TenPoint Titan SS Crossbow Review [340 FPS]


Right now the world is stormed by the Attack on Titan. In the crossbow world, we had a similar storm back in 2016 when TenPoint showcased the Titan SS for the first time. Even though it wasn’t as badass as Levi Ackerman, the Titan had some solid selling points that made the crossbow famous. 

Then why are we reviewing a crossbow that came out in 2016-17 in 2021? The answer is simple, it’s a crossbow that still holds the crown fairly well. There are plenty of crossbows like this that aged like a glass of fine wine. Now that Titan piqued your interest, let’s talk about it. 



TenPoint Titan SS Review: Specs & Outlooks

Speed 340 FPS
Kinetic Energy 95 FP-KE
Power Stroke 12.5 Inches
Draw Weight 175 Lbs
Axle-To-Axle 21.5" / 18.5"
Length 35 Inches
Weight 6.7 Lbs

Build Quality

TenPoint never slacked in terms of design and build quality. Even though this is one of the cheapest crossbows that TenPoint is offering, the construction of this crossbow didn’t suffer. The limb and the flight track of the Titan SS are constructed from CNC machined aluminum. 

This is not a compact crossbow. The width and the height of the crossbow are quite high. Instead of going for a more modern and narrower front, TenPoint went for the traditional compound bow style. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. It’s up to preference. 

The weight of the Titan SS is only 6.7 lbs. Making it one of the lightest crossbows in this price range. It’s incredible to think just how forward the crossbow industry came. Once you add in the rest of the accessories the weight will go upwards. Nothing that you can’t handle. 


This wasn’t meant to be that powerful. This wasn’t meant to be a big-game hunting crossbow. It’s supposed to be the gateway for you to enter the vast world of crossbow hunting. For that reason, TenPoint went for a low-power output.

The Titan SS is capable of generating 95 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. Which automatically makes it not suitable for big-game hunting. I don’t recommend it for big-game hunting either.  (If you would like to know about hunting crossbows!)

If you are new to the scene and want to get in as cheap as possible, then this can be one of the best ways out there. Just keep in mind, 95 ft-lbs is still enough for hunting. But it’s not enough for long-range or elk hunting. 


As the crossbow is not capable of generating that much power, we shouldn’t expect it to have a great speed, right? Fortunately, the speed on this crossbow is not terrible. TenPoint Titan SS is capable of firing arrows at 340 FPS. It’s not the highest, but it’s not the lowest either.

There are other crossbows out there that struggle to reach the 300 FPS mark. Where it can easily breach the 330 FPS and reach 340 FPS. A big upgrade over them. 

Draw Weight

When I saw the speed of the crossbow and how much power it’s pulling, I thought the draw weight would be somewhere near the 160 lbs. I wasn’t far off. The draw weight of the Titan SS is 175 lbs. Which is not terrible. You can always use the included ACUdraw 50 SLED rope cocker. That will cut the draw weight by half. Now even a teenager can cock the crossbow with ease. 


Here is the biggest disappointment of the crossbow for me. The included string dampeners aren’t good. They are almost non-existent. I think they are non-existent. 

I highly recommend you to go for after-market string dampeners and install them on your cams. TenPoint does make some great noise dampeners. They will lower the sound and increase the stealth. 


TenPoint includes a 3x Pro-View 2 crossbow scope. It’s a standard 3x crossbow scope. The lenses on this scope are fully-coated. Out of the box, the crossbow is scope is calibrated for up to 50 yards. 

For the Titan SS, I recommend you to stay within 50 yards. Don’t calibrate it for over 60 yards as you will be disappointed. For starting crossbow hunting, 50 yards sounds more than fine to me. 

TenPoint Titan SS Review Summary

Right now, there are better crossbows at this price range. But you can find the Titan SS for a good price. That’s the beauty of old crossbows. Even though on paper they are quite old, they perform fairly well compared to the new cheap crossbows. Don’t let the release date fool you, the Titan SS still holds an incredible price to performance value. 

I know reading the TenPoint Titan SS review on 2021 might not be the first thing you thought of. But hey! It’s a good crossbow and deserves a bit of recognition. I am glad you found this review useful enough to read till the end. 

If you still have questions left, don’t forget to ask them down below or send us a mail. We will be glad to help you with the questions you might have. Thanks for staying with TargetChaser, till next time.

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