Stealth Cam Qs12 Review: 12.0 Infrared Megapixel Is Huge!


If you are a hunter who hunts a lot during the night time chances are you are looking for a good infrared stealth camera. If you are one of them then welcome, you are in the right place. Because today we got stealth cam qs12 review for you guys that is not only cheap it is also infrared and overall a good stealth cam.

Stealth Cam Qs12 Specs

  • 10.0 Mega Megapixel
  • Video recording 5/10/15 seconds
  • 12 IR Emitter
  • Quick Set Program Setting
  • Burst Mode 1-3 images per triggering
  • 5 -120 Sec recovery time out
  • Time / Date / Moon Phase
  • SD Card slot up to 32GB
  • Test Mode
  • Integrated Python lock latch
  • Operates on 8 AA batteries

Stealth Cam 12.0 Infrared Megapixel Trail Camera


Stealth Cam Qs12 Review

Build Quality

Like most cheap outdoor cameras the Stealth cam 12.0 infrared is also made out of plastic. Hard plastic shell to be precise. Because the body is durable. While our testing it was dropped a couple of times from around chest height. The camera didn’t break which is a great sign. 

It is a 50$ camera but if you were worried it’s made out of garbage well sorry to disappoint you, it’s not made out of garbage.

Camera Quality

As the name suggests the camera has 12 infrared emitters. The camera has only one camera sensor. The camera is 10 mp. It can also record videos (more about that later). While stealth cam doesn’t provide any details about the resolution of the camera but we know for a fact that it’s not an FHD 1080p camera.

Don’t get me wrong the photos it takes is excellent for 50$, I will go as far as saying they are excellent for the price. But we are here to give a review so we are not going to lie to you guys. The camera is not 1080p and we can bet on that. But the camera takes some well saturated day time pictures. They are enough to satisfy any hunters. The camera also has a burst mode where it rapidly takes 1-3 images per trigger. 

Sensors & Night Time Performance

Let me just tell you this, this little beauty surprised the heck out of me. You might be thinking I am exaggerating but trust me I am not. 

The 12 IR emitters provides 60 feet of range. They can detect any movements within 60 feet of range. This is less compared to lots of other cameras but you can’t forget the fact that it’s a 50$ camera. 

Battery Life

The qs12 uses 8 AA batteries, 8 is a lot (battery myths & facts). But you do get an excellent battery life from it. With cameras, it’s always been an issue that installing and forgetting about it for a while. Even if you use the burst mode on the qs12 quite often the camera will still give you excellent battery life. 

Stealth Cam Qs12 Manual

The camera does come with a manual inside the box. You should read it if it’s your first time using one. Operating the camera is not that hard. 

Stealth Cam Qs12 Setup

Setup the camera is not that hard at all. Because the camera comes with a quick set program setting. The small screen shows battery life. You can also set up the camera manually but it does come with 3 preset quick set programs to save your time. Remember using a certain setting can affect your battery life. 


  • Cheap.
  • Good build quality.
  • Decent pictures for the price.
  • Good night vision.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Sometimes misses a frame in burst mode.
  • Not the greatest video quality out there.
  • Only 5, 10, 15 seconds video recording capability.

Final Thoughts

To end the review we just want to say for the price Stealth Cam qs12 is just excellent. This review was just to showcase how excellent this product is. If you are on an extreme budget we 100% recommend this product.

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