Best Sling For Benelli M4 – Reviews and Guides w/FAQs

Benelli M4 is an amazing gun and there is no denying that. It’s not the lightest gun either. While the weight distribution and center of gravity is fine, it still is a pain to carry it around with bare hands only.

To solve that issue, there are some things we call gun slings. Yes, it’s a lace-like sling that you see on backpacks. The idea is to give you a simple way of carrying the M4 and give your arms a well-deserved rest in the process.

How do you find the best sling for Benelli M4 then? Well, that’s why you are here and you will find out exactly that. Let’s start.

Best Benelli M4 Sling – [Editor’s Choice]

1. Blue Force BLFVCAS-200-OA-BK Vickers 2-Point Sling

Unlike sights and rails, slings are mostly universal. As long as your gun has hooks to mount slings to it, almost any sling in the world will support your gun. This sounds like a benefit, right? But it makes your decision-making harder. That’s a pain that you and I want no part of.

This padded sling from Blue Force Gear is incredibly built. It’s sturdy and durable. There is padding around the shoulder part of the grip. Your shoulders won’t hurt from carrying the M4 on a long trail. In fact, I bet you have seen your friends or family use this exact sling with other guns.

I mean, what more you could ask from a sling at this price range? It’s durable, light, well-built and padded. That sounds more than enough to me.

What cloth does this use?


Does this work on M1-A1?

It definitely does.

Can you adjust the pad?

The pad is stitched in place. You will need to move the entire sling for comfort grove.

2. Eagle Rock Gear 550 Paracord 2 Point Gun Sling

This sling here is one of the best overall in the market. Doesn’t matter whether you are using an M4 or a different gun, if you own a rifle of any kind, buy this. No questions asked just buy this and you will thank me later on.

The paracord on this gun sling is smooth and somewhat springy. You can stretch it around a bit. Not by much, just a little bit. But the paracord is thick and comfortable. It’s not heavy and it doesn’t tangle around at all.

On top of that, you got a huge selection of colors for the sling. If you want to switch up the color, by all means, go for it. It’s not necessary to take a sling of the same color as your gun. But you can do that or you can go all out and grab a completely different color.

Is this comfortable on the shoulder?

It’s extremely comfortable around the shoulder.

Does it have padding?

No, the paracord works as the padding.

Does this work on a crossbow?

It sure does.

3. STI 2 Point Rifle Sling with Fast-Loop & 1.25″ Webbing

STI rifle sling is one of those slings that you see in most hunter’s guns. It’s an easy-to-install and easy-to-change length on-the-fly type of sling. Something hunters really appreciate. After all, who doesn’t want to Change the length of the sling if they can?

While the sling has not a single bit of padding, it’s not too hard on the shoulder. In fact, it’s quite comfortable and easy to carry around for longer hours. The total length of this sling is 67+ inches. That’s counting the adjustments as well.

It will work with all 1.25-inch multi-use attachment hardware, ITW mash hook, HK hook, ParaClip, and OEM rifle slings. It was tested to pass the tube webbing 4000-pound test. Getting out unscratched and unbroken, this sling can carry an M249 if you want it to.

Does STI provide a warranty?

Yes, they do.

Is it available in different colors?

No, it’s only available in GL Green/Hunter Green.

Can you use this on the left shoulder or right shoulder only?

It’s ambidextrous. Any shoulder works.

4. TLO Outdoors Paracord Tactical 2-Point Rifle Sling

TLO paracord gun sling looks similar to other paracord slings you can find on the market. With minimal branding on the sling and adjustable length, the sling is an incredible value for the money. In fact, it’s one of the best at any given price range.

On top of that, the sling is available in tons of different colors to match your style. From green camo to blue, TLO got them all. All of them are made with the same webbing and paracord despite looking different. You don’t need to worry about color matching.

It uses over 17” of high-quality 550 paracords with an additional 1/4” extra width. The gun sling is adjustable from 33” to 44” with QD swivels. This paracord sling is designed for over-shoulder carry. You will find it comfortable on long trails as well. It can lift to 550 LBS.

What are the other perks of it?

You can use this as kern mantle rope, tourniquet, shoestrings, belts, and other hunting accessories if you so desire.

Is the logo of TLO made out of leather?

Yes, it’s made out of leather.

Can this be used as a crossbow sling?

It definitely can.

5. Ten Point Gear 2 Points 550 Paracord Traditional Sling

It does look incredibly similar to the two other paracord slings I showed you earlier, doesn’t it? That’s because all 550 paracord slings will look the same no matter what. It depends on the craftsmanship and how well the webbing is from the factory. And the comfort will depend highly on the manufacturer.

It’s extremely comfortable around the paracord part. As the paracord part is quite long and thick, you can carry your M4 for a long time with this without feeling tired. The weight distribution among the paracord is quite nice.

It won’t fatigue your shoulder point as you can move around it without any issues. The hooks on this are quite decent as well. It might not be a 300$ hook, but for around 20 or more USD, the hooks are surprisingly robust and durable.

What is the length of this?

Fully adjustable from 36” to 47”.

Are the hooks swivel?

Yes, they are.

Available in different colors?

Multiple different color options are available.

How To Choose The Best Sling For M4?

Benelli M4 is not a heavy gun. It still can fatigue you from carrying it for too long. Without the right sling, your shoulders will feel sore and you will curse the person who made that sling for an eternity. We don’t want that to happen to anyone.

Make sure to buy a properly webbed sling that can carry a good amount of weight and has the perfect length for your daily task. If the length is too short and it interferes with your backpack, it’s a no-go. Durability is also a key. While they won’t be knife-resistant, some of them are quite resistant to outside damage.


Yes, there are like a gazillion more slings available for your M4. But like I said earlier, these are supposed the best sling for Benelli M4. And they are the best you could buy right now. From dirt cheap to relatively pricey, choose the sling that suits your style and seems more comfortable to you.

With that said, that’s the end for today. Don’t worry, this is just the beginning and I will be back with more accessories for your favorite guns soon.

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