Compare Of Trijicon VCOG vs Accupower


Two of the highest-end offering from Trijicon. Accupower is like a cult classic. Around the 2000$ mark Accupower kind of rules without competition (if you are looking for a long-range scope that is).


But Trijicon did discontinue some of the Accupower models. But instead of talking about the sad part let us compare VCOG and Accupower head to head and see if this fight comes to any disclosure. 


Here you won’t see much difference, because both of the scopes feature the same material in their body. Made out of aircraft-grade forged aluminum.


So, you won’t be noticing any major difference between the two. Both of them are thoroughly tested by the U.S defense. Both of them are water and weatherproof. 


Both of them have many different models but the base is the same. Made out of high-quality glass. Both ensures high clarity with zero distortion. Both of the scopes feature fully multi-coated optics.


The performance of both of these scopes is top-notch. As you might expect from such a pricey scope. But if you are someone who can afford them and also a long-range shooter, you can go for either of them. 


Trijicon VCOG has MOA Segmented Circle-Crosshair Reticle (First Focal Plane). The reticle also has 11 adjustable brightness levels. 


While on the other hand Trijicon Accupower has Segmented Circle / Crosshair. The reticle on that one is MIL based. One thing to keep in mind the discontinued series of Accupower doesn’t have any illuminated reticle.


While other models might feature a green illuminated reticle. You need to make sure the one you are buying has an illuminated reticle. Because we can’t exaggerate enough how good illuminated reticle is. 


Both of these scopes reticle is in the first focal plane (FFP)


Both of these scopes give you a large catalog to choose from. If you want a small 4x magnification scope you may want to go for Accupower as they have one of that model. 


If you want a long-range or mid-range you can go for either one depending on how much magnification you need. 


Weight can be a deal breaker for a lot of people. But not for us. The extra weight may seem to bother at the beginning but after a while, you will get used to it. 


The Trijicon VCOG weighs 23.2 oz. Where the Trijicon Accupower 25 oz.


If you compare the specs and main difference, you will find there aren’t any major changes. Except in the reticle and glass department. Also, the VCOG comes with a universal mount. 


That’s a major upgrade. 


If you can’t go over 2000$ the Accupower is still a good option. But if you can go for the VCOG. 

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