Best Marlin 336 Upgrades: Unlock The Power!

The Marlin 336 highlights a classic lever-action design with a tubular magazine under the barrel. Presently at this time, this weapon is best for hunting. It includes a strong steel collector and a walnut stock that grandstands usual craftsmanship and strength. It conveys a strong punch while keeping up reasonable recoil.

With a notoriety for extraordinary accuracy and flexibility, it stands tall as a trusted companion in the interest of vast diversion, whether stalking tricky whitetails through thick forests or wandering into endless open fields.

Today updates are mandatory for making yourself develop as a shooter. So if you think or feel you need to update, there are a few things left. With research, correct updates are completely a money waste. Here I recommend which updates are mandatory for your weapons. So, be dynamic and give your focus.

Marlin 336 Rail Upgrades

Upgrading this gun rail is essential as it allows optics mounting, increases versatility, enhances the shooting experience, and ensures compatibility with the latest accessories. These upgrades improve accuracy, customization options, and future-proofing, making the rifle more adaptable to personal preferences and evolving shooting needs.

1. Evolution Gun Works Marlin 1895 Picatinny Rail

Evolution Gun Works Marlin 1985 Picatinny Rail Mount

The EGW Marlin 1895 Picatinny Rail specially fits the Marlin 336 with maximum accuracy. It is customized to align perfectly with the rifle’s receiver, ensuring a secure and seamless fit. This degree of precision removes any potential difficulties with misalignment, assuring excellent performance and accuracy.

That is designing from high-quality materials, such as aircraft-grade aluminum, that give remarkable longevity. It follows the Picatinny standard that is widely recognized and compatible with a better range of optics and accessories.

This rail gives a perfect mounting location for optics, providing sufficient eye relief and good shooting ergonomics. It ensures that the optic is positioned at the optimum height and distance from the shooter’s eye, resulting in increased accuracy and a natural shooting experience.

The EGW Marlin 1895 Picatinny Rail stands out for its precision, durability, compatibility, optimal mounting position, and positive user feedback when considering the best rail option for your gun. It serves as a robust base for mounting lenses and accessories, increasing the capabilities and adaptability of your rifle.

2. XS SIGHTS Lever Rail and Ghost Ring WS for Marlins

XS SIGHTS Lever Rail and Ghost Ring

The XS SIGHTS Lever Rail combines a Picatinny rail with a ghost ring sight system, providing a comprehensive solution in a single package. This modular design makes installation simple while confirming that the sights are perfect for maximum accuracy.

It offers a clear and unhindered view. The larger rear aperture and bright front sight make target acquisition rapid and easy, particularly in fast-paced or close-range shooting conditions. The configuration improves visibility and assists shooters in maintaining concentration on the target.

Furthermore, the Picatinny rail on the XS SIGHTS Lever rail is compatible with several optics and accessories. Shooters can easily mount red dot sights, scopes, or other Picatinny-compatible accessories, expanding the customization options for their rifles.

Overall, the XS SIGHTS Lever Rail and Ghost Ring WS combo is sought after for the Marlin 336 because of its integrated design, improved sight picture, durability, compatibility, ease of use, and customization choices. This arrangement provides a dependable and efficient sighting system that can significantly increase accuracy and target acquisition for gun owners.

Marlin 336 Handguard upgrade

The handguard modification for this weapon gives practical benefits such as increased heat dissipation, enhanced grip and handling, accessory compatibility, and the option to personalize the rifle’s look. You may improve your shooting experience and completely personalize your gun by purchasing a high-quality handguard.

1. Midwest Industries Marlin 336 M-Lok Handguard

Midwest Industries Marlin 336 M-Lok Handguard

The M-Lok handguard system allows various accessories and enhancements like lights, lasers, foregrips, or bipods. This modularity provides flexibility and customization options for Marlin 336 owners, allowing them to configure their firearms according to their specific needs and preferences.

This handguard provides a comfortable and ergonomic grip. It typically features a slim profile that enhances the overall handling of the rifle. This also allows for better weight distribution and balance, making it easier to maneuver the firearm. It comprises durable materials such as aluminum, which can survive heavy use and harsh environments.

Individual preferences and unique use scenarios may differ, and many alternative handguards on the market may also be acceptable. Before making a purchase, firstly research and consider your needs.

Marlin 336 Trigger Upgrade

This gun Trigger Upgrade is a modification that may significantly enhance your rifle efficiency & firing experience. The factory-installed trigger may display a heavy pull weight, creep, or inconsistency, which can substantially impair accuracy and overall shooting enjoyment.

Selecting a trigger modification may fix these shortcomings and unlock the full potential of your gun. This introduction will discuss why a trigger modification is essential, emphasizing the advantages of a lighter, sharper trigger pull, greater accuracy, and a more pleasurable shooting experience.

1. Wild West Guns Trigger-Happy Kit

Wild West Guns Trigger-Happy Kit

The Trigger-Happy Kit aims to improve the gun trigger pull. It reduces trigger pull and creates a smoother, sharper break, increasing shooting enjoyment and accuracy. It includes all the necessary components and instructions, making it usable even by people with less technical knowledge.

