Best Tippmann A5 Upgrades: Not Your Typical A5 Wagyu

The Tippmann A5 is one of the most used paintball markers in most playing arenas nowadays. The sheer ability to upgrade this gun to make it suit your style and allow you to use a kit to turn it into a sniper is quite ridiculous. In a good way.

So, what makes this marker good? And why do people love it? Well, one of the reasons is the potential to modify it. It’s up to you to decide how extreme or moderate you want it to be.

I know I talk about upgrading home defense and hunting guns a lot, it’s about time I switch it up a bit and talk about a gun that does something else than hunting. Without further ado, let’s find out some of the best Tippmann A5 upgrades the market has to offer.

Tippmann A5 Stock Upgrades

While you can just go ahead and buy the Tippmann A5 sniper upgrade kit instead of going through the hassle of upgrading one by one, what’s the fun in that? Just like upgrading a real gun, upgrading this marker has its charm.

1. Rap4 Tippmann A5 Car Stock

Rap4 Tippmann A5 Car Stock

This A5 stock has nothing to do with a car in case you were wondering. The stock is made by Rap4. The same brand that has been flooding the market with paintball accessories for decades now. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s good to know that the paintball industry has someone who cares for their users.

Changing the stock on A5 is a bigger hassle than you think. It doesn’t have interchangeable stock so you will not find many options. This one is made for the A5 specifically and Rap4 made sure to keep the market afloat with ready stock.

The stock is made out of polymer. While it’s not as durable as an aluminum or wooden stock, it’s still durable enough to support your A5 till it practically goes out of service. You will find 6 adjustable settings on the stock. Depending on your height and build, you can easily compensate and have a fun shooting time.

Tippmann A5 Foregrip Upgrades

If you are not satisfied with the stock foregrip or the lack of foregrip I might add, then it’s time for you to invest in an actual foregrip that will do what a foregrip is supposed to do.

1. Tippmann A5 MPSD Short Foregrip

Tippmann A5 MPSD Short Foregrip

With an overall length of 14 inches, this foregrip was made by Kore Outdoors. This famous paintball marker accessory maker made sure the barrel of your gun is left unscratched.

The foregrip is made out of polymer. It’s not as durable as aluminum by any means, but it’s not poorly made either. While some of you might think that polymer is not a good material and won’t last long, the reality is the total opposite. It will last you a long time.

Tippmann A5 Optic Upgrades

You might be wondering what’s the point of adding a scope on a paintball marker. The point is to eliminate your competitors from a long range with high accuracy and make sure you don’t miss your shots.

1. AIM Sports Inc 1-4x24G Tri-Illuminated Rifle Scope

AIM Sports Inc 1-4x24G Tri-Illuminated Rifle Scope

This scope from Aim Sports is designed with airsoft guns in mind but this scope is mostly marketed towards newbie learning guns. That includes the A5 as well. This scope is made with aluminum and it features a Tri-illuminated FFP reticle. It’s surprising to see FFP reticles for this price and magnification, but I’m not gonna say no to it.

The scope also features a fully multi-coated lens for better light transmission and low-light performance. Granted, you will probably not use it in low-light conditions but if you do, the illuminated reticle will come in handy. Make sure to buy a Tacamo weaver rail for A5 if you plan to buy this scope. Without this, you won’t be able to install it.

2. M1SURPLUS Dovetail Mount Adapter + Reflex Sight

M1SURPLUS Dovetail Mount Adapter + Reflex Sight

If you are more of a CQB and indoor paintball marking guy, then this is a better option for you compared to the scope I just shared. This red dot comes with a mounting rail that you can install in the A5 and then install this optic on that rail.

The optic is made out of high-quality aluminum. It’s lightweight and extremely durable. The lens is also multi-coated for light transmission and clarity. In terms of close-range accuracy, this optic retains an unbeatable value.

Tippmann A5 Barrel Upgrade

Changing the barrel of the A5 will add some velocity to the projectile and may improve a bit of accuracy if your factory barrel is crooked. The main reason to change the barrel is for a smoother projectile shooting.

1. J&J Paintball 14” Ceramic Barrel

J&J Paintball 14” Ceramic Barrel

While J&J calls this a ceramic barrel, it’s not really made out of ceramic. The barrel is made out of 6061 T6 aluminum. It’s really durable and very lightweight. You might be wondering, isn’t that lying?

Well, not really. J&J uses ceramic coating and Teflon impregnation to make sure the inside of the barrel is always smooth and delivers the paintball at the same velocity always. To put it simply, this barrel won’t ever wear down and will retain the velocity for years to come.

2. Deadlywind Fibur-X Barrel

Deadlywind Fibur-X Barrel

The Fibur-X is a 14” Tippmann barrel converter. It supports other Tippmans besides the A5 as well. For example, you can use this on the X7, Phenom, Crossover, and the BT4. While this one is not made out of ceramic, this one is not made out of aluminum either.

The barrel is made out of carbon fiber. While the carbon fiber did make the cost of this a bit high, Fibur-X is still not something you might call overpriced. The barrel doesn’t have any ceramic coating inside. That’s because carbon fiber is a slippery material in general. It’s not a heavy barrel. Rather, it’s lighter than your previous barrel. So, make sure that you are okay with a lighter barrel.

Tippmann A5 HPA Upgrade

While the community is split between CO2 and HPA, it’s pretty obvious that HPA is the better choice. It’s more consistent and has more pressure than CO2. HPA also has a more linear pressure output than CO2.

That’s why most folks prefer HPA over CO2. That’s why you shouldn’t bother with CO2 and get the HPA upgrade kit sold by Tippmann. Pair that up with the mentioned upgrades above, and you have a competition-winning marker on your hand.

How To Upgrade The Tippmann A5?

A list without any instruction will only take you so far. While I cannot make the list any smaller or give you fewer options, I still can give you a little bit of tips on how to choose the right upgrade order.

The first order to upgrade is to have a budget in mind. You can see all of the upgraded parts are not priced similarly. That’s why, if you have a budget in mind, you can easily choose the order you want.

If you have an unlimited budget and want to do them rapidly, then go for the ones that tick most of your boxes. For example, if you are just starting, then you can go for the HPA Kit or the Sniper Kit. Then slowly upgrade from there.


It’s super easy to just get one kit and call it a day. But upgrading that kit to make the gun feel like your own is something else. For sure it’s a pain. But it’s the type of pain that you can enjoy. Sounds kinky!

Jokes aside, hopefully, you enjoyed the read and learned something useful. As always, thanks for reading and I appreciate you giving me some of your time. Till next time, take care and have fun.

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