yet strong enough to capture your attention. The Aimpoint sights are known for their simplicity and durability among the shooters. Therefore, this Eotech vs Aimpoint has become a much-anticipated talk of the town.

Here, we will be comparing the Aimpoint holographic sight with the Eotech sight to find out which of them presents a better deal for any shooting operation. The below specification will let you know the basic features both the sights have to offer. In the later section, you will find a detailed discussion on all the differences between Eotech 512 and Aimpoint PRO and we will let you know who is the deserving winner.

EOTech 512/ Aimpoint PRO – Outlooks

Aimpoint PRO/ EOTech 512 – Specs

SpecsAimpoint PROEOTech 512
Objective Lens38mm0.85 in
Reticle2 MOA68 MOA ring & 1 MOA dot
Brightness Settings1020
Night Vision Compatibility
Eye ReliefUnlimitedUnlimited
BatteryDL1/3N2x 1.5V AA
MountQRP2 Mount1” Weaver/MIL-STD 1913
Adjustment Click Value0.6 MOA0.5 MOA
Water Resistant Level150 ft10 ft
Weight11.6 oz11.5 oz

EOTech 512/ Aimpoint PRO – Differences

Both the Eotech 512 and Aimpoint PRO have quite some contrasting characteristics that we would like to discuss in the later section. But first let us list the points below.

  • They have different mounting systems that make them specifically compatible with different kinds of weapons.
  • Their reticles are quite different and one of them has a wider field of view and better lens clarity than the other.
  • Their brightness settings are important to discuss to pinpoint their adaptability in low light conditions.
  • The Eotech sight uses a different type of battery than the Aimpoint red dot sight. Therefore, they have a massive difference in their battery life.
  • Finally, their durability and water resistance will add another point to discuss to reach the verdict.

Who Deserves The Win? EOTech or Aimpoint

Here, we will discuss all the differences between the sights and find out which one of the sights is worth purchasing.


In this Eotech vs Aimpoint PRO battle, we will first compare their mounting styles and compatibility with various weapons.

Eotech 512: The Eotech 512 will mount on any 1-inch Weaver or MIL-STD 1913 rails. This makes the sight accessible to a wide range of firearms. However, Eotech has made this 512 holographic sight, especially for AR-15 rifles and shotguns.

Aimpoint PRO: On the other hand, the Aimpoint PRO is versatile enough to mount on any handgun and rifle. With its QRP2 mount the PRO sight can lower ⅓ co-witness with the AR-15 iron sights. You can also adjust the mount height to get full co-witness.

Therefore, from the versatility and compatibility aspect, the Aimpoint PRO can attach to multiple firearms giving you more versatility than the 512 sight.

Reticles & Lens Quality

The Aimpoint PRO and Eotech 512 sights offer you two different reticle styles and their visibility is also something you need to consider to make a better choice.

Eotech 512: This Eotech holographic sight gives you a glimpse of the newer technology with its 68 MOA ring and 1 MOA dot reticle. The ring reticle provides you with precise measurement of your target distance within 7 yds. In addition, you get the 1 MOA dot which is perfect for long-distance targeting giving you coverage from 50 to 200 yards.

Besides, the sight comes with a wide field of view that will present a clear and crisp image quality for fast target acquisition.

Aimpoint PRO: When it comes to the Aimpoint PRO sight, its reticle comes with a 2 MOA dot size which covers 2 inches of the target at 100 yds. The reticle works great for close targets. However, you will not get the field of view as wide as the 512 sight with the PRO sight.

In terms of lens clarity and precise targeting, the Eotech 512 holographic sight provides you with a better view than the PRO sight.

EOTECH 512 Holographic Weapon Sight
  • Mount - Compatible with both 1" Weaver and MIL-STD 1913 Rails

Brightness Settings

Now that we have covered the reticle and lens quality of both the sights, we will look at the brightness settings they provide.

Eotech 512: You will get 20 different brightness settings in the Eotech 512 sight. The sight allows you enough options to accommodate every light situation so that you can target without worrying about the visibility of the object.

Aimpoint PRO: Whereas, the Aimpoint PRO offers you 10 brightness levels to choose from to adjust with the lighting setting at hand. These levels might seem less compared to the 512 sight. However, the table-turning point for this sight is its compatibility with the night vision devices which you will not find in the Eotech sight.

Hence, with the night vision compatibility the Aimpoint PRO sight puts a better deal on the table.

Battery Life

Both the sights sport two different battery types and so their battery lives are also very different from each other.

Eotech 512: The Eotech 512 sight uses two 1.5-volt AA batteries which are very cheap and easily accessible. But they have a very short shelf life that stands as a disadvantage for the sight. The AA battery will give you 600 hours of runtime with the lithium version and 1000 hours for the alkaline batteries. The laser and complex display of the sight demands more battery power than other red dot sights.

Aimpoint PRO: For the Aimpoint PRO, the sight uses a single DL1/3N or 2L76 3-volt lithium battery which can last up to 30,000 hours or 3 years. The simple red dot does not consume too much of the battery life so they last for a longer period. However, these types of batteries are expensive and not easily accessible in the market.

Since the PRO sight has better battery life we have to declare this sight the winner of this round. Although this battery type is not easily found in the market, you will be able to find them online. And, they last long so you don’t need to buy them frequently.

Durability & Weight

Finally, we will talk about the durability and water resistance level of both sights. Since the sights have a similar weight range we will focus on their ability to withstand harsh environments.

Eotech 512: The aluminum construction of the 512 sight makes it reliable and strong enough to withstand any external impact. The sight is fogproof and shock-mounted to survive the calibration of AR rifles. It is also submersible to water up to 10 feet.

Aimpoint PRO: Aimpoint products are known for their ruggedness and durability to withstand any harsh treatment. Their PRO model is not an exception. This sight is sturdy enough to survive any chemical explosion. It is shock-proof to survive impact and vibration from strong calibration. The best feature of this sight is that it has a water resistance level of 150 feet which is much higher than the 512 sight.

With this water resistance, there is no doubt that the PRO sight is durable enough to survive through any harsh condition.

EOTech 512/ Aimpoint PRO – Videos


To conclude, the Aimpoint PRO has offered better features in most of the aspects mentioned above. The sight is versatile, night vision compatible, and durable. With the long battery life, the PRO sight will not just provide you with a long-time service, but also support you through any difficult mission.

On the other hand, the Eotech 512 holographic sight comes with great reticle and lens quality. In case you want a sight for precise and accurate targeting, the Eotech 512 sight is the answer for you.

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