How To Use Spotting Scopes For Hunting


DURING HUNTING, spotting scopes are an essential thing to carry. A lot of people have the misconception that spotting scopes are only used for sightseeing, astronomical purpose, or only for target shooting.


If you are one of those people, you are underestimating a spotting scope.


It can aid you greatly in your hunting sessions. We will talk about how spotting scope helps you at hunting and how to use spotting scopes for hunting in this guide.


Sit down, Relax & ENJOY.


Some of you may suggest getting a rangefinder instead of a spotting scope to land the perfect shot. While I agree with you there if your main priority is target shooting.


FOR HUNTING, you need to keep a track of the terrain and the vast land. The field of view helps you to keep track of the prey and find out any possible escape options. That way you can follow the target even if it attempts to escape.


Spotting scope has high magnification and a large field of view. That’s why they are appreciated by birders and hunters alike. Trust me once you try a spotting scope in your hunting session you will love it. 


You don’t have to do much to get a spotting scope running. They come pre-assembled from the manufacturer. The only thing that you may need to attach is the mounting plate so you can attach the spotting scope to a tripod. Most spotting scopes don’t come with a tripod. You will need to purchase that separately.


You need to make sure that the tripod you purchase supports the same mounting mechanism as your spotting scope.


Once you connect the spotting scope to the tripod that’s pretty much it. You can just remove the cover from the objective lens and the eyepiece and start sightseeing.


If you have searched about spotting scopes, you have noticed that every site tends to give you some tips. So, I thought why should I feel left out. Here are some of the best tips you can keep in mind while using a spotting scope.


We know that the terrain where you hunt may not be a flat one. But for scouting purpose you need to find a flat spot. Try to find a spot on a mountain.


The higher you go the more you can see. As a spotting scope has tons of magnification, it won’t matter how far you are from the target. You can just zoom in and find it.


Cheap spotting scopes usually come with a tripod included. But let me tell you, most of them are useless and bad. You are better off avoiding them completely.


Don’t get me wrong the scope is fine but the accessories aren’t. You can find good quality accessories on Amazon and any spotting scope selling vendor.


If you can manage a flexible tripod for your hunting session that would be best. Because sometimes you are going to go prone to hide from the prey. If you have a tripod that can flex its leg so you can land it flat, you don’t have to remove the tripod from the scope every time you go prone.


If your spotting scope doesn’t come with a sunshade and lens cover, try to purchase one for it. You will thank me for making you that purchase.


Even though you will go prepared and find out the weather forecast beforehand. You still can’t rule out the possibility of sudden weather change. That’s why you should always come prepared. Don’t come underprepared.


Unlike binoculars with a spotting scope, you can only use one eye to see objects. That’s why you need to give your eye some rest after a while. You can try switching the eyes after sometimes. But it’s better to take both of your eyes off the spotting scope and just lie down and rest them a little.


Just because your spotting scope has 60x magnification, you are not supposed to use that magnification always. If you were to use the scope on 60x magnification always it would come at fixed 60x magnification.


Depending on the weather and atmosphere you need to adjust your magnification. You should start with the lowest magnification and gradually increase it to find out the sweet spot.

Angled Spotting Scope Vs Straight Spotting Scope, Which One Is Better For Hunting?

That’s a tough question. HONESTLY, the style of the spotting scope depends on the user.


If you are mainly taking it for hunting then we recommend the angled one. The reasoning is, you can easily prone and use the angled spotting scope comfortably.


On the other hand, you need to make sure you have your head in the correct posture with the straight spotting scope.


But if angled spotting scope seems awkward to you, then feel free to go for a straight one.


I hope that you know more about spotting scopes and how to use them to hunt efficiently. You will get better at using a spotting scope gradually. But make sure to treat it right and it will keep you happy for a long time.


That’s why you shouldn’t cheap out while buying a spotting scope and absolutely don’t compromise when it comes to accessories. It will make the user experience better and better accessories will give better protection to your scope.

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