This simplicity of use allows Marlin 336 owners to replace their triggers with little effort or cost. It commonly includes a safety spring, which increases the safety function of the weapon. It guarantees that the safety mechanism engages and disengages reliably, promoting safe handling and preventing unintended discharges.

It’s essential to understand that modifying the trigger on a weapon might have implications for the legality, so it’s usually an excellent idea to review your local rules and regulations before making any adjustments.

Marlin 336 Magazine Follower Upgrade

Its Magazine Follower Upgrade is a modification that may dramatically enhance the dependability and effectiveness of the magazine’s installation on your rifle.

The factory-installed magazine follower may have limitations such as unreliable feeding, misfeeds, or follower tilt, which can interfere with the firearm’s smooth operation. You may fix these difficulties and improve the performance of your gun by upgrading the magazine followers.

1. Wild West Guns Marlin Aluminum Magazine Follower

Wild West Guns Marlin Aluminum Magazine Follower

It is the ideal option due to its outstanding attributes. It substantially enhances the rifle’s dependability by assuring smoother feeding and lowering the chance of feeding problems. With this follower, shooters can expect steady and reliable cartridge cycling without tilting or binding issues.

Another reason for the follower’s appeal is its lightweight but robust build. Using aluminum finds the right mix of strength and weight. It means you can survive frequent usage without adding extra bulk to the rifle, allowing for improved balance and handling.

Furthermore, the follower’s aluminum material is very corrosion-resistant. Given these factors, this follower is the perfect choice for gun owners looking to increase their rifle’s dependability, performance, and durability.

Marlin 336 Loop Lever Upgrade

The Loop Lever Upgrade is a modification that can significantly improve the operation and ergonomics of your rifle’s lever action. The factory-installed lever on this gun may have constraints such as a short loop size or pain during the process, influencing the handgun’s speed and ease.

You may fix these concerns and enjoy a more pleasant and efficient shooting experience by upgrading your loop lever.

1. Wild West Guns Big Loop Lever for Marlin 1985

Wild West Guns Big Loop Marlin 336 Lever

The Big Loop Lever provides an ergonomic loop for the shooter’s hand. This expanded size makes using the button more simple and comfortable, particularly for people wearing gloves or with large hands. It increases the accessibility of the lever and the overall shooting experience, whether for quick levering or accurate lever manipulation.

This lever allows faster and smoother action cycling. It is especially beneficial in scenarios during which time is of the essence, such as lever-action events or hunting situations. Also gives the Marlin 336 a particular aesthetic appeal. It provides the weapon a traditional Western appearance, evocative of antique lever-action rifles. So, it is your best firearm.

Marlin 336 Scope Upgrades

Scope Upgrades are critical upgrades that can significantly improve your rifle’s accuracy, range, and versatility. While the firearm may come with iron sights as usual, installing a scope allows for more precise shooting and improves the effective range of the rifles.

You can maximize the potential of your gun for various shooting applications, such as hunting, target shooting, or long-range engagements, by opting for scope upgrades.

1. Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4x20mm Riflescope

Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4x20mm Riflescope

It makes the ideal choice for the Marlin 336 owing to its superb optical quality, varied magnification range, compact design, durability, and ease of use.

It produces clean pictures, has enough magnifying level for lever-action rifles, & has a small and lightweight construction that matches the handling qualities of your gun. Its design assures longevity, while simple adjustments and reticle choices improve the shooting experience.

Overall, this scope increases accuracy and performance for rifle owners. It is designed for lever-action rifles like the Marlin 336, improving accuracy and performance in several shooting conditions. I hope it’s your best choice.

2. Burris RT-6 1-6x24mm Tactical Rifle Scope

Burris RT-6 1-6x24mm Tactical Rifle Scope

The 1-6x magnification range is excellent for a variety of shooting circumstances. It provides speedy target acquisition at close ranges offering enough magnification for accurate shots at medium ranges. This adaptability is especially useful in hunting, target shooting, and dynamic shooting contests.

It boasts high-quality optics that provide clear, bright, and crisp pictures. The 24mm objective lens transmits enough light to ensure visibility in several lighting conditions. This clarity and brightness improve with target acquisition and accuracy. Its low-profile design does not interfere with the balance or agility of the weapon. The tiny size also assures compatibility with the gun lever action.

Finally, this scope’s adaptability, optical quality, small design, durability, and user-friendly features are necessary. It improves this gun’s shooting experience and performance, making it a fantastic choice for hunters and shooters.

Is It Worth It To Upgrade This Gun?

It is often worth it to upgrade to a rifle. While the gun is dependable and capable, improvements will improve its performance, functionality, and overall shooting experience.

Improved triggers, scopes, handguards, and lever loops can enhance accuracy, expand customizing choices, and make the rifle more comfortable and pleasurable to fire. However, the decision to upgrade should depend on your specific needs and requirements and consider the cost and availability of suitable upgrade options.


So there you have it. Some of the supreme gun improvements are right in front of you. Unlike some optional lever action rifles, you don’t have to change everything on the Marlin to make it an advantageous weapon.

These upgrades will undoubtedly take your weaponry to the next level, allowing you to unleash the beast inside. With that stated, I hope you all enjoyed the guide. I will be back with more soon enough. Until then, take care and have a great time. Keep yourself safe.

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