Best 9mm Reloading Dies – Comparison Chart with FAQs

Reloading dies are effective way to save money and time in the long run. Installing a 9mm reloading die will save you from spending tons of money on pre-made ammo.

Shooting good ammo will bring you good results. To make good ammo for your 9mm shooter, you will need the best reloading dies available on the market.

If you are new to the scene and have no clue about what a reloading die is and how to choose one, you are at the right place. Together we will learn the importance of reloading-die and why you should purchase one ASAP.

Best 9mm Reloading Dies

1. RCBS 20515 9mm Luger Carbide Die Set

The first die set on the list here is from RCBS. One of the most well-known reloading accessories makers in the whole industry. This is a 3-die set. It’s a steel-made die set with a silver finish made for 9mm calibers.

Will this support any 9mm gun?

As long as your gun is capable of firing 9mm shots, this will support that gun. It will help with crimping and seating of the reloading chamber.

Do I need a separate die set for flare-out?

Usually, you don’t do that as you already have enough set for crimping, expanding, and flaring out. Just install these chambers as the guide suggests and you are golden.

Does the seater die have a taper crimp built in?

Yes, it has a taper crimp built in. You don’t need or want a roll crimp on a 9mm. That’s why RCBS went with taper crimp and we are all up for it.

Can this set work with a 9mm luger?

Yes, this set was made for a 9mm luger as well. it will work with the luger without any inconvenience.

2. Lee Precision 9mm Luger Carbide Die-Set

Lee Precision is another well-known name among gun folks. They are known very well for their reloading accessories. Reloading dies is one of them. The one we have here is made for 9mm and 9mm lugers.

Can this set remove used primers?

Thankfully, it can remove pre-used primers. The resizing die uses a pin to knock out all old used primers.

Will this work with a .380 ACP?

Please don’t even think about it. None of the 9mm dies won’t work with any other guns at all. They are called 9mm for a reason. Don’t you forget that?

What type of nuts do they use?

They use a hex nut covered in a rubber seal to keep the die on a tight press. It makes the process of installing and adjusting the die easier. Unlike a castle screw, it doesn’t need to be stacked.

Are these reloading dies well-made?

When it comes to dies from Lee Precision, you don’t need to worry about the quality at all. They are one of the top dogs in the game and they are well aware of what they are doing. You don’t need to worry about how long it will last at all. Lee also provides a good amount of warranty with their devices.

3. Hornady Taper Crimp 9mm Luger 3-Die Set

Probably got inspired from tornado, Hornady is a brand that has been part of the community for a good while now. They are improving each day and providing the community with better stuff as time passes. Reloading die is one of their crucial business sectors.

What kind of crimper do they use?

9mm prefers a taper crimp. That’s why Hornady went with taper crimp instead of roller. Taper is also better at crimping than roller.

Where are these dies made from?

They all are made in the USA. You will get in house warranty. Who doesn’t like immediate response and replacement of their precious gears?

What are these dies made of?

Unlike typical dies which are mostly made of steel. They are made of titanium nitride. A type of material that is quite resistant to rust and won’t break on you any time soon.

4. Lyman 9mm Luger Carbide 3 Die Set

Unlike a single-die set or even a 3-die set. Lyman comes with the entire chivalry. You will get a total of 4 dies to install on your gun. All of them serve a different purpose. It’s important to install all 4 of them together.

Do you need to lube these dies?

You don’t need to buy lubricant as these are factory-lubed. That lube job is good and it will last you a good while. You can just install them and start blasting.

What’s the difference between a 3-set die and a 4-set die?

The key difference is, a 4-set die includes a separate taper crimper. While 3-set dies include taper in the resize chamber. That’s why I said it’s important to install all of them together.

Does it come with a shell holder?

There have been claims that previous editions of the dies used to come with shell holders. While Lyman doesn’t disclose anything regarding that information. We can only go based on assumption.

What are these made of?

They are made out of steel and anodized. They are made with CNC machining. Torque of them and the cuts on them are on point. There is no need to worry about the measurements at all.

5. Redding Reloading Competition Handgun Seating Die

Redding makes some of the best seating dies on the market. This single-piece die is the perfect example of them dominating the market with single-piece die.

Does this die set also seat flat nose bullets?

Yes, it works with any type of 9mm bullet you feed through it. The dimensions on the expander are perfect and need no adjustments whatsoever.

Is there a crimp in this die?

Unfortunately, there is no crimping on this die. You will only get seating with this die. If you want crimping and expanding, you will need two or more dies.

It comes with a micrometer adjustment

As this is a seater only no crimping is involved. Sometimes you may need to change the angle ever so slightly to make it seat 100% accurately. For that, it comes with a small knob that allows micro-adjustments.


There are so many 9mm dies available in the market! You can easily get overwhelmed by the choice. These dies here are some of the best competition dies for 9mm also. It’s just, that there are so many good die manufacturers nowadays, recommending one has been tough lately.

The ones we have here are some of the best 9mm reloading dies you can purchase right now. If you need seating die only, we got that. If you need the entire set, we also have that. Just pick your poison.

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