Vortex Viper HD 15-45X65 Review: Great For Birder And Digiscopers!

Vortex Viper HD is a series of spotting scope from Vortex. Under this name, they have several spotting scopes. The one we have here today is the Viper HD 15-45×65. This spotter comes with an angled eyepiece. 

In this Vortex viper HD 15-45×65 review, I am going to talk about everything you need to know about this beast. You won’t have any confusion left after reading this review. Without wasting any more of your time, let’s start –


  • Excellent build quality.
  • Best lens quality.
  • Extendable sunshade.
  • Removable eyepiece.
  • Adjustable eyecup.
  • Rotatable mounting collar.
  • Fast and reliable focus wheel.


  • Weight is on the higher end.
  • You will need to purchase a lot of accessories.

Vortex Viper HD 15-45×65 Review: Specs & Outlook

Magnification15 – 45x
Objective Lens65 mm
Eye Relief19.6 – 17.8 mm
Close Focus23 ft
Linear FOV @1000 yds136.5 – 67.8 ft
Length14 Inches
Weight59 Oz

Body Quality

Depending on the housing, the durability and longevity of a spotting scope will vary. Vortex is not a company that will cheap out on build quality. This scope is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum. By the way, the model we are reviewing is not the old classical version. This is the upgraded V500.

Just like the old one, this one also features a rubber armor coating around the body. This armor protects the scope from scratches and drops. As the body is made out of aluminum, you don’t need to worry about rust.

The weight of this scope is not that high either. Vortex Viper V500 weighs 59oz. For a spotting scope this big, that weight is nothing. You still need a tripod to unlock the full potential of this scope. Sadly, Vortex doesn’t include one in the package. You need to buy that separately. 

Optics Quality

This part will be split in two. The reason is, the eyepiece of this scope is removable. We will talk about that in the next part but here let’s talk about one of the key parts of a scope. 

Depending on the glass quality, your experience can be angelic or a trip to hell. If you know Vortex, you already know which one applies here. Vortex even makes lenses for other manufacturers. They are doing this for a long time now. 

Vortex used HD glasses for their lenses and prism on this scope. HD lenses are equivalent or better in some cases than ED glass. All of the lenses involved in this scope are fully multi-coated. Making them completely immune from glares. 

Glaring is an annoying part when you wear glasses. As for making the scope fogproof. Vortex used their favorite argon purging. Most manufacturers tend to use nitrogen purging, as it’s a cheaper solution and works flawlessly. Vortex uses both argon and nitrogen for their scopes.

You don’t need to worry about accidentally scratching the lens, or splashing water. As the scope is O-ring sealed. Even if you change the eyepiece under heavy rain, not even a single bit of water will go through. That’s how powerful O-ring sealings are.


I briefly mentioned the eyepiece is removable. Sadly the eyepiece is not interchangeable. That would have been excellent if it was. You can remove the eyepiece after using the scope and keep it safe. I am still sad that the eyepiece is not interchangeable. 

Anyway, there are lots of pros to removable eyepiece too. For some reason, if the magnification of your eyepiece starts malfunctioning, you know that the only eyepiece is acting up. You can easily claim a warranty for the eyepiece if that happens.

The eyecup on this sight is also adjustable. Meaning you can make the eyecup pop up a bit or make it go down. Giving you full control over the field of view. This will help people with glasses. 

The eyepiece on this scope is 15-45×65 and it’s angled. Meaning the eyepiece is angled at 45°. This helps a lot while hunting. To unlock the full potential of this scope, I highly recommend you buying a durable tripod.

The magnification didn’t feel forced at all. You won’t find any distortion on any corner of the sight either. Making it an ideal choice for both birdwatching and digiscoping. 

Tripod Mount

The tripod mounting belt is rotatable. It’s right underneath the eyepiece mount. You can use the scope at any angle. Rotateable tripods are becoming the new norm, and you have to love them. The idea of rotating mounting plate is brilliant. 

You don’t need to angle your tripod and hold it in that awkward place. Now you can just use the belt, rotate the scope, lock it in place, enjoy. 

Birdwatching With The Viper HD V500

Many of you reading this are hoping to get one for birdwatching. Because spotting scopes are a necessity for birdwatching. Without one, you can’t capture the beauty of the scene. 

For birdwatching, higher magnification and a wide field of view are required. If you can’t even zoom on the bird from a long distance, what’s the point. I already mentioned that magnifying with this scope is no issue, as there is no lag or distortion present on this scope. 

The 65mm huge objective lens gathers plenty of light. With the extendable sunshade, you can block unnecessary lights as well. 

Digiscoping With The Viper HD V500

Digiscoping is another important sector of spotting scopes. It’s getting more and more popular every day. For digiscoping, image clarity and color accuracy gets the most priority. You will take pictures through the eyepiece of the scope. If the color accuracy is not good and there is noise present in the scope, then the pictures will have noise as well. 

There won’t be any such issues with Vortex Viper HD. HD glasses will generate color accurate and noiseless pictures. If you are planning to take it for digiscoping, I would say go for it. An expensive investment for sure, but a valuable one. 

Vortex Viper HD 15-45×65 Review Summary

This is an excellent spotting scope. Sure, no man is without sin. This scope has its cons. But the sheer number of pros overthrows the cons easily. I know it’s an investment, I also know after a month of use you will thank me down below for suggesting you this.

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