Reflex Sight Vs Red Dot Sights Everything You Need To Know!


A lot of us think a red dot sight and reflex sight are the same. They are not same but competitor. So, this is reflex sight vs red dot sight guide & I am here to clear that confusion. 


It’s important to learn about both of them before you decide to purchase one. Before we get to know the differences between the two, let me introduce them first.


Reflex Sights

All the other types of sight such as holo, prism have distinct physical differences to them. For example, a holographic sight will always be bulkier than any other sights. 

A reflex sight has red dots sometimes green dots flashed into the reticle. 

This happens in all scopes. Then how is reflex sight different? In a reflex sight, a low power LED light is projected onto the front lens itself. 

When the projected dot hits the lens and reflects your eye, it creates a reflex. Thus making the name reflex sight. They are also called reflect sights. 

The reflex sight is one of the most used sights nowadays. They are lightweight and compact. It features the traditional single tube design. All of its components are well hidden inside the small tube. 

Due to their size and weight, they are the ideal choice for the assault team. The only noticeable flaw in these sights is the parallax. It lacks parallax correction. 

They are one of the if not the cheapest sights on the market. Another great thing about the reflex sight is, they offer unlimited eye relief. 

Red Dot Sights

An interesting fact for you, a red dot sight is generalized as an entire lineup of sights featuring a red dot reticle. Almost like, all the thumbs are fingers but all fingers are not thumbs. 


To put the matter in perspective, a prism sight is a red dot sight, a holographic sight is also a red dot sight, a reflex sight is also a red dot sight. But a red dot sight is not a holographic sight, or a prism sight, or a reflex sight. 


A red dot sight can be any sights featuring a red dot reticle. A holographic sight can feature a complete reticle with a different crosshair. So the holographic sight you are looking at, it is a red dot sight in some sense. 


But a reflex sight and a regular red dot sight does not work in the same way. A red dot sight does not feature a mini LED to project in your eye. 

Reflex Sight Vs Red Dot

Now that you know what the two sights are and how they work, which one is better? 


The answer will vary from reviewers to reviewers. For me, it was the reflex sight. Even though it was parallax limited, the lightweight and compact-sized had me sold. Also, a reflex sight helps with aim better than a red dot sight. 


A reflex sight is a red dot sight but a red dot sight is not a reflex sight; like all alkalis are bases but all bases are not alkalis (jokes apart). Red dot sight is a term to generalize any sights with a red dot crosshair. 


A reflex sight is one of the most popular among the vast number of red dot sights. Prism sight and holographic sights are two prime examples of other red dot sights. 


Using an LED light projectile to bounce off the target and back to the user’s eye, is the key mechanism of a reflex sight. 


A reflex sight also offers more battery life over the red dot sights. It’s lightweight and compact and durable. On top of that, they are quite affordable. If you run a private security company and want to buy them in bulk, a reflex sight is your most affordable solution. 


There you have it. Everything you need to know about reflex sight and red dot sights. I hope you do well with this information. If you still have any kinda question then fell free to leave a comment.

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