Trail Camera SD Card Problems, How to Solve!

We all love having a trail camera, run into the wild. Take pictures of animals unaware of the camera. Sounds peaceful, right?

Those peaceful days can go screeching when the SD card of the camera decides to malfunction. Running into technological error is nothing new. It’s bound to happen at one point. That doesn’t mean you can’t solve them.

In this guide, I will try to walk you through the most common trail camera SD card problems and how you can fix them.

SD Card Reading Full

One of the most asked questions in different forums and threads, my SD card is reading full even though it isn’t. I have to admit I too faced this issue. It can be annoying, to say the least.

It’s happening because Your SD card may be corrupted

An SD card won’t show this message on the trail camera unless it’s corrupted, formatted inaccurately, or doesn’t support the trail camera. If your camera supports a 16gb SD card and you insert a 32gb one, it won’t work.

If the SD card is not corrupted, then you can insert the card into your pc and format it again & when the format is complete and PC is reading the card, your camera should read it too. If it doesn’t time to get a new SD card, my friend.

Poor Connection

If you have ever looked at the golden pins of the SD card, you will notice there are a total of 9 golden pins on an SD card. All of the pins should be stay snuggly in place. If one doesn’t fit that means the whole SD card won’t work.

Due to poor connection cameras often show unable to read, or cannot read memory full.

How To Fix

First thing first, take a closer look upfront. See if the SD card pins are physically damaged or not. If your luck runs out and you notice there is a physical defect on the SD card. You have no other options besides buying a new SD card.

The second problem can be because of dirt. Sometimes when you leave the SD card to sit inside the camera for months. It can build up some dirt. The dirt can cover the golden pins and make the SD card malfunction.

You can eliminate this problem by using an aerosol cleaning spray and spray a bit on the SD card. Don’t go too ham on the poor little thing.

Card Says Locked

If you are using a mounting bracket for the micro SD card. Notice on the side of the SD card holder, there is a pin that indicates locked. If you lock that pin then the SD card mount won’t work. You need to unlock the mount then place it in the holder.

You sometimes need to flip it up a couple of times for it to register. It’s not the most secure thing in the world. I highly recommend keeping the SD card unlocked all the time.

SD Card Is Not Collecting Photos

I briefly mentioned above about formatting the SD card. A lot of SD cards every year get destroyed even though they are fine. The simple reason is you formatted it in the wrong format. When you format the SD card you can do it as NTFS mode or fat32 mode. If NTFS doesn’t work for your trail camera that means you have formatted it wrong.


Most modern cameras support the NTFS format as it’s better and faster. Try to format the SD card in the correct format then reinstall the card on the camera. This should fix the problem. Because this is how trail camera SD card problems does solved. If your problem wasn’t on the list, tell me down in the comments. I will try my best to help you there

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