Burris Eliminator 3 Problems, Things To Be Aware Of!

The Eliminator 3 is a hunting scope made by Burris to make your hunting life easier. The ones that love small games and can’t live without a semi-medium range scope, then you will find the Eliminator 3 to be right up your alley.

Burris is also known for making good products for the price and this is one of them. But like many other hunting scopes on the market, this one also has room for improvement. So, what are the Burris Eliminator 3 problems that you should be aware of? Let’s find out.

Burris Eliminator 4-16x50mm Laser Rangefinding Rifle Scope with Ballistic Calculator, Eliminator III
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Issues With Glass Quality

Burris is known for making good scopes. That includes the lens system of the scope as well. But unfortunately, the lens quality on this scope is not the best. While it won’t shatter like other cheap scopes on the market, it does have some issues.

The main issue of the lens is the clarity. The coating of the scope is not up to the mark. Which makes it a poor scope for extreme low-light conditions. So, if you are someone who hunts a lot during the late evening hours, then you might want to skip this one.

Scope Size

When it comes to choosing a scope for hunting, the size of the scope is quite important. If it’s too big and too heavy, then it will increase the drag of your weapon and increase the recoil on the way.

The Eliminator 3 is quite literally an eliminator. It’s huge, the size alone is enough to warn your competition. But this does allow the scope to have a wider field of view. Kind of a win for most?


This feels more like nitpicking than an actual con. The scope is priced in a territory, where there are other options available. For the price of the scope, the Burris Eliminator iii is one of the best in the price. With top-notch bullet drop compensation and accurate reading on the target, the scope does offer a good value.

Zeroing Issue

This is an issue that not a lot of users face. But there still have been voices around that said they faced this issue. If you are trying to bore sight your rifle scope and you are a new shooter, you might find yourself in a pinch where the scope refuses to zero.

If you are facing this issue, then you will want to check the Posi-lock and see if it’s engaged or not. If it’s engaged, then you won’t be able to adjust your optic. If it’s not engaged and you still can’t fix the issue, then you will need to bring it in for warranty.

Does Burris Offer A Lifetime Warranty?

You can take as much dig on Burris as you want, you can spread rumors, false acquisitions, and whatnot. But you cannot change the fact that Burris has one of the best support in the industry.

Their warranty policy is really good and they do offer a forever warranty. If you are an owner of Burris Optic, you can claim a warranty at any time, and after that, your children will also be able to claim the warranty.

Where Are Burris Eliminator Scopes Made?

Burris is known for making scopes in their factory in the USA and they also make optics in different countries as well. The Eliminator iii is made in the Philippines. That doesn’t mean the optic is poorly made. The Eliminator 3 is built incredibly well and will outlast a lot of similarly priced optics on the market.

What is Posi Lock?

Earlier I said something about Posi-lock if you remember. The Posi Lock is a retractable steel post aka lock that prevents the Turret adjustment. While a scope is supposed to hold the zero on its own, Burris went ahead and put up an extra measure to prevent your scope from losing the zero. Just make sure to keep the lock at an off position before you start your adjustments.


Burris Eliminator 3 is one of the best mid-range hunting weapon sights on the market. Sure, the lens coating could have been better. But it’s still good enough for daytime use. The low light could have been better.

Yet, I just like many other hunters, will recommend this optic to a newbie and veterans alike. The optic is of incredible value and there is no way of denying it.

With that said, hopefully, you now know about all Burris Eliminator 3 problems. If those problems bother you, then you can go for other scopes such as Vortex Strike Eagle. That’s all for now. Take care and have fun.

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