TenPoint Nitro X Crossbow Review [440 FPS]


Who doesn’t like speed? Whether it’s a car, a boat, a rifle, everyone likes fast things. Why shouldn’t your crossbow be equally as fast? The thirst for speed in crossbows are not anything new. It’s been there for ages. Every manufacturer tries to break the speed limit each year. TenPoint is one of the few manufacturers that provides a high-speed crossbow for a low price.

By doing that, they have gained a big follower base. Of course, to satisfy those fans they needed to bring out something good. That something good is the Nitro X. 



TenPoint Nitro X Review: Specs & Outlooks

Speed 440 FPS
Kinetic Energy 159 FP-KE
Power Stroke 12.5 Inches
Draw Weight 200 Lbs
Axle-To-Axle 7 Inches
Length 29.5 Inches
Weight 7.8 Lbs

Build Quality

Despite having a bad build quality, you can still use a crossbow. I am not implying that TenPoint Nitro X has a bad build quality. It’s the opposite. Nitro X has one of the toughest frames on any TenPoint crossbows. 

From the stock to the stirrup, everything about this crossbow is classy. The design part of the Nitro X is also beautiful. TenPoint did their best to make sure it’s a crossbow we love. And I have to say, they succeeded in doing that. 

Not often we get awed by a crossbow. Sure, there are plenty of other good crossbows, some of them even more powerful than the Nitro X. When you consider the money you are paying for this beautiful little crossbow, the happiness will come within. 

That’s right, it’s a little crossbow. The overall length of Nitro X is only 29.5″. While most other crossbows are well over the 30″ mark, Nitro X is an exception. Shorter crossbows are good for short people and women. It’s hard to load a long crossbow. 

The weight of the Nitro X is only 7.8 lbs. I admit the weight will be on the higher end once you attached all the accessories. For the crossbow itself, it’s quite respectable. We can’t forget it’s made out of high-quality CNC machined aluminum. Once cocked, the axle-to-axle width of the crossbow is just 6.5″! It’s rare to see crossbows that small packing such power.


Speaking of power. Nitro X is capable of pulling 159 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. One of the highest we have seen on any crossbow thus far. It beats both Ravin R20 and R29 significantly.

Rest assured, this tank of a crossbow will hit every shot with a tremendous amount of force. All you have to do is the aim and shoot, the arrow released from the bow will take care of the rest. 


It’s rare to see crossbow companies not spoiling the speed of the crossbow on their names. It’s a good thing they didn’t. Nitro X is capable of reaching 440 FPS of speed without any additional nitro boost. You know I had to do it. 

Puns aside, it’s an incredible feat to achieve. 440 FPS is no joke. Rarely do crossbows achieve that much speed. With so much power and speed, you can partake in any hunting competition.

Draw Weight

So much power and speed, it has to have a drawback right? Not here. TenPoint Nitro X uses the ACUdraw Pro silent cocking device. It makes the draw weight almost non-existent. Even a child can cock the crossbow at this point. You don’t need to worry about the draw weight at all. 


One thing TenPoint never disappointed me about is accuracy. The accuracy on every TenPoint crossbows we saw so far was over 95%. Now, you may ask why aren’t they 100% accurate?

If you can ensure a 0 wind ground with a completely controlled environment, you can achieve more than 100% accuracy. Even with the wind involved, TenPoint Nitro X is capable of landing 3 hits on top of each other. It’s an incredible weapon that belongs in your arsenal. 


It’s one of the most silent crossbows you will ever use. Nitro X comes with noise dampeners installed from the factory. Those dampeners also reduce the vibration of the crossbow. You don’t need to install third-party silencers. That’s excellent.


Like every other TenPoint crossbows, TenPoint Nitro X also uses the T5 trigger system. It’s a 3.5 pounds zero creep trigger system. The trigger style resembles pistols a lot. If you have used one in the past, you will be very familiar with it. 

To protect the crossbow from misfiring, anti-dry fire safety is present on the crossbow. Even though the trigger is creep free, 3.5 pounds of trigger pull will stop you from misfiring. 

TenPoint Nitro X Review Summary

TenPoint Nitro X is a premium crossbow. Even though TenPoint is known for its budget and medium-priced crossbows, sometimes even they have to go all out. For the money you are paying for this beauty, you are getting well worth crossbow of your money

TenPoint Nitro X is not the most expensive crossbow on the market. But it’s up there. Still, this TenPoint Nitro X review should prove to you that, this is a crossbow to look out for. It’s a crossbow that will last you a lifetime. For that big of a commitment, I would say go for it.

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